Why Expensive Restaurants Give Small Portions! Fine Dining Explained!!

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Best Ever Food Review Show

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ADDRESS: 225 Lê Quang Định Street, Ward 7, Binh Thanh District
🇻🇳BÚN ĐẬU MẮM TÔM THẬP CẨM: Fry tofu, young rice pork cake, blood sausage & cartilage sausage. Assemble all on a plate together with herbs, cucumber & vermicelli. Serve with shrimp paste sauce.
💸 PRICE: 57.000VND / $2.5 USD
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ADDRESS: Kios 295, Lê Tấn Kế Street, Bình Tây Market
💸 PRICE: 50.000VND / $2.16 USD
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SOCIAL: bit.ly/JRPVietnam
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ADDRESS: 91 Mạc Thị Bưởi Street, Bến Nghé Ward, District 1
SOCIAL: bit.ly/TheMonkeyGallery
🥂PORK JOWL WITH RUBBING SHRIMP PASTE: Season pork jowl with sesame oil, pepper and fish sauce then grill it for 8 minutes. Plate with fermented chili paste, rubbing shrimp paste, herbs, green mango & fermented shrimp.

🥂COW SMALL INTESTINE X MISO YUZU HOLLANDAISE: Season the chopped small intestine with a fermented paste mixture. Grill it for 5 minutes and stick it in the rosemary branch. Place it in a container made from a grilled onion. Top up with miso hondae foam & pepper.
🥂AUSTRALIAN OYSTER: Cut open the oyster. Put it on a bowl full of stones, add oyster cream, apple and lime on the oyster. Add some zest and top with apple foam.
🥂SHUMAI X BULOT X CULATRO: On a plate, pour balsamic mushroom sauce & place fermented shallots. Add culatro pesto & place shumai. Sprinkle some fried onions on top along with garlic foam & laksa leaf sauce.
🥂MIYAGI SCALLOP X DASHI X CHU LAI SEAWEED: Chop up scallon and soak in ponzu dressing and miso oil. Place on a plate with kaffin cream, kohlrabi, scallion, scallop dashi, Chu Lai seaweed, cilantro and dill. Garnish with flower petals and squeeze lime on top. Complete with laksa sauce & sea grapes.
🥂JAPANESE SHIITAKE X STRACCIATELLA X OLIVE OIL: Grill shimeji & shitake mushroom. Add grilled items on top of stracciatella cheese with truffle oil, coriander and pepper.
🥂VEAL SWEETBREAD X GREEN CURRY X HERB: Saute the veal sweetbread with butter, garlic and thyme. Grill the common bean for 5 minutes. On a plate, add green curry, melted butter, common bean, pepper and the veal sweet bread. Top up with coriander & chiffonade lime leaves.
🥂PATAGONIAN TOOTHFISH X CASSAVA X SOY BUTTER: Broil the already-seasoned toothfish for 5 mins. Stir-fry the spinach with garlic, pepper & salt. Torch the fish & sprinkle pepper on top. Plating: Place cassava puree, spinach and toothfish on plate. Top with butter foam and herbs.
🥂LONG AN DUCK X CHU HOU X DAIKON: Saute the dry-aged duck breast. Place Japanese radish on the plate and sprinkle Japanese pepper on top. Continue adding Chu Hou, duck breast, tamarind sauce and garnish with scallion and other herbs.
💸 PRICE: TASTING MENU - 3.000.000VND ~ $130.00 USD for 2 guests
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Best Ever Food Review Show
Best Ever Food Review Show 2 månader sedan
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Bhumika Vimal
Bhumika Vimal 19 dagar sedan
@Cooking Beast Ayaz I'm
unk own
unk own Månad sedan
I rather eat bread with filling inside
Vision MMA
Vision MMA 2 månader sedan
That pungent smell sauce is called nghapih or dangpuithu in Mizo,girls like it more than guys😱
Md. Firoj Badhon
Md. Firoj Badhon 2 månader sedan
@Low Jun Hong Not always free max time paid usually
Elvia V
Elvia V 2 månader sedan
Love this ....u should bring her more often ♥️🙂
Adam South
Adam South Dag sedan
Throughout every year I feast for two days...every week.
Edmund TEE
Edmund TEE Dag sedan
Akshay Deshmukh
Akshay Deshmukh 2 dagar sedan
i dont understand why asian countries wants to copy west so much, i think its really stupid
Waterdragon Dennis
Waterdragon Dennis 2 dagar sedan
Shrimp paste in Tagalog *Bagoong*
Prince Sanchez
Prince Sanchez 2 dagar sedan
END 3 dagar sedan
Might as well serve teh food in a tea cup
Benjie Del Rosario
Benjie Del Rosario 4 dagar sedan
Sarap bagoong
GoNibbleAWienerGachaLovers 6 dagar sedan
I'll go to McDonald's
black canary gaming
black canary gaming 4 dagar sedan
people with wealth often go to McDonald's as well
Nightcore Maniac
Nightcore Maniac 6 dagar sedan
I really like belacan because the taste is so goooooodd P/s:Although i have minor allergies (sinus) from it.
IDREES JABO 6 dagar sedan
Sonny, you need to come to northern Nigeria
Lamb Sauce
Lamb Sauce 6 dagar sedan
Normal restaurant: here, have a free sample of fries, and here's a ketchup for you Expensive restaurant: a small portion costs a billion dollars Me: for that shit? Costs a billion dollars? The chef who thinks it's "art": **sweats nervously**
K. Butter
K. Butter 7 dagar sedan
Sweating like a mad man
Unknown U
Unknown U 8 dagar sedan
Rip off! I dont trust them
pink4life334 8 dagar sedan
This why I enjoy my corner shop Italian pizza
RalseiPlayz DE
RalseiPlayz DE 9 dagar sedan
This video is better then any video Gordon Ramsey is in
000 pete
000 pete 9 dagar sedan
It's a ploy.
ONE Tuber
ONE Tuber 10 dagar sedan
Camera man “Good quality work “ 👌🏻👌🏻
Your mom
Your mom 10 dagar sedan
This just makes me want to try to make different food
francine campbell
francine campbell 10 dagar sedan
I would died from hunger overdose here.Portion are so tiny 🤤🇯🇲
Mark Lester Dungog
Mark Lester Dungog 10 dagar sedan
His partner really annoyed me :/
Laura 12 dagar sedan
Etiquette class reminds me of Borat.
Shen Shen
Shen Shen 13 dagar sedan
I mean they use expensive ingredients so🤧
藍染 惣右介Aizen Sousuke
藍染 惣右介Aizen Sousuke 13 dagar sedan
Let me give you a shortcut 16:56 There's no answer. You've been clicking bait but don't worry. Let me waste my 18 minutes for your peace of mind.
Galaxy ꧁ ꧂ Bird
Galaxy ꧁ ꧂ Bird 14 dagar sedan
You see, high end dining is just the art of ‘charging the most for the least amount of food’
WitchHazel3 14 dagar sedan
I want to do this so bad now
GRJLS 14 dagar sedan
Just pay it, enjoy and don’t look back :)
RangO ArtS
RangO ArtS 14 dagar sedan
09:48 a photo with Trump? you should be ashamed of it not framing it.
Tech For Nepal
Tech For Nepal 15 dagar sedan
You are paying not only for food but their service, goodwill, food presentation and bullshit unique taste which is just converted one
Pia Eve
Pia Eve 16 dagar sedan
The holistic lightning relatively paddle because cocktail algorithmically scatter via a wary pimple. cruel, cheerful badger
Diano Delih
Diano Delih 16 dagar sedan
I would leave. Lol
UNIVERSAL JUDGE 16 dagar sedan
*Her laughter at 52 seconds* replayed😂😂
oomg 16 dagar sedan
This guy's total Ray Jackson from Bloodsport movie, shaved and elegant, enjoying his time out of the ring ;) GG!
Leroy Musonye
Leroy Musonye 17 dagar sedan
Fine dining will surprise you! I have never left hungry lol, the experience and the unreal flavors is what you pay for!
Alex C
Alex C 18 dagar sedan
I can also prepare 12 course meals that cost 150$... I first drive by McDonalds, get a BigMac, divide its ingredients, prepare 12 plates, and play with my taste buds until I’m tired.
Jack HandMa
Jack HandMa 18 dagar sedan
Lil Bits restaurant in real life.
TheFlatEarthChannel.com 19 dagar sedan
1:45 he talking about cocaine or something lol. Why guilty?
Citrus 20 dagar sedan
Oo mammiiiii
Le_Big_Mac 21 dag sedan
"cows intestines" ... rich people with moronic ways of pushing the boundaries on what to eat.... this is the birth of COVID19 ... meat markets catering to the whims of the eccentric.!
Amar Bedi
Amar Bedi 21 dag sedan
Why els ewud u take someone there
Amar Bedi
Amar Bedi 21 dag sedan
So after one can F nicely
Stuart Jacob
Stuart Jacob 21 dag sedan
Ooooh ahhh etiquette school then at 1545 uses fork like 3 year old!
Kevin Martinez
Kevin Martinez 21 dag sedan
I would like to go to the doller tree🤣🤣😂
Bohemian Grl
Bohemian Grl 21 dag sedan
That's not fine dinning you should try fine dinning in Paris that's crazy kind of food they serve it looks so beautiful you are afraid to taste
Medicus 22 dagar sedan
Where is that girl
Seema S
Seema S 22 dagar sedan
We visit these restaurants not to eat , just to click photos to upload in SM. Come back home and fill your stomach.
Celina Wakati
Celina Wakati 22 dagar sedan
Is the chef using a strainer to cook?
Slanguage Freak
Slanguage Freak 22 dagar sedan
you could ask the same question about many things - why do people pay millions of dollars for the painting of a white dot on whiote canvas or why people pay so much money for a pizza covered in gold leaf. Because 1. There are people with so much stinking money they just dont have a clue as to what to do with it. (No one should have that ridiculous amount of money) 2. There are people who like to make that kind of money so they charge insane amount of it for ridiculous things.
Hectatus Breakfastus
Hectatus Breakfastus 23 dagar sedan
It is certainly fair that if you make a girl eat bugs you should probably take her to the nicest place you can find too :p
B. Malinowski
B. Malinowski 23 dagar sedan
Neutrinos in tachyonic sauce, with a slight strange quark kick.
Jude Ochalifu
Jude Ochalifu 24 dagar sedan
I don't care how rich I get, I won't be caught eating in these "fancy" restaurants.
aot za final season
aot za final season 24 dagar sedan
we indians dont do this type of shit we give customers the plate full of food
Eraina 24 dagar sedan
If U want to eat art fine dining is for you, As of me, I like to eat food
Thomas Drury
Thomas Drury 24 dagar sedan
TL;DR -- Why are restaurants so expensive? They're greedy and rich people will pay a lot of money for nothing because of the prestige.
Baiba Sisene
Baiba Sisene 25 dagar sedan
''i have to have good manners towards you, even though i pay you..'' ouch. was that from one of Harvey Weinsteins textbooks?
Asian don’t raisin Phạm
Asian don’t raisin Phạm 25 dagar sedan
Eating 25 cents top ramen while watching this in SoCal.
PrincessaCaramela 25 dagar sedan
did anyone else see the dog cat sign at the first restaurant 2:49
Zsombor V
Zsombor V 26 dagar sedan
Hmm.. I would never pay 75 just to taste something. Let alone if that amount is the full dish.
Rasika prabhashan De Silva
Rasika prabhashan De Silva 26 dagar sedan
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DogsConkers 26 dagar sedan
because a fool and his money are easily parted
Dolgan Seraphin
Dolgan Seraphin 26 dagar sedan
fine dining is bullshit
OmaBike 27 dagar sedan
All these videos makes me want to do a world tour...as I'm sharing my white cheddar popcorn with the dogs.
Oscar nr1
Oscar nr1 27 dagar sedan
why he always got that bandana on?
Oscar nr1
Oscar nr1 27 dagar sedan
nah bro how am I supposed to be full after eatin that🤦‍♂️
Txscratchoff Winner
Txscratchoff Winner 27 dagar sedan
This guy is cool because he is open to other cultures
Crazy anime
Crazy anime 27 dagar sedan
i think that vietnam fermented shrimp sauce is mostly the same as philippines fermented fish sauce or shrimp
Harshita Joshi
Harshita Joshi 27 dagar sedan
I thought it would be possible buying expensive ingredients. But it's the local food. Priced up.
CondoCuisine 28 dagar sedan
As a chef I can relate to fine dining, but when I cook for myself or if I go out I prefer comfort food and street food. Especially in Southeast Asia. It might be challenging to run a fine dining restaurant in a place where street food is so good and has its vibrant culture.
Julius Chakma
Julius Chakma 28 dagar sedan
We Chakma people use fermented shrimp paste stock in our daily cooking. We can't live without it. Its smelly yet tasty.
Simon Long
Simon Long 28 dagar sedan
Because rich people don't work hard so don't develop an appetite.
Jack 28 dagar sedan
I'm watching this while eating Costco Orange chicken.
Raving Savage
Raving Savage 28 dagar sedan
Oh that's cool he's from Minnesota. Represent!
chupa chups
chupa chups 29 dagar sedan
Kousar Shaik
Kousar Shaik 29 dagar sedan
1:06 did anyone notice thz, Short form of srk k signature pose
Kapil Awasthi
Kapil Awasthi 29 dagar sedan
funny thing about cultures ... people from one culture will pay premium price to have that food... people from other culture would not have the same food even if it were free...
Z C 29 dagar sedan
I guess fine dining restaurants assume that rich customers don't eat that much that's why serving is always small (bite size portion)
Shunicorn 29 dagar sedan
Coz rich people don't eat a lot.
MetalMann 1983
MetalMann 1983 29 dagar sedan
I think people miss when they comment about expensive restaurants is the experience, art, top notch service, and high level cooking skills. You pay the artists for their craft. You go to Texas Roadhouse for their steaks that are usually cheap and cooked by some novice guy that can't cook it right consistently and you're lucky to get it cooked to order and offered steak sauce to add flavor. You go to a steakhouse known for quality cooked by a professional chef who takes pride in his work, you'll end up with the best consistency and cooked to perfection. Flavored so that you don't need steak sauce or they make their own.
Eye M.A.P Ness
Eye M.A.P Ness 29 dagar sedan
1:51 ginamus lang man gud na samoa oi
Sabyasachi Chattopadhyay
Sabyasachi Chattopadhyay Månad sedan
Do not eat everything which move . Otherwise we can face another pandemic.
Richard Taucan
Richard Taucan Månad sedan
hahahahahahahahaha. damn..
Mikey P.
Mikey P. Månad sedan
You think the end product looks bad, look up the video where they make it/ It's literally millions of little rotten shrimp squished together.
Clarence Aldo
Clarence Aldo Månad sedan
when you're fine dining, you're not paying for food, you're paying for class
Deivid Cavalcante da Silva
Deivid Cavalcante da Silva Månad sedan
Me: watching this while eating homemade banana bread made with peanut butter since the sugar wasn't enough and I forgot to buy more.
Sweet Carrot
Sweet Carrot Månad sedan
Wow, the cook is so talented and young! And the manner-woman is sooooo sweet. I also loooove the woman in the purple shirt
Renée Miranda
Renée Miranda Månad sedan
Marc Anthony Rodriguez
Marc Anthony Rodriguez Månad sedan
Hmm 🤔 : Poo Mommy . 🤷🏻‍♂️🇺🇸
Andrew Månad sedan
03:57 Shun Knife.. best knife ever
mob Månad sedan
them; watching the video to understand why me; reading the comments to understand why
Ri Lu
Ri Lu Månad sedan
why are you giving me small portions i’m not eating dessert
Mr. Robot
Mr. Robot Månad sedan
"more isn't better, *better* is better"
akage tobimaru
akage tobimaru Månad sedan
So many people with no sense of taste and narrow minded i see🤦... Food with less proportion is always much tastier n that's why they serve like this.... When you are a chef you'll understand that the lesser the better because the flavour and heat can distribute more evenly on the food.... When you cook 20pieces of meat at the same time there is always a chance that the flavour n heat is not distributed evenly but when you cook just 1 meat then you can attend to it with full care.... And that my friend is a dream for most food n taste passionate enthusiasts..
Mind Of Kids
Mind Of Kids Månad sedan
For money? I guess
Virgo Heart
Virgo Heart Månad sedan
I was a little distracted by how sweaty the host was. Musta been a really hot humid day with no AC. Give the man a towel to freshen up! XD
Ensin Grey
Ensin Grey Månad sedan
A good chef always leaves you wanting more , over- burdening a plate can decrease an appetite just by looking at it .
Reizuna The Clown
Reizuna The Clown Månad sedan
The title is a bit clickbait but I didn’t regret watching this, pretty good content :Đ
Månad sedan
Lol the normal restaurant is good and you give some fcking bif eat
Mx Gregoly
Mx Gregoly Månad sedan
People believe the smaller the quantity the better it looks. I don't care. If it's food, trust me I'll eat it
Jw Månad sedan
The lady looks back at 12:49😬
Mariah Kemp
Mariah Kemp Månad sedan
She loved that duck joke 🤣🤣🤣
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