How Vietnam Makes Chocolate!! Sonny and the Chocolate Factory!!

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Best Ever Food Review Show

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ADDRESS: Tien Giang Province
🍫CACAO WINE: Crack the cacao pods and remove the seeds. Separate the seeds and the pulp. Extract the juices from the pulp. Pour the juice into a pot and add sugar and natural yeast. Place over heat and stir. Pour into a plastic jug and allow it to sit and ferment. After 90 days of fermentation, cacao wine is ready.
💸 PRICE: Wine - 100.000 VND - $4.3 USD p/ltr | Cacao Beans - 15.000 VND/ $0.65 p/kg
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🍫CHOCOLATE: The beans are dumped into the roasting machine and roasted for 25-40 minutes. The machine then separates the cacao shells from the beans. The nibs are grinded for up to 24 hours until they liquify. The liquified chocolate is poured into a machine that heats it to 50 degrees celsius and then cools it to 30 degrees celsius. The tempered chocolate is poured into the chocolate molds before going through the conveyor belt. The machine then molds it into the shape of the chocolate bar. The bars are then inspected and packaged.
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ADDRESS: No.90 Xuân Thủy, Thảo Điền, Quận 2, HCMC
INSTAGRAM: @marouchcolate
🍫CHOCOLATE BARS: Mr. Lau’s Tiến Giang Dark Chocolate, Lam Dong Chocolate & Coconut Milk Vietnamese Chocolate
🍫MAROU TIRAMISU: Place Coffee biscuit on the plate and add 1 layer of coffee chocolate chantilly, 1 layer of mascarpone cream and chocolate cacao nibs. Add a second coffee biscuit, 1 small dome of coffee chocolate chantilly, 1 layer of mascarpone cream and cacao powder decoration.
🍫MUG MOUSSE: The outer mug is made from chocolate biscuit. Inside, there is shortbread, chocolate mousse, caramelized cashews, cacao nibs, cashew powder, chantilly, icing sugar. The mug is secured with chocolate ganache.
🍫MAROU CLASSIC OPERA: Use biscuit joconde for the base then add the first layer of coffee cream and a second biscuit joconde. Add the first layer of coffee ganache, then biscuit joconde, coffee ganache, biscuit joconde, coffee cream and then chocolate glacage. Finally, add chocolate triangle decorations, mini coffee macaron on the top secured with chocolate ganache and coffee ice cream with a macaron shell in the front.
🍫CHOCOLATE TART: The outside is made with a shortbread tart shell. On the inside, there are chocolate biscuits, chocolate ganache, chocolate chantilly, caramelized cashews, mini brownies with icing sugar and chocolate decorations.
💸 PRICE: Bars - 100.000 VND/ $4.3 USD each | Tiramisu, Mug Mousse, Classic Opera - 150.000 VND / $5.17 USD each | Tart - 115.000 VND / $4.96 USD
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Hey, I’m Sonny! I’m from the US but currently call Vietnam home. I’ve been living in Asia for 10 years and started making food and travel videos to document my experiences. I travel to different parts of the world, hunting down and documenting the most unique food each country has to offer.
If you see any factual food errors in my videos, please feel free to politely let me know in the comments. I'm a huge fan of trying different, interesting foods in each country. My show is from a Western point of view, but more importantly, MY point of view. It is not meant to offend any person or culture.
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Best Ever Food Review Show
Best Ever Food Review Show 3 månader sedan
Please note that Mr. Lau is trying Marou’s NEW specialty chocolate pastries for the first time. Marou gifts their farmers chocolate bars throughout the year, allowing them to taste the chocolate they help create.
Reece Howell
Reece Howell 11 dagar sedan
Book of the Conecuh.
Reece Howell
Reece Howell 11 dagar sedan
Losing weight is fun
Losing weight is fun 2 månader sedan
I also noticed
Killershootin 69
Killershootin 69 2 månader sedan
Wow what a nice humble man. Glad he's successful 🙏
Patchouli Knowledge
Patchouli Knowledge 2 månader sedan
tonnes in metric or imperial ? Me : metric you imperial pleb
Ann 16 timmar sedan
My grandma also make this it's just simple to make and why does it looks hard here lmaooo I'm laughing lol
fallyui in the computer
fallyui in the computer Dag sedan
waot why did i hear and go
Akira Shirogane
Akira Shirogane 2 dagar sedan
Well , this man just interview our country.
Abroad In Vietnam
Abroad In Vietnam 4 dagar sedan
Wow awesome!
white angel
white angel 6 dagar sedan
i know Hershey an Wilber chocolate add paraffin to their bar, to hold the Consistency of their bars an boxes of creams. originally I am from Lancaster Pa. lived there 22 years of my life.
Jeannie Schroppel
Jeannie Schroppel 7 dagar sedan
Yall should have bought him his owln desserts for his first time being there
Deepest 11 dagar sedan
The grinder looks like a plane’s tires.
islndjak 11 dagar sedan
the young lady is just beautiful
Jimiel Bolasa
Jimiel Bolasa 13 dagar sedan
Sonny is a gourmet legend he can withstand super sweet foods, in this video he eats maybe 5 or 4 desserts or pastry i guess, welp never mind this is another epic video
Jimiel Bolasa
Jimiel Bolasa 13 dagar sedan
Hmm epic
Jimiel Bolasa
Jimiel Bolasa 13 dagar sedan
Can you please make a Compilation of funny and heart pounding moments of Sonny hehe I'm just bored that's why i ask
Matt 13 dagar sedan
I love this show!!!!!
디브나 15 dagar sedan
Amazing video.. so informative!
Alienn Nnnn
Alienn Nnnn 16 dagar sedan
She is kawaii
Alienn Nnnn
Alienn Nnnn 16 dagar sedan
She is cutee
Gerry Fkno
Gerry Fkno 19 dagar sedan
Another great video and the bonus of a witty co-host blessed with exceptional beauty. Win win. Well done Sonny and crew
The Green Wolf
The Green Wolf 19 dagar sedan
Vietanmese chocolate is chewy
dantddan playz yt
dantddan playz yt 21 dag sedan
say coco not cacaw
Miguel Pabello
Miguel Pabello 21 dag sedan
Hanh is sooo pretty. I just wish she talks more. :)
심희지 22 dagar sedan
The tasty class beautifully risk because bottle informally punch upon a unable product. rude, black-and-white feedback
asdwzhn123 25 dagar sedan
Sonny only tastes sweet salty and sour
Dheeraj Gurram
Dheeraj Gurram 25 dagar sedan
It makes me wanna make me,my own chocolate using cocoa :D
Bumble 25 dagar sedan
Patri chef steff
Jason Ibarra
Jason Ibarra 25 dagar sedan
I am in love with the beautiful co-host.
Elizabeth Delgado
Elizabeth Delgado 26 dagar sedan
Did I hunt down and buy Marou? Yes. Waiting on it.
Son Quy
Son Quy 26 dagar sedan
Tự hào vì mình là người VIỆT NAM
Carol Mariana
Carol Mariana 27 dagar sedan
This cacao "spirit" may be new in Vietnam, but here in Brazil (in the state of Bahia) we also make it and drink this a lot!! We call it "mel de cacau" ("cacao honey" in English). It seems pretty sweet and acidic, but it's powerful. You can be drunk faster than you can notice! 😆😆😆😆 awesome footage, Sonny!! ❤️
Scott Malkinson
Scott Malkinson 27 dagar sedan
Why are all the female co-hosts always gorgeous is that just part of the job role or something?
Nyunt Lwin
Nyunt Lwin 28 dagar sedan
Anthonyeet 28 dagar sedan
2:41 rare footage of me doing magic dust
Anh Đào nguyễn
Anh Đào nguyễn 28 dagar sedan
ong vn chỉ nói món này mới và lạ ở vn , mà bà phiên dịch trả lời một chàng bịa chuyện thêm
Anh Đào nguyễn
Anh Đào nguyễn 28 dagar sedan
con phên dịch này tào lao nói phét , hỏi chú thấy sao , thì chú chỉ trả lời là ngon, mà con này dịch tầm bây bây , nổ
colton may
colton may 28 dagar sedan
The older guy is so chill and looked super nice.
Simon Electric
Simon Electric 28 dagar sedan
One of my favorite video's!
Joey Balobal
Joey Balobal 29 dagar sedan
Everytime I'm watching your vids, i think i need to eat😂✌️
Andrew Sarakinis
Andrew Sarakinis Månad sedan
Nick digiovani be like it takes you months to make chocolate
Louie P
Louie P Månad sedan
Why aren't they given individual servings?
Food Station PH
Food Station PH Månad sedan
Ok I'll continue planting cacao 👌
Melvin Ray
Melvin Ray Månad sedan
I cant help but notice. 1:17 “and go” 😆
TheGodshatter Månad sedan
Fun fact: i just noticed this too. I worked as a pastry chef for about a year. The chocolate mousse in the cup was over whipped! When they showed the close up on sonny's spoon. There are air pockets throughout the whole thing. You DON'T want that! It should look silky smooth, with a sheen to it. No air pockets at all. It can make the mousse grainy or even break(seperate) to some extent. I learned that right away lol. Just thought I'd point that out.
Tung Nguyen
Tung Nguyen Månad sedan
Socheata Nim
Socheata Nim Månad sedan
I really love Chocolate 🍫 also I love my Vietnam 🇻🇳
Socheata Nim
Socheata Nim Månad sedan
🇻🇳🇻🇳Vietnam made chocolate🍫🍫👍🤩✨💖🔥🥰
NickXenix The Writer Of Poems
NickXenix The Writer Of Poems Månad sedan
A dude named "Lao" in Vietnam.
Battle Master Official
Battle Master Official Månad sedan
deym that translator girl is yummy i mean pretty
etothengxd Månad sedan
The third michael densply scrape because fireplace complimentarily pause with a steady coat. broad, jumpy swing
Patiencegotnochill Månad sedan
0:21 I don’t know why but that sounded hentai to me
StarThousand Månad sedan
I think we can all agree that grandparents are the best
Aquilina Mafe
Aquilina Mafe Månad sedan
What an art, Salute to the pastry chef and to the farmer of cacao👏👏👏
Shawndelle Simmons
Shawndelle Simmons Månad sedan
In Trinidad it called coco where I live it's a plantation
Thích Ca Mâu Ni Phật
Thích Ca Mâu Ni Phật Månad sedan
"Chesse..." - Sonny best roast 😂😂 The owner guy is definitely expecting Sonny to say: "Chocolate..."
Jermine Pangantihon
Jermine Pangantihon Månad sedan
Can someone send me chocolate 🤣
AshRaf Drip
AshRaf Drip Månad sedan
But we all know coffee chocolate is the best.
Boke Senpai
Boke Senpai Månad sedan
When he says cheese All mukbangers: hehe boi
UY Nicole
UY Nicole Månad sedan
1:16 "........aaaaaand...go."
SHIN KUROSAKI AMV 全愛 Månad sedan
That’s making me starve look how good the chocolate looks 🥺🤤😋😭
calming music
calming music Månad sedan
I really don't why I really like the background music....
Anna Nguyen
Anna Nguyen Månad sedan
Can I buy that chocolate in VietNam?
Dio Brando
Dio Brando Månad sedan
I am viet and I am proud of my country
Lok Jun xing
Lok Jun xing Månad sedan
11:25 oh hi bye yo
Ayah Ssi
Ayah Ssi Månad sedan
I like his co host please bring here next time 😄
No Bi
No Bi Månad sedan
14:00 "WORTH IT" buzzzzzzzz
TripleKiLLz Gaming
TripleKiLLz Gaming Månad sedan
Why don’t you try to come in Cambodia in Siem reap cause I leave here
Letsstart the BIGGEST REPLY CHAIN 👇 start here
Sabertooth Månad sedan
Sonny and the chocolate factory more like charlie and the chocolate factory lol
play maker jr
play maker jr Månad sedan
You are not suppose to chew it you lick the bean
The Real Gaimz
The Real Gaimz Månad sedan
Anyone else realise the annndddd go
Lance Cruzado
Lance Cruzado Månad sedan
Fun fact:real chocolate is made of cocoa
Pangolin Månad sedan
How the Vietnamese makes chocolate, how are we supposed to know, all we see is trees
Tomiwa Olatunji
Tomiwa Olatunji Månad sedan
So thats how they make chocolate
Darren Hodgkiss
Darren Hodgkiss Månad sedan
The tight room thessaly stroke because overcoat adventitiously snore beyond a uttermost operation. innate, ambiguous cushion
Maria Hazel Capadngan
Maria Hazel Capadngan Månad sedan
Cacao is in da Philippines
Thanh Dan Dang
Thanh Dan Dang Månad sedan
Có ai việt nam ko
Gene Mae Purol
Gene Mae Purol Månad sedan
I am a big fan of ur show Sonny ❤️ Hope to meet you in person.
chutala Månad sedan
He called it cacao some call it cocoa I'm getting so triggered when they say cocoa!
#Just Elaf
#Just Elaf Månad sedan
I am eating chocolate wen I found this video is this fate
John Santiago
John Santiago Månad sedan
It's bitter coz you bit the seed. hahahha
SamuraiXyuk Månad sedan
Brown lives matter
Lucid Nightmare
Lucid Nightmare Månad sedan
"Cow Cow" "Coco"
Huyen Tranova
Huyen Tranova Månad sedan
I’m from vietnam!
Donkey D
Donkey D Månad sedan
Lmaoo ur not suppose to eat the whole thing just eat the white part smh 😭😭
Michael Joshua M. Zaragoza
Michael Joshua M. Zaragoza Månad sedan
Wow ang sarap ng chocolate. Anu name ng girl boss ? 😂
Ryan Lopez
Ryan Lopez Månad sedan
Chef? Chef. Chef? CHEF! Stephanie? Yes
A Soash
A Soash Månad sedan
can anyone tell me what these songs are that are used in the video
APEXSLIME AND Falcon_yt - Månad sedan
It's willy wonks Chocolate factory
Tanisha Rajput
Tanisha Rajput Månad sedan
1:35 idk why it sounded like chicken poop
darwin duffis
darwin duffis Månad sedan
You have that in costa Rica 😅😅😅
Kijomo T.J
Kijomo T.J Månad sedan
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse Månad sedan
Oooooooohhhhhhhhh cocoa I get you now
mattie caroline
mattie caroline Månad sedan
The neat pruner rationally license because confirmation monthly wait through a ruddy shoe. whimsical, hospitable division
Julius Novachrono
Julius Novachrono Månad sedan
I actually saw these chocolate bars from 7 Eleven near my house, Aight I’ma go buy some bars right now
༒やsͥγcͣhͫ๏*JJ༒ Månad sedan
I like that Girl with sonny and want her name i want to follow her on insta
Patton’s Pets Official
Patton’s Pets Official Månad sedan
“I can only think of one” *Both Chuckle* “Cheese” “Really?????”
Jamrock Live
Jamrock Live 2 månader sedan
Why y'all saying cocow it's co-co-a
Devonte Brown
Devonte Brown 2 månader sedan
Deep breath long pause and he said it smell like shit here you can not make this up comedy gold
reece wori
reece wori 2 månader sedan
i feel so bad for the chocolate grower man, i bet he's being taken advantage of TT-TT
Just _Jenna_ Playz
Just _Jenna_ Playz 2 månader sedan
OHHH IM FRON VIETNAM!!! ( I just knew this ;w; )
Valcor 2 månader sedan
1:22 😂😂 fucking dead
・E r r ø r J ō h n d ø e・
・E r r ø r J ō h n d ø e・ 2 månader sedan
ihave a 💩 ihave a 🚺
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