Giant Dinosaur Meal!! Eating ONLY Animal Tails for 24 Hours!!!

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Best Ever Food Review Show

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ADDRESS: 103/25B Hồ Thị Kỷ, Ward 1, District 10, HCMC
🐖BÁNH CANH ĐUÔI HEO (PIG TAIL NOODLES): Blanch the noodles. Cut the pig tails in small pieces. Add the soup. Garnish with scallion, ground pepper and fried shallots.

💸PRICE: 150.000 / $6.50 USD
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ADDRESS: Level 3, 95 Hai Bà Trưng, Bến Nghé Ward, District 1, HCMC
SOCIAL: riasaigon/

🐂OXTAIL STEW: Dice the vegetables into cubes. Cut the oxtail right at the joints. Add oil and start to stir-fry the oxtail cuts. Toss the veggies including onions, carrots, celery and paro onions in the pan. After the oxtail cuts, tomato sauce and rosemary are added, then season the pan with salt and pepper. Pour red wine and simmer until it boils. Pour water in and simmer for 4 hours. Plate with mashed potatoes and fresh rosemary.

💸PRICE: 255.000 / $11.00 USD
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ADDRESS: 333 Nguyễn Hữu Thọ, Tân Phong Ward, District 7
SOCIAL: mr.chickenphilippine/

🐔GRILLED CHICKEN BUTT: After thoroughly cleaning the chicken butts, boil the butts with a complex combination of seasonings including onion, garlic, and traditional Filipinos ingredients. Put five butts on a skewer and grill for two minutes. Spread signature BBQ sauce and it is ready to serve.

💸PRICE: 15.000 VND / $0.65 USD per skewer
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ADDRESS: 96/9/4 Nguyễn Thị Sáu, Thạnh Lộc Ward, District 12, HCMC
SOCIAL: langcasausaigon/
🐊ĐUÔI CÁ SẤU NƯỚNG MUỐI ỚT (GRILLED CROCODILE TAIL WITH CHILLIES SALT): Take out the spine bone and clean. Rub chicken powder on the flesh, and place it on the grill. After 30 minutes, spread a combination of carrots, scallions, cilantro, cooking oil, salt, sugar, ground pepper and chillies on all sides. Cut it in bite size pieces and it is ready to serve.

💸PRICE: 1.480.000 VND / 64.00 USD

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Hey, I’m Sonny! I’m from the US but currently call Vietnam home. I’ve been living in Asia for 10 years and started making food and travel videos to document my experiences. I travel to different parts of the world, hunting down and documenting the most unique food each country has to offer.
If you see any factual food errors in my videos, please feel free to politely let me know in the comments. I'm a huge fan of trying different, interesting foods in each country. My show is from a Western point of view, but more importantly, MY point of view. It is not meant to offend any person or culture.
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Best Ever Food Review Show
Best Ever Food Review Show Månad sedan
Eating Animal HEADS for 24 Hours: Eating Animal TAILS for 24 Hours: Eating Animal STOMACHS for 24 Hours: Eating Animal BRAINS for 24 Hours: Eating Animal HEARTS for 24 Hours: Eating Animal BONES for 24 Hours: Eating Animal BONES for 24 Hours: Go say hi to Calvin on Instagram > @fkndeliciousness ALSO WATCH: Animal Heads:
Pinky's Little World
Pinky's Little World 5 dagar sedan
Am camping here, your channel is everything.
Heart and Soul SHE Hope and Inspire
Heart and Soul SHE Hope and Inspire 8 dagar sedan
Jaz Waz
Jaz Waz 15 dagar sedan
I 💕 all of your videos. I've never left a comment, just likes. With that said, some shit isn't funny and you truly need to quite while you're ahead; because truth be told you caught yourself but said it anyway. Consider the times and be sensitive to EVERYONE, thank you.
Mohammed Ayoop
Mohammed Ayoop 21 dag sedan
@Murtaza Beig iiiiii
vurtlast jaucian
vurtlast jaucian 22 dagar sedan
Hey! hey! hey! Calvin and Sonny have a chemistry they look and sound funny together if you agree make this blue. AYT?!👇
Lord player
Lord player 2 timmar sedan
I heard that if you eat too much chicken butt you will be talkative.😂😂😂😂😂
Diana Estrera
Diana Estrera 5 timmar sedan
Wow! PH pride 💕
George Rivera
George Rivera 7 timmar sedan
Fairy-tail. Lol
Anime Legend
Anime Legend 14 timmar sedan
Japan needs to make a anime of food review like these. Not Shokugeki no shouma, an individual travelling and reviewing food anime.😂
Kelebek Dag sedan
Here in Mauritius, we have a dish call halim! It’s a stew and you can cook it with any meat you want but at home we like to eat it with oxtail! It’s amaaaazing. The best! I don’t know where else in the world you can eat that, but do look for it kz trust me you won’t regret!
Trí Trần
Trí Trần 2 dagar sedan
1:29 o_0
Johny Wang
Johny Wang 2 dagar sedan
8:23 _Should we eating more butt?_
Karen Londraville
Karen Londraville 2 dagar sedan
I am 62 grew up eating the other body part, then tv and media dubbed them poor people food.
Ren IsCyrus
Ren IsCyrus 3 dagar sedan
NO HATE Tbh that ox tail kinda like ox poo
Like This Video
Like This Video 3 dagar sedan
Hello Friend, Great Video Have Great Day!
Daniel Lambert
Daniel Lambert 4 dagar sedan
Calvin is a great co-host! one of the better ones next to Sonny of course
Neilsen Lie
Neilsen Lie 4 dagar sedan
renzypooh1 4 dagar sedan
Where I’m from we eat pigtails all the time lol #trinidad
Dale Owen
Dale Owen 5 dagar sedan
gracyn lord
gracyn lord 5 dagar sedan
Mundjetz _
Mundjetz _ 5 dagar sedan
Ox tail ka dombolo can cure depression
Stephanie fedrick
Stephanie fedrick 6 dagar sedan
I grew up eating oxtails lol so it’s not uncommon at all
Frijol 6 dagar sedan
I'm about to start chasing tail
aiyanna peoples
aiyanna peoples 6 dagar sedan
What wrong with the one crawling at 10:03
aiyanna peoples
aiyanna peoples 6 dagar sedan
Really sonny, southerners eat ox tail🤦🏽‍♀️. Its one of the mai iteams on soul food menus
Sybil Coleman
Sybil Coleman 7 dagar sedan
Sonny : "Sir I'm excited to try your ass" Me: "Waitaminute....what?!"
Virosaa 7 dagar sedan
I love sonny's humor so much. He exactly knows when to be funny and how much to joke. Fine balance between being serious and being funny without losing or overdoing either.
Nathan Granadozin
Nathan Granadozin 7 dagar sedan
Eyy filipino
I27T I84
I27T I84 7 dagar sedan
"the meat is so white and privileged"
I27T I84
I27T I84 7 dagar sedan
why is no one wearing masks?
I27T I84
I27T I84 7 dagar sedan
"I'm excited to try your ass" oh my god, he actually said it. this guy is a fucking legend
I27T I84
I27T I84 7 dagar sedan
no masks?
Sea Addicts
Sea Addicts 7 dagar sedan
I eat oxtail all the time, it’s actually super expensive now because people are finding out how good it is.
Mollynim G
Mollynim G 7 dagar sedan
Oxtails 😍😛🤤🤤
NewtechGS 8 dagar sedan
Sonny and Calvin together is just Gold
Wellwin Steve Johnson
Wellwin Steve Johnson 8 dagar sedan
8:24 lmafo
4C KEA 8 dagar sedan
Here in Barbados its common to eat pig tail
Heart and Soul SHE Hope and Inspire
Heart and Soul SHE Hope and Inspire 8 dagar sedan
John Manavalan
John Manavalan 8 dagar sedan
2:15 that's a dick LOL
Johanne Miguel Orillaneda
Johanne Miguel Orillaneda 8 dagar sedan
Good job! Do dong! Im also from cebu and chicken ass is one of my fave street food.
Just some guy with a mustache
Just some guy with a mustache 8 dagar sedan
If u think about it, each tail=1 pig, oh no
tom snow-cole
tom snow-cole 9 dagar sedan
You forgot about kangaroo tail and Goanna tail
Day One Shemuyl
Day One Shemuyl 9 dagar sedan
I'm thinking the Asian asked if he could eat your bone because you placed it right back in the plate he was eating from. Probably felt it was rude.
MR ghost
MR ghost 9 dagar sedan
Is everything in asia edible like literally safe and good to eat
Derica Tull
Derica Tull 9 dagar sedan
As a Caribbean person 🇧🇧 BBQ pigtails and oxtails are delicious 😋 🤤
ChroniclesofAB 10 dagar sedan
That crocodile tail looks delicious especially being grilled vietnamese style with their bbq sauce damn
Mooncake Nina
Mooncake Nina 10 dagar sedan
ox and chicken(butt) tail is very common in malaysia.Its delicious
LeShawn White
LeShawn White 11 dagar sedan
one of the best parts of the chicken is the tail! everyone always thought i was wired, maybe im just in the wrong country lol
Michelle Chea
Michelle Chea 11 dagar sedan
Why does it sound like the TMZ theme song
E.W Gaming
E.W Gaming 11 dagar sedan
Oxtail is one of Jamaica dish
Bharat Bhushan
Bharat Bhushan 11 dagar sedan
"I am excited to try your ass" 😊😊😊. I am pretty sure he had more than chicken butts that day.
Jack 11 dagar sedan
5:59 the best part of the video 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Shayla Clemmons
Shayla Clemmons 12 dagar sedan
That crocodile sure looks like an alligator 🐊 lol
CajunPride 13 dagar sedan
You two make a great team!
D Ackou
D Ackou 13 dagar sedan
This is a dynamic presenting duo. Very entertaining 👌🏾
Ben Smith
Ben Smith 13 dagar sedan
Never see non asians cooking this kind of putrid shit 🤢
Copasetik_ 3
Copasetik_ 3 13 dagar sedan
Are these 2 legit boyfriends?
Meanbeagle :3
Meanbeagle :3 13 dagar sedan
Bruh we have Hella croc and ox ass in America. I want some more exotic ass to eat. Try horse tail and then maybe add another amphibian in there like giant salamander
godfere ali-el
godfere ali-el 13 dagar sedan
oh my god!!! that dangerous TUBE CROC, he encountered in Florida, that's a scary monster!!!
Janet Hall
Janet Hall 14 dagar sedan
My father loved the "parson's nose" of any volatile
Matt Ivey
Matt Ivey 14 dagar sedan
You're a good looking guy! WHY the headband??
Pepperoni 12 dagar sedan
Hairline and it’s kinda a trade mark
Himy3fifty 14 dagar sedan
Nghiep Ly
Nghiep Ly 14 dagar sedan
Thank you for making videos about Vietnamese food.
TheView Entertainment
TheView Entertainment 15 dagar sedan
@8:25 Man said "I'm excited to try your ass" lol best food review Duo
Alexander Johannesson
Alexander Johannesson 15 dagar sedan
The spanish cheff is allmost call after a famus dish tornado Rossini
Anne Lomang
Anne Lomang 15 dagar sedan
- Freqsheux -
- Freqsheux - 15 dagar sedan
0:32 Southerners: * *eating delicious gator tail* *
Elemenopea 15 dagar sedan
I just adore Calvin! A Calvin & Sonny combo makes my day, me smile, & hungry!
GowthaM ShortS
GowthaM ShortS 15 dagar sedan
Support please
GowthaM ShortS
GowthaM ShortS 15 dagar sedan
TheFamousDog 15 dagar sedan
10:23 wait shaped crocodile 🤣
r077i 15 dagar sedan
corona on a plate
lschoenrank 15 dagar sedan
Seriously Sonny, you haven't encountered "chicken butts" in America? When we had roast chicken, my mom always wanted that part - she called it "the Pope's nose".
Sheri Robinson
Sheri Robinson 15 dagar sedan
Oxtails are the best... smothered in gravy with rice and cornbread 😋
Shauntel Clark
Shauntel Clark 15 dagar sedan
The common ease developmentally inform because politician anaerobically ignore amid a nostalgic cut. elated, idiotic stepdaughter
ZiAn 15 dagar sedan
Where is Michael mccrudden
Crackh 0412
Crackh 0412 15 dagar sedan
More of this duo plz
Ger 13 NunYah
Ger 13 NunYah 16 dagar sedan
Marvelous food options mate
Vengesai Muyambo
Vengesai Muyambo 16 dagar sedan
Calvin is dope
telly diana dayondon
telly diana dayondon 16 dagar sedan
Fried pork tails are to die for. .
Timothy Westbrook II
Timothy Westbrook II 16 dagar sedan
Hate to break your Herat but people in America eat ox tail a lot I was raised on it
Andrea Tutty
Andrea Tutty 16 dagar sedan
Haha the meat is white and privileged 🤣
Nick SAM
Nick SAM 16 dagar sedan
8:51 She said " Go elsewhere, let me do business "
BlkRathalos 7
BlkRathalos 7 16 dagar sedan
No lie y’all white people be thinking stuff like ox tail is exotic but for the rest of us it’s just good food
Anthony Hanson
Anthony Hanson 16 dagar sedan
You haven’t tried the best tail yet.. NZ lamb tails☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽
Maw Ri
Maw Ri 17 dagar sedan
I love the bromance lol
lananotfound 17 dagar sedan
the way they matched each other's energy 😭
Valkyrie27 17 dagar sedan
Just found your channel. You most definitely got a sub from me!!! Great content!
Souvic Biswas
Souvic Biswas 17 dagar sedan
Bro,, I'm a regular viwer of your channel. Many many love for you💙💙💙
aryour baeee
aryour baeee 17 dagar sedan
Bjir brutu ada disana cok
K. R.
K. R. 17 dagar sedan
Steve Irwin 2.0 - China edition.
Wolflord Gaming
Wolflord Gaming 17 dagar sedan
watched the cajun episode. me :hungry brain: CAJUN!!!! me: welp, geus im going to Louisiana with some buds
Oni 17 dagar sedan
I swear part of the fun is seeing sunny interact with his co host, y’all are awesome
gustavo benitez
gustavo benitez 18 dagar sedan
we are tired of Vietnam and Asia in general , your fans need something else, go to Europe , or Islands , Australia , Caribe , etc .
preslav jankov
preslav jankov 18 dagar sedan
1 43' someone gets hahahah ha !?on dif. tails !?i like only sish tails crispy cooked
Amber Clay
Amber Clay 18 dagar sedan
All of the tails you ate on this episode are soooooo common in the south for African American people. We eat these weekly. I'm happy its being shown in your episode that way more people will see how good it can taste and want to try it as well, you know, make it more normal 😉
Dexter Marshall
Dexter Marshall 18 dagar sedan
You should try lamb necks stew don't I ever saw you try that
Yuu Toru
Yuu Toru 18 dagar sedan
Ding dong
Joshua Pierre
Joshua Pierre 19 dagar sedan
Ox tail is d best🍽Caribbean’s love ox tail
West Coast Spartan
West Coast Spartan 19 dagar sedan
I like chicken ass 😂 don’t get pink eye 👁
Jamil Ahamed
Jamil Ahamed 19 dagar sedan
Tube shaped crocodile lmao😀😀😀
Mega fighter
Mega fighter 19 dagar sedan
12:27 the crocodiels look like wood
Yurri Branco
Yurri Branco 19 dagar sedan
Kangaroo tail
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Broken Gaming 19 dagar sedan
Coming From irfan Pro Army.........
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