How CHILI SAUCE is Made!!! One Million Bottles a Week!!

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ADDRESS: Lot C40-43/I, C51-55/II, 7th Road, Vinh Loc Industrial Park, Binh Chanh Dist, HCMC
🌶️TƯƠNG ỚT (CHILI SAUCE): Chillies are washed, grinded and drained by machines. Ground chillies are liquified and pumped to a big container. Garlic, sugar, salt, vinegar, ketchup, preservatives are mixed in for 10 minutes before the mixture is pumped into a cooking container. Modified starch and water are mixed and then pumped to the cooking container. The cooking process takes 30 minutes. The sauce is cooled and sent to the packaging room.
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🍜MÌ XÀO GIÒN (GOOEY SAUCE OVER CRISPY NOODLES): In a pan with oil, add minced garlic, shallots, pork skin, shrimps, kidney, liver, pork squid and crab cakes. Stir and then add cabbage and carrots. Thicken with starch. Add sugar, msg, seasoning powder, vinegar, oyster sauce and sesame seed oil. Garnish with cilantro and ground pepper and serve with soy sauce, chili sauce, fresh chillies.
💸 PRICE: 40.000 VND/$1.73 USD
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ADDRESS: 234 Đồng Đen Street, Tân Bình District, HCMC
🍜MÌ XÀO GIÒN (GOOEY SAUCE OVER CRISPY NOODLES): In a hot pan, add margarine then shredded onions and corn. Add oysters and crab sticks, then add an egg. Pour in homemade sauce then shredded mozzarella cheese. Serve with bread, soy sauce, chili sauce and ketchup.
💸 PRICE: 100.000 VND/$4.32 USD
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ADDRESS: 002 Block C 23/49 Đinh Tiên Hoàng Street, Bình Thạnh District
SOCIAL: banhtrangnuongc002/
🌯BÁNH TRÁNG THẬP CẨM MỰC GÀ (GRILLED RICE PAPER WITH SQUID AND CHICKEN): Add scallion, mushrooms, minced pork, squid and an egg on a piece of rice paper. Place it on charcoal and spread well until the mixture covers the rice paper. Add purple cabbage, shredded chicken and mayonnaise. Serve with tamarind sauce and chili sauce
🌯BÁNH TRÁNG THẬP CẨM XÚC XÍCH (GRILLED RICE PAPER WITH SAUSAGE): Add scallion, dried shrimp, minced pork and an egg on a piece of rice paper. Place it on charcoal and spread well until the mixture covers the rice paper. Add sausage, chinese sausage, beef jerky, quail eggs, mayonnaise and chilli sauce. Serve with tamarind sauce and chili sauce.
💸 PRICE: 35.000 VND/ $1.31 USD for each
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Hey, I’m Sonny! I’m from the US but currently call Vietnam home. I’ve been living in Asia for 10 years and started making food and travel videos to document my experiences. I travel to different parts of the world, hunting down and documenting the most unique food each country has to offer.
If you see any factual food errors in my videos, please feel free to politely let me know in the comments. I'm a huge fan of trying different, interesting foods in each country. My show is from a Western point of view, but more importantly, MY point of view. It is not meant to offend any person or culture.
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Best Ever Food Review Show
Best Ever Food Review Show 3 månader sedan
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Vamsireddy Mallu
Vamsireddy Mallu 3 månader sedan
OMG I was I am in Vietnam
Zheng Guo Lee
Zheng Guo Lee 3 månader sedan
Hi Best Ever Food Review Show how are you I am Zack from Malaysia I really want you to play the AMONG US game in your next video pls
SUMITSINH ZALA 3 månader sedan
Hello.... Come in Gujarat it's there Menny Menny street food every where...👍🏼 Saveusal Vadapav Desi chicken 🐔 Desi fish fry
Mello Show
Mello Show 3 månader sedan
Best Ever Food Review Show WTF Moments
Ksh Moni
Ksh Moni 3 månader sedan
I recommend u to come to Manipur, Northeast side of India 😊..... also u can see sangai animal
Grady 2526
Grady 2526 Dag sedan
I love his team every time he asking our we gone edited that part out & y’all never priceless 🤣
Azmi Adabi satya
Azmi Adabi satya 3 dagar sedan
In Indonesia you eat everything with Chili sauce
Vanessa Varela
Vanessa Varela 4 dagar sedan
People not understanding covid makes it hard to do street food
Nadia Sbail
Nadia Sbail 7 dagar sedan
"We put mustard on the table cause ketchup needs a friend" 😂🤣
Chill out Zone
Chill out Zone 9 dagar sedan
The amount of times this clown says IT I swear he’s going to turn into penny wise
Joe Russell
Joe Russell 18 dagar sedan
This dude knows where to find all the cutest Asian co-hosts!🤔
nnthsttrls 20 dagar sedan
Not stoked on the mustard comment, but super stoked on the Dragonball Z reference.
Xian Qiu Mao
Xian Qiu Mao 26 dagar sedan
VIET NAM chilli sauce is number 1.
Sabrina Lam
Sabrina Lam 28 dagar sedan
He looks like Johnny from Cobra Kai !
Aldrin Musni
Aldrin Musni 29 dagar sedan
And I just watched it again coz of Hong❤️❤️
Rinaldi Wibawa
Rinaldi Wibawa Månad sedan
you should try best indonesian ketchup, made by rotten tomato and produced by step on it with bare foot
Blessed da Life
Blessed da Life Månad sedan
You should come to molokai Hawaii
law4ahyc Månad sedan
Unfortunate lad aww sonny I love you 💚
Danny Ryan Lannon
Danny Ryan Lannon Månad sedan
I do not eat 70 Lbs of ketchup per!!! Its at least 100 Lbs buddy.
Thomas Cee
Thomas Cee Månad sedan
The magic of the BEFRS team 👌🏾👌🏾
Lok Jun xing
Lok Jun xing Månad sedan
100year 10bil of chilli sauce for chilli gun :)
Boerner William
Boerner William Månad sedan
The merciful smell advisably number because relish regrettably scorch per a trashy cello. romantic, supreme sushi
lilith subminal
lilith subminal Månad sedan
I just love how he makes things so dramatic 🤷
Krisyan Nuruha
Krisyan Nuruha Månad sedan
4:24 is that a rust? Just wondering how they clean up all that machine and pipe and how often..
Aceyyy Thebot
Aceyyy Thebot 27 dagar sedan
That’s not rust, that’s just the welding color residue. Stays permanent
Karl Bryan Narbonita
Karl Bryan Narbonita Månad sedan
sonny side up
Karl Bryan Narbonita
Karl Bryan Narbonita Månad sedan
that makes him a food expert lol
Ferrari Allen
Ferrari Allen Månad sedan
Surprised the chilli factory workers don’t wanna wear goggles 🤔🤣 imagine any of that splashing in your eyes 😬🤣
Mandux H
Mandux H Månad sedan
That’s a hottie...and I’m not talking about the sauce
aditya pratama
aditya pratama Månad sedan
This is dota wtf
9:26 ayoooooooo clip that
sebe Månad sedan
8:18 that man in the window share looks hungry but not for food but for humans
Joe Wambugu
Joe Wambugu Månad sedan
The genius idea ..let's make the customer cook😄😄😄 and pay us for the privilege.
TheMCWars Månad sedan
Damn this girl is gorgeous
Rubeinspired Ilonggo Vlogger
Rubeinspired Ilonggo Vlogger Månad sedan
“Could we cut the part that I don’t know...” Hahaha.. I could certainly relate to that 😂
Nasiputut Månad sedan
netflix: are you still watching? some girl: 11:15
Bro James
Bro James Månad sedan
why always filmed in Vietnam ,i think ou have made more than 20 VDO in vietnam already
David Patriot
David Patriot Månad sedan
youre gonna get in trouble. Youre not supposed to talk about the pit of doom... beware... bewareeeeeee......
Andrew Månad sedan
She looked hotter than the sauce.
Kaylee Månad sedan
I feel like his channel can be a show on Netflix ( food review)
Jayson Parilla
Jayson Parilla Månad sedan
Your my idol sonny I keep watching your video all the time cuz it make's me hungry all the time hahaha please shout me out on your next video.. watching here from phillipines ..
Erbie Barrera
Erbie Barrera Månad sedan
11:15 His look when she ate all the food in one bite. I think he's impressed. 😂
Vishal pattar
Vishal pattar Månad sedan
With Everyone East Asia collaborators that he Collab with seems weird (fun tho)? Except only a one.
Angel Wu
Angel Wu Månad sedan
The workers’ eyes must be burning
Karen Ramos
Karen Ramos Månad sedan
No jams calling someone cover their fries with ketchup a psychopath. For some, that's basically how they enjoy their foods. Loved your videos, less nonsense talk.
Skirt skirt
Skirt skirt Månad sedan
You’ve come so far Sonny😭so proud of you. Wow before you don’t eveb have million subscribers but now.... omg
blob fish
blob fish 2 månader sedan
his guides are always so hot
Omar Hernandez
Omar Hernandez 2 månader sedan
“Its hard to tell people apart”....🥸
Pandu putra pranawa
Pandu putra pranawa 2 månader sedan
Luckily Cholimex isn't an Indonesian brand. 🤣
JK L 2 månader sedan
Tiger beer is from Singapore.
philip cho
philip cho 2 månader sedan
she skin fire doe
Abraham Hsu
Abraham Hsu 2 månader sedan
AMERICAN protein powder please!
Vuong Do
Vuong Do 2 månader sedan
He’s from Minnesota, go Vikings!!
PcrashPatrick1977 2 månader sedan
This was great! Thanks for the info on the chili
彡ĐàRk々RKN 2 månader sedan
Hui Ling Dong
Hui Ling Dong 2 månader sedan
it's the grinder of Joy (😂 LOL)
Loren Schurter
Loren Schurter 2 månader sedan
TMI but... I'm watching this while having the burning sh*ts from Crystal hot sauce.. not fun lol
Urahara Kisuke
Urahara Kisuke 2 månader sedan
9:27 Close your eyes
Abbie Nguyen
Abbie Nguyen 2 månader sedan
Body lice....LMFAO. Seriously, I left VN 30 years ago and I learn so much about my home country today through you. You rock, Mr. B!!! 👋 🍑
Nory Levi
Nory Levi 2 månader sedan
60 mil bottle a year and still nearly impossible to get in my place :(, fk siracha
ralp rili
ralp rili 2 månader sedan
You should have brought Mark Weins on the Chilli Sauce Factory. That would be super fun
sx yg
sx yg 2 månader sedan
5:24 is like a chili sauce rollercoaster
Erik’s Travels Arizona
Erik’s Travels Arizona 2 månader sedan
Ask your do to for a script for Glycopyrolate to control the sweating ! It’s a lifesaver and I’m surprised how few people know about it ! You’ll look much better filming ! :)
Món ăn Nhà làm
Món ăn Nhà làm 2 månader sedan
suiko1981 2 månader sedan
She is so cute and pretty. She is the best co host in Vietnam.
DeadMan Experience
DeadMan Experience 2 månader sedan
*just like a psycopath...* Me : maybe I am a psycopath
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 2 månader sedan
9:26 close your eyes
Mandy Shultz
Mandy Shultz 2 månader sedan
I wonder how they clean those pipes and how often
ahmed karage
ahmed karage 2 månader sedan
All this food is making me hungry, but you just ate ...
Your Conscience
Your Conscience 3 månader sedan
11:15 ..uhm I forgot what I wanted to write what Sonny thinks..
Nhạc Remix Hay
Nhạc Remix Hay 3 månader sedan
Tương ớt ở những quán ăn là loại rẻ tiền ko rõ nguồn gốc cũng ko rõ thành phần cũng ko rõ hạn sử dụng ăn vào có nguy cơ bị ung thư rất cao ,đó ko phải là loại tương ớt của Cholimex sản xuất
Rofiudin Ali
Rofiudin Ali 3 månader sedan
Vlad Alexander
Vlad Alexander 3 månader sedan
Nice factory boots,,,,, sailor Moon..
Thit Cuc
Thit Cuc 3 månader sedan
But i live in vietname =3
Anona Squamosa
Anona Squamosa 3 månader sedan
is addiction to Chili and Coffee a thing?
Puteri Cantik
Puteri Cantik 3 månader sedan
Nat geo people should hire you man
Prahlad Sonwani
Prahlad Sonwani 3 månader sedan
Fan of spice🌶🌶🌶
SmartBoss Z
SmartBoss Z 3 månader sedan
Me: *gets a nightmare* Mother : What did u see in ur nightmare? Me : its very complicated My nightmare : 8:59
Red Pill Review News
Red Pill Review News 3 månader sedan
OK I used to think this dude made some pretty cool and interesting videos, at this point I believe this dude is probably Accountable for crimes against and not only all creatures in the world but also against mankind he’s probably even engaged and eating abortions....he has probably drank and eaten the blood and sacrifices of babies this dude is really not OK I think he has Engaged in evil and wicked traditions. I’m done with this guy I think he’s a fucking traitor to all mankind. He is no longer on a hunt for good food..this man is on a hunt for Flesh and blood. People be very very weary of this asshole!!! People just watch him, this psychotic dude has never ever said no, he has never said no I don’t think so that is against my beliefs!. This guy is the biggest pushover traitor he will do anything to make it back this man will go to any lengths to make it back I promise you. This motherfucker would probably eat your own baby to make a video.
Man Pham
Man Pham 3 månader sedan
legit sitting at home eating my food binge watching these videos imagining im eating it with him LOL
Злой Карагандинец
Злой Карагандинец 3 månader sedan
7:37 She's very beautiful!
Anthony Bongo
Anthony Bongo 3 månader sedan
How does this man not have a Show on television yet
B 8 John Keishler Lariba
B 8 John Keishler Lariba 3 månader sedan
VISION0STUDIO 3 månader sedan
One thing for sure aint just those chilies that is hot... Hong Hang is also very hot 🔥 co host
jerry Lee
jerry Lee 3 månader sedan
Hey im from minnesota also. you should come back and visit st pauls hmong village to try out the food there
12 345
12 345 3 månader sedan
A shit I'm on my way to sleep then this show . because I'm so curious about it ,now I can't sleep.
Sangay Dolma
Sangay Dolma 3 månader sedan
Happy 6m
Dom Hodson
Dom Hodson 3 månader sedan
Makes 1 million bottles a month, 60 million a year! Me: thinking of calculations how 1 million a month for 12 months isn’t 12 million bottles. 😂😂😂
Jack Nguyen
Jack Nguyen 2 månader sedan
Must be Vietnamese math..
West hope
West hope 3 månader sedan
Vietnam is a sauce loving country Me: uses a whole bottle of ketchup and chili sauce
Bubble Plays
Bubble Plays 3 månader sedan
This is my dads place he HAS CALARINA REAPERS LIKE BREEE
Marc Kevin
Marc Kevin 3 månader sedan
"Aaah. Bubbles." Lmao 😂😂😂
Nightmxre34 3 månader sedan
That girl in the intro be like why is he here
InfoScholar 3 månader sedan
I was hoping it would be sriracha. Anybody...?
Phuong Huynh
Phuong Huynh 3 månader sedan
Before I even start watching. The tưởng ớt in Vietnam is 🤮. I always hated it. More sour than spice. Or I could just be too accustomed to sriracha. 😂😂
mehmet sheza
mehmet sheza 3 månader sedan
i eat everything with chili sauce, kfc, pizza, noodle. rice? soy sauce
Player 3 månader sedan
0:04 *insert “he fucked up” meme*
Maeyonnaise 3 månader sedan
Chillie with vinegar❤
Thando January
Thando January 3 månader sedan
"I'll have what she's having."
muhmed kukic
muhmed kukic 3 månader sedan
I thank the food gods you didn’t go main stream media
BriaCorn 3 månader sedan
Who else just got 10000000x hunger?
Patti Brown
Patti Brown 3 månader sedan
Sauce is king!👑😳✌
Sok Pek
Sok Pek 3 månader sedan
After watching the episode this past weekend, I went to the Asian market here in Philadelphia and I picked up a bottle of that cholimex. You da best sonny. Love your show looking forward to the other merch for winter.
Kaing Bottrakol
Kaing Bottrakol 3 månader sedan
The most underrated channel of all time. Who doesnt love food? Cuz in term of food content this is gold🔥
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 3 månader sedan
1:19 Fan of Spice 🌶 1:27 His Hot & Spicy 🥵 Partners (Hong Hanh this time)
mr.clickbait 3 månader sedan
Whu arent his shows on netflix
mimic 3 månader sedan
9:03 looks like hes thinking of a haunting memory of the canned noodle
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 3 månader sedan
kumakatok po ako sa puso mo idol payakap at palambing po ng aking youtube 😞💛☝️
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