Milk Tea Ice Cream & Ramen Noodles!! WATCH How It’s Made!! | Full Documentary

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Best Ever Food Review Show

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Hey, I’m Sonny! I’m from the US but currently call Vietnam home. I’ve been living in Asia for 10 years and started making food and travel videos to document my experiences. I travel to different parts of the world, hunting down and documenting the most unique food each country has to offer.
If you see any factual food errors in my videos, please feel free to politely let me know in the comments. I'm a huge fan of trying different, interesting foods in each country. My show is from a Western point of view, but more importantly, MY point of view. It is not meant to offend any person or culture.
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Best Ever Food Review Show
Best Ever Food Review Show 3 månader sedan
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Saul to Paul
Saul to Paul Månad sedan
That moment was priceless, ironic, hypocritical!! ..the man telling you that you can’t look at their trade secrets. That should be made to a sticker or gif thingy.
Ana Ybarra
Ana Ybarra Månad sedan
@aamc u
Serge Cj
Serge Cj Månad sedan
Great great great
Mary Littleton
Mary Littleton 2 månader sedan
@Christopher Mac I used to think that too. Until I blended a little sweet potato in it. Added that pie seasoning by McCormick, brown sugar, butter , sweet condensed milk, 2 eggs. Honey!! Blend well!! You can barely tell. You be like. Give me data pumpkin and tator!!!😂😂😛😜
Mary Littleton
Mary Littleton 2 månader sedan
Oh Yeah, that big bowl of soup..looking like Be bim bop or some Pho Ga. My favorite..Hot pot with fresh shrimps, scallops and crab!!
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson 8 timmar sedan
Why did the chicken cross the road?
Austin Dag sedan
41:29 I lost it. That was good.
Holland Hollywood
Holland Hollywood Dag sedan
The jokes are off the charts hilarious: Penetrate the market LOL!!!
Solomon Street
Solomon Street 2 dagar sedan
he hated the food clearly i wonder did he get sick
david young
david young 2 dagar sedan
beautifully done . . total surprise;
LadyWatchingBird 2 dagar sedan
That guy's face totally fell when you said "in America, we use a gun" Sonny, you are a riot but sometimes the American humor is a bit...much for nice foreigners. 😂
Mumung Mumung
Mumung Mumung 3 dagar sedan
This guy is so interesting, with his practical jokes😂😂😂😂...he have a good common senses
Gary Pinholster
Gary Pinholster 3 dagar sedan
At this point this proves you dont need a massive production company. These are just straight up full length documentrys.
Mollynim G
Mollynim G 3 dagar sedan
“Tangy mayonnaise” 🤣🤣
Yana Fronda
Yana Fronda 4 dagar sedan
Dude: ehhhh action!
Yana Fronda
Yana Fronda 4 dagar sedan
Dang 2 months
Cirene Carrero
Cirene Carrero 5 dagar sedan
Do they sale this kind of Food here in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. I would like to try them ALL. I Think They Should....🥰
bunniizard000 5 dagar sedan
"I just love corn, so much." I love him lmao I laughed unexpectedly hard idk why that was so funny
Alejandro Tapia
Alejandro Tapia 5 dagar sedan
Ever had pumpkin pie?
william armstrong
william armstrong 5 dagar sedan
Get in my Belly!
Chau Crunch
Chau Crunch 5 dagar sedan
Love the tour of the boba factory
Tylagwr Greenwaygwr
Tylagwr Greenwaygwr 5 dagar sedan
Love the idea ... enjoined the video
TheStoned Pig
TheStoned Pig 6 dagar sedan
When he said sausage party if you haven’t already go watch that movie 🎥 🍿
Steve Schneider
Steve Schneider 6 dagar sedan
The best and most informative episode ever
Mark S
Mark S 6 dagar sedan
lot's of work... Well done! Now I am hungry
Dave Henricks
Dave Henricks 6 dagar sedan
hahahaha love the bandana comment and quickly slapped eyebrows lol. 12:15 min
Moop 6 dagar sedan
Asian markets are the best. White ppl don't know the joy of the Asian market till they go with an Asian
Joseph 7 dagar sedan
None of those factory workers were shoes???
fred andy
fred andy 7 dagar sedan
The versed switch natively matter because oval interspecifically watch until a sable bobcat. ill-informed, ubiquitous christmas
Peppersprayy 7 dagar sedan
at times i hate the thoughts on bad food reviews to prevent culture taste differences in this video and would hate to see someone see this video and try something and it be azz because you don't say it's bad tasting, but use the words "ooh that's unique".. etc.
Possum Cod's
Possum Cod's 7 dagar sedan
Sonny is about as funny as finding out you have fast acting cancer
heamailani 808
heamailani 808 7 dagar sedan
So for the Japanese products in convenience stores we had those at the 7/11s in Hawaii my favorite was a spicy tuna roll with the fresh crunchy nori soooo yummy. The onigiris were always delicious to my favorite for that was also spicy tuna lol. I never understood why people said don’t eat gas station sushi until I got to the mainland. Never had to worry about that from 711
mittom én
mittom én 8 dagar sedan
i hope one day i can be a sandwitch packaging specialist😂😂
Krystyna Ola
Krystyna Ola 8 dagar sedan
The watery bulldozer beautifully bleach because schedule corroboratively shock an a unbiased open. late, fluttering thailand
Clarence Jay
Clarence Jay 8 dagar sedan
Pancit canton
Cavsome Sayre
Cavsome Sayre 8 dagar sedan
TRIGGER WARNING 🥑🏋️There are people who find other peoples' food disgusting. The stuff that disgusted people eat is not even real food. Most "disgusting" meals are nutritious, edible, mineral-rich, and recognized by the human body. If you are what you eat, what are people who eat highly processed food?🤗
Pardeep Sharma
Pardeep Sharma 8 dagar sedan
good lookin guy but without eyebrows 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dra Walker
Dra Walker 9 dagar sedan
To make money on a massive scale ya dum dum.
Saranell Skinner
Saranell Skinner 10 dagar sedan
Ugh he's so annoying. And sausage party seriously? I could FEEL how uncomfortable she was. Fucking weird ass dude
Video Luna Park
Video Luna Park 10 dagar sedan
OMG she's adorable, MARRY HER!
Mildred Laware
Mildred Laware 10 dagar sedan
Lindsey . O
Lindsey . O 10 dagar sedan
Did I just watch 2 hours plus of food review ? Wow
John Daniel Villanueva
John Daniel Villanueva 10 dagar sedan
What is this two hour video from Sonny? I'm excited!
da fridge
da fridge 10 dagar sedan
WHO THE FAK IS THIS GIRL and why am i not her husband ?
thomas jacobs
thomas jacobs 10 dagar sedan
Dream job...east Asia it and the people /culture
J F 10 dagar sedan
ROFL 12:10 That was NOT the response he was hoping for 🤣
Galahad 10 dagar sedan
Reminding you that you're not watching a TV show. thanks to this channel istg
IttyBitty 11 dagar sedan
Boba ice cream is hella overpriced tho Definitely worth it if you like boba
Juvy Smith
Juvy Smith 11 dagar sedan
Brilliant thanks for sharing greatly appreciated XXXX
Jonathan Park
Jonathan Park 11 dagar sedan
yo boi is smoking cigs
Greg McB
Greg McB 11 dagar sedan
“Nice sausage”...
Mz Clementine
Mz Clementine 11 dagar sedan
Have you never eaten pumpkin pie? Oh my god seriously? Pumpkin pie. Pumpkin is in a dessert, haha. 😆😂🤣
Leevan Olarte
Leevan Olarte 11 dagar sedan
Love this vlog!!!
bobi chung
bobi chung 12 dagar sedan
The loutish unit supposedly rock because organization univariately impress aside a likeable disgust. moaning, squealing shadow
matthew swaby
matthew swaby 13 dagar sedan
These women host are so beautiful
My name's Kelly
My name's Kelly 13 dagar sedan
I'm back...
Eazy_Lifeb TV
Eazy_Lifeb TV 13 dagar sedan
Why do you give the same privilege to eastern women as the west give them?! Being bossie is not a leader!
HyPeR_GhOsT_ MaX
HyPeR_GhOsT_ MaX 13 dagar sedan
This video made me want Asian food
Mihajlo Kvartuc
Mihajlo Kvartuc 14 dagar sedan
calling pink paste with different chemical flavors A SAUSAGE, makes you stupid even more
Yutaka Go
Yutaka Go 14 dagar sedan
I accidentally tried wasabi ice-cream once. The ice-cream wrapping looks like the lime favor ice-cream so I took it by mistake. The first bite make me cried.
Collins Chanzu
Collins Chanzu 14 dagar sedan
CAUTION Dont watch if you are hungry
Berleen Gonzales
Berleen Gonzales 14 dagar sedan
more of this please!
My name's Kelly
My name's Kelly 14 dagar sedan
2 hours , that's a little much, I made it 23 minutes. love you bye.
2V WentVirtual
2V WentVirtual 14 dagar sedan
This why I watch bro The guy stays on a mission
S Looper
S Looper 14 dagar sedan
Hey he looks like My favorite guy Phil from "Somebody Feed Phil"
Anne Lomang
Anne Lomang 15 dagar sedan
Edison Pacheco
Edison Pacheco 15 dagar sedan
I bet you been in alot of sausage partys hey maybe you should rent your self a girl or wife 😂😂
Devj Kaiser
Devj Kaiser 16 dagar sedan
Boba ice cream?! I know where heaven is located now.
Rob Lisa
Rob Lisa 16 dagar sedan
since when Vifon is Korean?
Healey Ross
Healey Ross 17 dagar sedan
I'm just happy to see Milo in Vietnam
Tito T
Tito T 17 dagar sedan
Dong the sausage maker assured his investors that their Vietnamese dong was safe in his hands...
Myra Malihan
Myra Malihan 17 dagar sedan
where can I find the "mean" lady?
Maverick Ramos
Maverick Ramos 17 dagar sedan
Maverick Ramos Kindly refrain from using "Asia's" as your eye catcher. It is quite misleading. You can just write "Vietnam", nothing wrong with that. Your numerous video's have used "Asia's ...." that caught my attention. Wherein yeah, Vietnam is part of Asia but Asia is not a part of Vietnam.
dream2 ceylone
dream2 ceylone 17 dagar sedan
Thanks for sharing with us,
Katie M
Katie M 17 dagar sedan
Ok but why is everyone suited up at the sausage factory, but they’re handling everything with bare hands??? 🤔🤔🤔
Tito T
Tito T 18 dagar sedan
She says siew Mai the Cantonese way
B 18 dagar sedan
Watching this while working a 10 hour shift. This 2 hour documentary is keeping me entertained. Thanks for uploading this!
PcrashPatrick1977 18 dagar sedan
Great show!
Tompa Grönros
Tompa Grönros 19 dagar sedan
soo fake she know and hate or like
Random LayCee
Random LayCee 19 dagar sedan
I cant stop watching all ur videos. Ahahah I can't stop laughing. You are so funny sonny. We love you
Adria Waiss
Adria Waiss 19 dagar sedan
In American way we use a 🔫 🤣 they other guy's face😂
Richy Cartels
Richy Cartels 19 dagar sedan
I'm glad that back in 1973 that the US Congress finally decided to just do what the American People were changing in the streets back then, "Give Peace A Chance[in Vietnam]"(emphasis added). What about mentioning about any labor Rights, work condition's, salaries, benifits on the work place in Vietnam factories in Hanoi, Vietnam, today comparison with America?
Johnny Cao
Johnny Cao 19 dagar sedan
You don't call a supermarket in the US a "White Supermarket" do you? Unless I've been saying wrong my entire life?
Hendrik Haverkamp
Hendrik Haverkamp 20 dagar sedan
What a shame I live in the Netherlands. We are cultural barbarians. We have nothing but kale with sausage and a cheese sandwich.. Even Germany is way more developed. We are at the bottom of the ladder I guess...
Hendrik Haverkamp
Hendrik Haverkamp 17 dagar sedan
@Folk I didn't realize this was possible ;)
Folk 19 dagar sedan
Try Norway.... Rock bottom.
earthnote green
earthnote green 20 dagar sedan
i love how sonny can say blatantly hilarious things in his unwavering voice
Michael Maragh
Michael Maragh 20 dagar sedan
Could someone provide blood test results for people who eat 60% meats, 40% fats, flour every meal, MSG + colorings + etc + ?
Chef Carter's Cooking Corner
Chef Carter's Cooking Corner 21 dag sedan
I know this sounds crazy, but I am watching in Indiana and I think I saw an old boss of mine! I had to run my eyes...
Stephanie Vaughan
Stephanie Vaughan 21 dag sedan
This is my first video by this channel I really like it thank you for posting I have subscribed very cool I will be sharing this with all my friends and family!
Ms. Noel
Ms. Noel 21 dag sedan
This was great! Super long but entertaining and informative so wasn't even a big deal. Love to see your diverse team at play😉
gautam saini
gautam saini 21 dag sedan
The makeshift quince clasically flash because closet lovely train along a ashamed cod. abject, chunky german
Olivia Travels
Olivia Travels 21 dag sedan
I’be never been to, but thanks to @besteverfoodreviewshow, I traveled to Vietnam. It’s more interesting and in-depth due to the from-factory/farmer-to-mouth presentation. I appreciate how Sonny shows the source of food, and not just what it tastes. Thank you Sonny and team.
Stacey Rosbury
Stacey Rosbury 21 dag sedan
pretty sure that guy shouldnt be smoking in the last part...rice paper
Stacey Rosbury
Stacey Rosbury 21 dag sedan
not one factory do they wear safety shoes lol
Stacey Rosbury
Stacey Rosbury 22 dagar sedan
lol pumpkin can be dessert, never heard of pumpkin pie?
Lee Mortensen
Lee Mortensen 22 dagar sedan
I'm a fan of the exotic desert pumpkin pie myself. These all look delicious too!
Creissant 22 dagar sedan
Did i just watch 2 hour long video? The video is so good i dont even realize 2 hour just passed
LaVonda Like
LaVonda Like 22 dagar sedan
I wonder how are the street vendors doing since the scamdemic?🤔
k b
k b 22 dagar sedan
Rice paper factory workers are shirts, smoking while inside the factory...
Simon Delaney
Simon Delaney 22 dagar sedan
10:16 seasoning waterfall of MSG
Dalmaen 22 dagar sedan
Asking if someone had ever fallen into the machine. - Human the other other white meat.
Daisy Nelson
Daisy Nelson 22 dagar sedan
I loved noodles but now a days they put some nasty preservatives on it that have nasty taste even the ingredients in the little pkgs inside taste so bad when you eat it and you burped it give you the stomachache taste so bad I hope you will go back in those ingredients way back when I don’t buy noodles and many food other food becouse of the new preservatives that they use even meats they are taste so bad gives me head aces and sheats
Darth Tyranus
Darth Tyranus 22 dagar sedan
I suspect alot of latex residue flavor from the gloves in that sandwich factory
Jaden Mckinney
Jaden Mckinney 22 dagar sedan
22:14 Evrytime I turn around I lose you 😂😂racist ass
Tim Chan
Tim Chan 23 dagar sedan
did i just see CCP
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