Most Awkward Moment, Best Guide, Scariest Food and more | 2020 BESTY AWARDS!!!

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Best Ever Food Review Show

2 månader sedan

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⭐ Fire Noodles Challenge w/ Mark Wiens & The Food Ranger → 41%
▪️Best Ever House & Fridge Tour → 22%
▪️ BEFRS Team Spicy Q&A → 20%
▪️Mystery Box Cooking Challenge → 10% → 7.8%
▪️Inside Mark Wiens → 6%
⭐Rafsan (Bangladesh) → 26%
▪️Andrew (Vietnam) → 25%
▪️Oro (Cuba) → 21%
▪️Virginia (Hong Kong) → 18%
▪️Nyekachi (Nigeria) → 11%
⭐Bull Testicles (Vietnam) → 23%
▪️Ants (Vietnam) → 21%
▪️Grasscutter (Nigeria) → 20%
▪️Snake Soup (Hong Kong) → 20%
▪️Mopane Worms (Namibia) → 16%
⭐Isopods (Vietnam) → 41%
▪️Stonefish (Vietnam) → 25%
▪️Giant Water Bugs (Vietnam) → 16%
▪️Python (Nigeria) → 12 %
▪️Cuban Crocodile (Cuba) → 6%
⭐Isopods (Vietnam) → 33%
▪️Grilled Pork Sausage Roll (Vietnam) → 26%
▪️Snake Gallbladder (Hong Kong) → 17%
▪️Roasted Goose (Hong Kong) → 13%
▪️Offada (Nigeria) → 11%
⭐Dating in the Himba Tribe (Namibia) → 59%
▪️An unexpected gift (Bangladesh) → 13%
▪️Sonny and Andrew at war (Vietnam) → 11%
▪️Shade from Fishball vendor (Hong Kong) → 10%
▪️How Old is Sonny [Clue:You Look Like 40] (Cuba) → 6%
⭐King Crab (Vietnam) → 44%
▪️Cuban Lechon (Cuba) → 25%
▪️Pork Knuckle (Hong Kong) → 13%
▪️Mezbani Beef (Bangladesh) → 13%
▪️Kapana (Namibia) → 5%
⭐Makoko Floating Village (Nigeria) → 25%
▪️SEpost Village (Bangladesh) → 22%
▪️The Himba Tribe (Namibia) → 21%
▪️How COVID-19 affected Tourism (Vietnam) → 21%
▪️Death of Street Food (Hong Kong) → 11%
⭐Secret Diet of Myanmar Monks (Myanmar) → 37%
▪️SEpost Village (Bangladesh) → 22%
▪️Makoko Floating Village (Nigeria) → 15%
▪️The Herero People (Namibia) → 14%
▪️Daytime Street Food in Lagos (Nigeria) → 11%
⭐Goat Testicles (Vietnam) → 42%
▪️Giant Meatball (Vietnam) → 19%
▪️Bull Testicles (Namibia) → 17%
▪️Fish Balls (Hong Kong) → 13%
▪️Puff Puffs (Nigeria) → 10%
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Hey, I’m Sonny! I’m from the US but currently call Vietnam home. I’ve been living in Asia for 10 years and started making food and travel videos to document my experiences. I travel to different parts of the world, hunting down and documenting the most unique food each country has to offer.
If you see any factual food errors in my videos, please feel free to politely let me know in the comments. I'm a huge fan of trying different, interesting foods in each country. My show is from a Western point of view, but more importantly, MY point of view. It is not meant to offend any person or culture.
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Rafsan TheChotobhai
Rafsan TheChotobhai 2 månader sedan
This is soo surreal, like I can’t believe It!! Imma crie Sonny 😭❤️
Juan R.
Juan R. 21 dag sedan
Hey brother congratulations you are the best I just subscribe to your channel
BeersAndBacon Gaming
BeersAndBacon Gaming 21 dag sedan
Great work man. You were a stellar co-host
NOHAN ART CLUB 25 dagar sedan
Keep Making our country proud
C P Månad sedan
U cud b an accountant hahha i laughed hysterically
Mufasa Månad sedan
you did great Rafsan
Andrei Buzatu
Andrei Buzatu 4 dagar sedan
That guy, Mark W., is so weird, he is not as talented as Sonny is, and, frankly, he is not really a pleasant appearance.
Đẹp Zaj Cực Kj
Đẹp Zaj Cực Kj 9 dagar sedan
13:47 I'm dead lol
Max Flight ‘86
Max Flight ‘86 10 dagar sedan
I have just come across your channel and dude your videos are amazing! You are hilarious and your content is fantastic. I love everything to do with world foods and this channel gives me insight to ALL the foods I’d LOVE to try!! Keep up telnet amazing work man 👍👌👍
T BOROK Vlogs 12 dagar sedan
Come Tripura India...
Cora 13 dagar sedan
I agree. Thyun should have won. She's the best.
oof oof
oof oof 14 dagar sedan
omgggggggg i dieeeeed when he said they agreed to be friends with benefitsss haaaaaaaaa😳😳😳😳😳😳
Espresso Dave
Espresso Dave 15 dagar sedan
Strawberry Bunnyboo
Strawberry Bunnyboo 16 dagar sedan
Oro is the man!
Soren Utpal
Soren Utpal 18 dagar sedan
Sonny do alltime awards version eg all time best episode
Petra K
Petra K 20 dagar sedan
to be honest my favorite videos from you all are your Vietnam videos. They remind me of my time there and all the amazing places to go to next time i visit.
Juan R.
Juan R. 21 dag sedan
Don't ever compare yourself to mark wien's and the food ranger because your better then both of them THEY OVER EXAGGERATE THE FOOD WITH SOUND EFFECTS WOOOW OOOOO YEAAAAA OVER DO IT YOU DON'T DO THAT IF ITS GOOD ITS GOOD YOU DON'T MAKE SOUND EFFECTS .
Cinder Ellie
Cinder Ellie 22 dagar sedan
The isopod is like the pill bug from emporors new groove!
Nishimura June
Nishimura June 22 dagar sedan
sir Sonny, why Philippines not included? a peace!
Salvador Rosaroso
Salvador Rosaroso 22 dagar sedan
May i know how many subscribers you have in the phils? Im from the phils and i love your videos because you try to be involve in the culture you features when sometimes hard to eat. Best of luck to you and your staffs. Continue your blog. Dont mind the haters... They just dont want to understand the culture of other nations. I respect what you want to try to show your viewers. Actually, its educational.... God bless you....
Ruhvie Ann Pielago
Ruhvie Ann Pielago 23 dagar sedan
Thuyen is my favorite!!!
Matt Abney
Matt Abney 24 dagar sedan
Thank you so much for the uplifting content. I love seeing the different fun foods. More than anything I love seeing all the different people in your videos. Thank you for reminding us that we all have so much more in common than we have differences. I think what you're doing is so important in the world we live in right now where people are so divided and bifurcated I think it's wonderful my friend. All the best to you and your team. Your videos are a source of joy and happiness when I'm feeling down.
Tiba Donald Malemela
Tiba Donald Malemela 24 dagar sedan
Data the Himba The perfume moment in the house.
Brain FM - Music for Relaxation and Stress Relief
Brain FM - Music for Relaxation and Stress Relief 25 dagar sedan
Hey, how are you? Nice video, thanks for sharing. Have an awesome week!
SmartfoolGB 26 dagar sedan
Video bit baity
Nay Chi Lwin
Nay Chi Lwin 27 dagar sedan
Please take 2 minutes of your time to read this. ... #SaveMyanmar #Saveourleaders #Saveourcountry We, Myanmar citizens need the world to know what's happening in Myanmar right now before our wifis are cut off. They already cut off TV broadcasting lines, phone services in order to prevent us from reaching the world. Again in 2021! History is about to be repeated like in 1988. We couldn't let it happen again, guys, please help us in spreading what's happening in Myanmar 🙏🏻🇲🇲 Please help us. The military has detained our elected democratic government, party leaders, and political activists in Myanmar. Now, national television channels and phone services are cut out nationwide. Help us,world-leading democracy #helpus #SaveMyanmar Credit to original uploader Thank You!
Jacobo Romano
Jacobo Romano 27 dagar sedan
The level of thuyen erasure in this video.... far too much
Valentina Sabaliauskas
Valentina Sabaliauskas 27 dagar sedan
Please come to Salvador in Brazil, our food is the best
Nawshad Hassan
Nawshad Hassan 28 dagar sedan
gellian joy mangubat
gellian joy mangubat 28 dagar sedan
I was waiting for Thuyen 🥺 Best co host!!!
Rain Faith
Rain Faith 29 dagar sedan
I love your videos :) I have followed you this year. steer away from gross food lol... :)
Rain Faith
Rain Faith 29 dagar sedan
isopod should be illegal that's so vile... all of those are gross. lol.
Bruce Ogletree
Bruce Ogletree Månad sedan
How could you not like this channel it’s amazing
Kathleen Chan
Kathleen Chan Månad sedan
i love your show, i love everything you’re about. I love how you have shown massive curiosity and acute intellect with everything you learn in cultures. Manifesting greatness for you Sonny.
mayori keishing
mayori keishing Månad sedan
I like how the Himba girl was casually rubbing Sonny's
Richard Tugger
Richard Tugger Månad sedan
That justin bieber part made me sad,you do more in an average video than that fonzanoon has done in his whole career.
V keo
V keo Månad sedan
love your channel!! you are hilarious! Keep up the good work!
money maker
money maker Månad sedan
You should come to Albania
Reshad Rahman
Reshad Rahman Månad sedan
Lets gooo Rafsan
TheGodshatter Månad sedan
I actually only watch your channel lol.
Sarah Meesher
Sarah Meesher Månad sedan
As a Namibian I'm so happy to see this.😊
Rachel Milt
Rachel Milt Månad sedan
The Dundees?
Meme Månad sedan
Naaaaa Oro from Cuba was🙌🏾💯
nikita novikov
nikita novikov Månad sedan
Hey Sonny, big fan and watching you since..... For a while. If you ever in HK, I would love to have beer and cook you russian Sashlik and my wife's lithuanian dish kugalis! Hope this message reaches you!
Euphoria Månad sedan
Deserved 💯 Completely loved Rafsan 💖💖💖
Victoria Ang
Victoria Ang Månad sedan
Thank you Sonny and the whole team for everything in 2020. Started watching from the Nigeria series and got very much hooked from there. You brought a lot of good memories to 2020 through all your hard work and videos. Without leaving my home, I could still learn about the world. Even more than I could if I am travelling around, probably. Thank you for the wealth in knowledge through your researches on the content produced.
Windy Miller
Windy Miller Månad sedan
2021 is gonna be worse than 2020 , the NWO program is being implemented right now .
Rafin Talks
Rafin Talks Månad sedan
80% comments are thuyen. Was she great! Rafsan looks perfect
Meem Ahmed
Meem Ahmed Månad sedan
Congratulations Rafsan theChotobhai😊😊 from UK❤️❤️
PlzBeGentle Månad sedan
i love the arm rub scene
Mr_ Motivator
Mr_ Motivator Månad sedan
Hii Sunny. No words how amazing You & your team work on making people more hungry. Thanks for that. I'd request you to promote prevention of food wastage in your videos. Would be one more wonderful work by you & your team . a world saving initiative can be well promoted by your channel. Thankyou.
Randy Månad sedan
Mark Weins always looks like he’s high on coke 👀 👀 😂😂💯💯💯
Forgotten-child Månad sedan
I’d join the team but, well, corona
Claudia Love
Claudia Love Månad sedan
Its blowing our mind too
Claudia Love
Claudia Love Månad sedan
What 22 what
Tasha Ezaki
Tasha Ezaki Månad sedan
This show is so inspiring and uplifting 😁 I love seeing all the people’s work together, great job Sonny and Team! 👏🏼👏🏼
Sameera The brownie aisle
Sameera The brownie aisle Månad sedan
Who is gary btw?
Raluca Badiu
Raluca Badiu Månad sedan
Wish you all the best! Love from Madrid
Molly Abcede
Molly Abcede Månad sedan
Isopods...ugh reminds me of cockroaches 😩
Alif W. Oktaputra
Alif W. Oktaputra Månad sedan you dont compare music video with educational video. that justin bieber video probably played on repeat mode in some cafe lounge or something, and not to mention the duration of 3 min music video vs 15 min educational video. quantity cant beat quality my friend.
His Everest
His Everest Månad sedan
All the best for 2021👍
Skating Canuck
Skating Canuck Månad sedan
I loved this channel because of some of it's edgy, off the beaten path content led by charming and open-minded Sonny. With the second channel and its focus on awards and metrics it feels like it's heading towards the just another very manufactured food channel path 😣.
Pasalo Official
Pasalo Official Månad sedan
Are you that Cobra Kai guy?
Bitch You guessed it
Bitch You guessed it Månad sedan
I wonder if he ever slept with one of the women at any village
Govinda Rai
Govinda Rai Månad sedan
Plz come again Nepal 💕💕
Fabrizio Dutto
Fabrizio Dutto Månad sedan
Thank you for your beautiful videos! You help many people to see the outside world whithout moving (like a guild navigator in the movie "dune" :-)) I hope you could some day come in Italy, as we're very proud of our culinary tradition and there are differences from region to region in traditional dishes, to explore (a little suggestion)! I hope this pandemic will end soon, I don't expect this fact will not have a deep impact in the way we live, but I hope that all things can get to a sort of "new" normality that may be fair enough for everyone. The food industry has been beaten hard in 2020 and things continues to be weird, at least in my Country. Hoping you're all good and wish you all the best! Cheers from Italy!
Ken Men
Ken Men Månad sedan
2:58 she's too cute :3
Victor AkuGa
Victor AkuGa Månad sedan
If the covid gone, come to indonesia and try the giant meatball, you will love it, i promise😁
Kaid Gardner
Kaid Gardner Månad sedan
I like it when thyun Is on the show
Ehmmy Foure
Ehmmy Foure Månad sedan
All the people who are upset that thuyen won't be candidate until next year is adorable. I love that she has her own little cheerleading squad ♡♡♡ she deserves it
J N Månad sedan
Is Sonny really 22 years old?!
Jamie Loppy
Jamie Loppy Månad sedan
Not sure if anyone has commented with this one but (BUTT) you had a cucumber!!! That's it, my thoughts not yours. Broke mic by dropping it, shit.
MR. BANANA Månad sedan
Iris McCall
Iris McCall Månad sedan
Where is Oro Sonny??
Ashfaq Hussain
Ashfaq Hussain Månad sedan
you are running out of subject no problem keep it up
Marco Lucas
Marco Lucas Månad sedan
Calvin the best co-host for sure
Raj naik Raj
Raj naik Raj Månad sedan
U hosting very good
Megat Ashaari
Megat Ashaari Månad sedan
The new rambo american come to vietnam for eat not for war anymore
ohaipeter Månad sedan
Can’t find the covid tourism video
Bionic Blaze
Bionic Blaze Månad sedan
Rafsan deserved that .
John Wood
John Wood Månad sedan
These videos are so addictive. Great content and host. Keep up the amazing work team.
Shatil Waly
Shatil Waly Månad sedan
You should go to rakhine state to see the Myanmar monks lifestyle
L T Månad sedan
Isopods eat rotting fish and whale carcasses on the ocean floor and they are eating that. wow
Ehmmy Foure
Ehmmy Foure Månad sedan
A lot of the fish and ocean dwelling creatures we love are also the oceans cleaning crew.
Jervis Rozario
Jervis Rozario Månad sedan
Sonny, you are naturally funny. THE BEST!!!!!!
Mai Teri Girlfriend
Mai Teri Girlfriend Månad sedan
friend with benifit😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Bea Kivimae
Bea Kivimae Månad sedan
you guys are amazing! thank you for always putting out great content ❤️
Kati delon
Kati delon Månad sedan
There’s an insane amount of commercials
nikhilsrl Månad sedan
People see a skinny girl and she can't do no wrong.
Sandy's Backyard Kitchen Garden & Adventures
Sandy's Backyard Kitchen Garden & Adventures Månad sedan
I love your show 🥰
Flavia Desa
Flavia Desa Månad sedan
you go sonny ❤
TheCrystalbrite Månad sedan
How is Shizuka not nominated for Best co host?!?!
Hi Månad sedan
flashbacks to how shizuka didnt win best collab
lyndon gador
lyndon gador Månad sedan
3:23 heyyyy im triggered🤣🤣
ian navskee
ian navskee Månad sedan
hope you subcribe too my incoming channel😁
ian navskee
ian navskee Månad sedan
you're so amazing sonny😁
Adenitan Nifemi
Adenitan Nifemi Månad sedan
Wow 😂😂😂
Jeffrey Jared
Jeffrey Jared Månad sedan
Sonny cant be 22 😂, i love you man but you cant be 😂
MsZeus49 Månad sedan
Thank you Sonny! I got caught up in the drama that is going on In the USA... apparently I cannot change much... I did vote, but the losing side could not handle the truth... So now we are going thru a very difficult time and time will only tell.... Your videos bring me peace and happiness! Please never stop doing what you do best! Thank you! A very grateful fan!
rose mary
rose mary Månad sedan
Bad Musician
Bad Musician Månad sedan
Should link all the videos in the description. I’d definitely be cycling through some of the nominations mentioned but I’m not gonna type any of the titles. I’m aware I’ve typed more in the comment but I’m still not gonna search.
lộc nguyễn
lộc nguyễn Månad sedan
Gg Gg
Gg Gg Månad sedan
the produce looks cute
kingkong 77
kingkong 77 Månad sedan
Amazing how everyone including myself was looking forward for thuyen to win. 🙄
Jahid Samed
Jahid Samed Månad sedan
Sonny you are a legend , big congratulations to your hard working team, we love you , thank you for visiting our country Bangladesh, I'm from Manchester uk, keep up the hard and wonderful work
Beautiful Princess
Beautiful Princess Månad sedan
Omg obviously ppl don't read she will be on the next one
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