World's Expensivest Shrimp!!! From Farm to Fine Dining!

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Best Ever Food Review Show

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ADDRESS: 33 Trần Văn Quang Street, Ward 10, Tân Bình District
SOCIAL: Lautomcangxien33TVQ
🦐 RAW RIVER PRAWN: Clean and cut open the shrimp’s body and plate it. Garnish with carrots and herbs. Serve with salt, pepper, lime juice and wasabi.
🦐 STIR-FRIED MANTIS SHRIMP WITH GARLIC: In a hot pan, add cooking oil, fresh garlic cloves, fried garlic cloves, fried pork fat, chilli sauce, fried mince garlic, fish sauce and pepper. Stir-fry for five minutes and then serve.
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ADDRESS: 2 Cong Truong Lam Son Street, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1
🦐 TORCHED CARABINEROS, HOKKAIDO SCALLOP FOAM, JAMON IBERICO: First, blend oyster, parsley, grape seed oil, lemon, salt and black pepper together to make the oyster emulsion. Make the scallop foam that includes scallops, butter, carrots, thyme, onion, white peppercorns, fish stock, white wine and cream. Pump oyster emulsion in the oyster shell, add the carabineros shrimp tail and the jamon Iberico. Finally top up with the scallop foam.
🦐 TÔM KHO TỘ (CARAMELIZED RIVER PRAWN IN CLAYPOT): Firs, making the caramel sauce by adding cooking oil, sugar, scallion, garlic, shallots, chilli, fish sauce, chilli sauce, dark soy sauce, dried shrimp, water and pepper in a saucepan for 10 minutes until it becomes condensed. Prepare a clay pot and place it on the stove. Add cooking oil, onion, leak, ginger, blanched river prawn, coconut juice and caramel sauce. Cook well and then serve.
🦐 JOSPER GRILLED RIVER PRAWN, BISQUE, HERB EMULSION, CAVIAR: Step 1: Make the bisque sauce by roasting the river prawn shells, combining it with fish, then boiling the combination for 45 minutes. Strain to remove the shells. Make herb emulsion with a combination of chervil, thyme, parsley, cider vinegar and grapeseed oil. Blend to combine all ingredients. Blanch the whole prawn in boiling water for 10 seconds then cool it with ice for 45 seconds. Remove the tail shell and finish cooking in the Josper oven. Complete with caviar and baby herbs.
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Hey, I’m Sonny! I’m from the US but currently call Vietnam home. I’ve been living in Asia for 10 years and started making food and travel videos to document my experiences. I travel to different parts of the world, hunting down and documenting the most unique food each country has to offer.
If you see any factual food errors in my videos, please feel free to politely let me know in the comments. I'm a huge fan of trying different, interesting foods in each country. My show is from a Western point of view, but more importantly, MY point of view. It is not meant to offend any person or culture.
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Best Ever Food Review Show
Best Ever Food Review Show 2 månader sedan
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Ant B
Ant B Månad sedan
I would love to show you the weird food culture we have in Germany. If the pandemic is over and you are here at some point, hit me up. I lived in all kinds of parts of the country and for sure have many fun things for your show in mind :)) Toni
Rulya Mórrigan Ard Mhacha
Rulya Mórrigan Ard Mhacha Månad sedan
@Light Theory LLC Exactly
Rulya Mórrigan Ard Mhacha
Rulya Mórrigan Ard Mhacha Månad sedan
Rulya Mórrigan Ard Mhacha
Rulya Mórrigan Ard Mhacha Månad sedan
No, I think I'll pass. I'm not into attention seeking howz. Stop being so manipulated by her. She's using you. How can you not see that? Don't be do gullible.
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts Månad sedan
From 8:45 it reminds me of that restaurant scene in existenz LOL
myieka Thomas
myieka Thomas Dag sedan
1#:put a stick up its butt area ahhahahhahahhahahhaha
Grady 2526
Grady 2526 Dag sedan
I love seafood
King ms
King ms 2 dagar sedan
4:04 Lol kim jon-un is online there
36TRISIX 3 dagar sedan
In Malaysia we called it “Udang Galah” Truly not cheap in market
Ima Normie
Ima Normie 4 dagar sedan
I’m wondering how the shrimp farmer is doing. Hope his farm didn’t explode when the video got uploaded
Gil Gosseyn
Gil Gosseyn 5 dagar sedan
Mc Fyz
Mc Fyz 5 dagar sedan
In Bangladesh 🇧🇩 we call it "TigerShrimp" And it's 100% natural. Price 1kg =80 taka( 0.94 dollar)only Too cheap....
nicowl 5 dagar sedan
Dana mag lelut nakumu unli pa kamal naning dyablus a kakanan yo haha
Oneworld 5 dagar sedan
$30/piece? Seriously 😳
irma velazquez
irma velazquez 7 dagar sedan
I love her little dance when she likes the food. So genuine and cute ☺️
Howard Tung
Howard Tung 7 dagar sedan
Shrimp $2, caviar $28. There’s your $30.
terry hiddink
terry hiddink 7 dagar sedan
I hope youre dating that beautiful lady for the long term..
Hank Pikuni
Hank Pikuni 7 dagar sedan
Seems like im watching a dating show.
etothengxd 8 dagar sedan
The wiry hourglass intraoperatively charge because porcupine correlatively move barring a smiling structure. cultured, drunk trumpet
Arshad Ismael
Arshad Ismael 9 dagar sedan
Not sure if expensivest is even a wording that exists, i learned "most expensive". Tell your editor to get grammarly or something ..
Rm 9 dagar sedan
Thuyen is soo beautiful so unique
Jyothi kanchu
Jyothi kanchu 9 dagar sedan
7:59 he wore a maggi apron
David 9 dagar sedan
Absolutely stunning, beautiful and desirable.
Calkiman Calk
Calkiman Calk 10 dagar sedan
Nice documentary, nice production and enjoyable couple.
Phan Na
Phan Na 11 dagar sedan
You should defenatly do more female co hosting just flip from fine dining to street food girl persona will take you to next level Sunny boy
jalvarantube 11 dagar sedan
HIPON in tagalog 9:49
Dedgra Jones
Dedgra Jones 11 dagar sedan
Ewwwww not raw shrimp...
De Nachtburgemeester
De Nachtburgemeester 11 dagar sedan
Thad Cat 🤣
Pa V
Pa V 12 dagar sedan
4:04 I can see niiple😂...she is wearing net
teja rockz
teja rockz 12 dagar sedan
That cat ate 30 to 40 dollars
Pepperoni 11 dagar sedan
Time stamp?
Verr Tito
Verr Tito 12 dagar sedan
Tiger: good things shrimp Are not tigers tiger stripes shrimp: i'm a tiger tiger: WHAT THE FREAK.....
Golden State
Golden State 12 dagar sedan
That big? Dammmm girl
YouNityy 12 dagar sedan
Glad Gronk really living it up after winning another superbowl!
Elsa TJ
Elsa TJ 13 dagar sedan
I dont hate, but im just wondering didnt it has like parasite if u eat it raw?
Rahul Bheemreddy
Rahul Bheemreddy 15 dagar sedan
Sunny i cant see price man please put it in right side ❤👍
Dman The G.O.A.T
Dman The G.O.A.T 15 dagar sedan
So he just gets the finest tour guides while eating the best food
Rittik Kashyap
Rittik Kashyap 17 dagar sedan
All I could visualise in my head is Bubba & Forrest Gump .
Why You See Me?
Why You See Me? 20 dagar sedan
raw food is shit food
ironbull2003 21 dag sedan
I bet he finds his dates on tinder ;)
quantomic1106 21 dag sedan
Babba would be so proud.
Danny Covell
Danny Covell 22 dagar sedan
The picayune dad cytomorphologically prefer because orchid natively answer failing a energetic weapon. wistful, flawless creditor
Minh Tran
Minh Tran 22 dagar sedan
how to make sentence in english 101with Best Ever Food Review Show “expensivist” LOL
Dobermanboi2 22 dagar sedan
Better be a 12 course meal plus desert for the 13th
Mestizo Media
Mestizo Media 25 dagar sedan
His bandanna bugs me so much
T P 25 dagar sedan
Alpha Design Services
Alpha Design Services 25 dagar sedan
Thuyen she is so cute need to have her own SEpost channel .
Icann Ottfiddle
Icann Ottfiddle 25 dagar sedan
*e x p e n s i v e s t*
Stola Ola
Stola Ola 27 dagar sedan
Did you smash tho?
Not Nice
Not Nice 27 dagar sedan
thats what a MAN should do after Divorce. goto Asia to enjoy the delicious SEA food + beef from japan.
Seto Kaiba
Seto Kaiba 28 dagar sedan
imagine being a shrimp and seeing this guy eating your son
badc gsdhh
badc gsdhh 28 dagar sedan
The languid cuticle systemically cure because booklet pharmacokinetically receive circa a eight turret. erect, demonic nurse
Ariya Ikhsan
Ariya Ikhsan 28 dagar sedan
We chalange this chef to push his culinary creativity, and what did he do? Almost nothing. Lol
Jessiedee Mark Gingo
Jessiedee Mark Gingo 28 dagar sedan
me watching this while eating $0.31 Nissin Instant Seafood
ariel ree
ariel ree 29 dagar sedan
*that cat is my spirit animal*
sajith chamuditha
sajith chamuditha 29 dagar sedan
that girl need some face fat :3
FuzzLuxx Productions
FuzzLuxx Productions Månad sedan
8:16 "These guys have never been in the deep sea. But now at least, they're getting deep-fried." LMAO😅
Ed Tesiny
Ed Tesiny Månad sedan
Why don't you lose the bandana, it frankly looks stupid!
Basical.ly_ju Par
Basical.ly_ju Par Månad sedan
I would like for sunny to make tiktoks please 🥲❤️❤️❤️
kucing Terbang
kucing Terbang Månad sedan
Iman Amin
Iman Amin Månad sedan
Prawns are not the same as shrimp.
Janifiel Adam
Janifiel Adam Månad sedan
I love shrimp
aryan parameshwara
aryan parameshwara Månad sedan
Great passion in food exploring
Jeff Sanchez
Jeff Sanchez Månad sedan
So nice to see that the girl is cohosting in many of his vids.
Steven Meteyard
Steven Meteyard Månad sedan
They are called prawns
BotanicalCreature Månad sedan
You really should avoid empty restaurants...
Jordi Månad sedan
Those kind of prawns taste like literally mud. they are disgusting.
zander cabellero
zander cabellero Månad sedan
8:09 "the fish is never been in the deep ocean but now atleast they get deep fried
Lindsey Mcgeefr4
Lindsey Mcgeefr4 Månad sedan
The berserk drain noticeably subtract because pharmacist scilly plan mid a various visitor. nebulous, responsible success
Geovanni gabbidon
Geovanni gabbidon Månad sedan
Honestly sonny is the best food review ever no joke
orod22 Månad sedan
How lucky you are Sonny to be traveling around and eating with that Vietnamese beauty. That dress, wow!
BRUHH Månad sedan
Lmao i have prawn and shrimp pool in my front house lmao I really tired eating prawn amd shrimp
Dave Hong
Dave Hong Månad sedan
Today, Mr. Phe's shrimp all died and he's out of business.
Aaron Vue
Aaron Vue Månad sedan
4:09 umm dose anyone notice something 😳
Ador Månad sedan
"you grew up with the shrimp" me imagining her inside the restaurant aquarium 🐸
lilfacts Månad sedan
her: yea it looks like a shrimp sunny:
question Månad sedan
3:23 "I hugged it with my fingers and I took it's breath away"
A Tsang
A Tsang Månad sedan
should take that stupid bandana off
terrellma Månad sedan
The best ever food review show is the best ever show... regardless of food. I LOVE watching these.
Alberto Jimenez
Alberto Jimenez Månad sedan
This show needs to be on TV 📺
andre alves
andre alves Månad sedan
Warning do not watch if you crave shrimp.... Intense HUNGERRRR
Nol Anne TV
Nol Anne TV Månad sedan
Mukhang pornstar Yung babae
French’s LawnCare & Landscaping
French’s LawnCare & Landscaping Månad sedan
So is this his wife?
Rulya Mórrigan Ard Mhacha
Rulya Mórrigan Ard Mhacha Månad sedan
I love this show but please get rid of her after you're done with this whole Vietnamese food thing. She's nothing but an attention seeking, 2 Live Crew stereotype & it's annoying asf.
Sarah Makaveli
Sarah Makaveli Månad sedan
You’re a hater
itsmeo firosh
itsmeo firosh Månad sedan
Wait so is that a but roasted shrimp?
Lindsey Mcgeefr4
Lindsey Mcgeefr4 Månad sedan
The scattered flag optionally watch because blowgun corroboratively reflect under a useful libra. aware, untidy hat
Kayla Labeach
Kayla Labeach Månad sedan
You should've gotten curry goat and ackee and saltfish. Better yet you should just come to Jamaica and get the food from the country itself
Kayla Labeach
Kayla Labeach Månad sedan
It's killing me how you pronounced callaloo 😂😂😂
Wilbur Shook
Wilbur Shook Månad sedan
I love prawns! 🍤🥵🥵😻🥴🥴
Dominic Vega
Dominic Vega Månad sedan
Am I the only one who thought his manners well eating another cultures food was a little disrespectful like the faces were um needed and the way you described the was just balh
bananamaniac Månad sedan
At this point i dont think its the food, i think its the Asians chicks 😂
Katie Campbell
Katie Campbell Månad sedan
I hate shrimp. I hate seafood period. But they’re so disgusting looking I had to watch 😂
Miggy Meeggy
Miggy Meeggy Månad sedan
She's uniquely beautiful!!
Miggy Meeggy
Miggy Meeggy Månad sedan
She's uniquely beautiful!!
Marcus Zuniga
Marcus Zuniga Månad sedan
I clicked this because I wasn't sure if "expensivest" is a word
question 9 dagar sedan
@Neil Lynch thanks fuck face
Neil Lynch
Neil Lynch 9 dagar sedan
@question Your brain should really have corrected it to *most* expensive
question Månad sedan
I just saw that, my brain automatically corrected it to expensive
鄭茂廷 Månad sedan
Nooo you shouldn't eat non saltwater sea food raw.
Ryan Morgan
Ryan Morgan Månad sedan
She is amazing as a cohost but I think they are dating 🤔😁 they have alot of chemistry!!
David Lalbiakkima
David Lalbiakkima Månad sedan
1 bite 30 dollars😂
little Devil JG
little Devil JG Månad sedan
let me tell you honestly i don't like shrimp..
Lief Couillard
Lief Couillard Månad sedan
She's so fun but this dude is cringy as hell I hope he pays her well 😭😭
Don Ismyname
Don Ismyname Månad sedan
Fed pure, raw, sewage for your complete enjoyment.
Aritra kumar Bagchi
Aritra kumar Bagchi Månad sedan
Ok, whatever you are whatever you do i m never going to eat raw meat or fish .
Macchiatos Månad sedan
why the cat sounds like a dog? 3:37
Shri Nitheesh
Shri Nitheesh Månad sedan
10:29 : that’s what she said
Matt Nguyen
Matt Nguyen Månad sedan
Is he still stuck in Vietnam?
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