Extreme Syrian Food!!! Eating ONLY Animal Heads for 24 Hours!!

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Best Ever Food Review Show

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ADDRESS: 300 Võ Văn Kiệt, Cô Giang Ward, District 1, HCMC
SOCIAL: Alshamsaigon/

🐑SYRIAN STEWED LAMB HEAD: In a pot of boiling water, boil lamb heads. Add onion cuts and skim the broth. Season the broth with bay leaf, cinnamon, dried lime, clove grains and pepper. Simmer for 5 hours. Prepare a tray with homemade pita breads and place the heads on top of them. Garnish with minced herb and tomato. Top up the tray with lime, tomato, garlic sauce and cashew nut.

💸PRICE: 600.000 / $23.00 USD
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ADDRESS: Dua Bridge, Bến Vân Đồn Street, District 4

🦆ĐẦU GÀ ĐẦU VỊT CHIÊN (FRIED CHICKEN AND DUCK HEAD): Fry the heads for 5 minutes and then serve.

💸PRICE: 180.000 / $7.00 USD
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
ADDRESS: 41 - 47 Đông Du, Bến Nghé Ward, District 1

🐟RED SNAPPER FISH HEAD CURRY: Fry the onions and curry leaves. Add curry paste & chicken broth. Flavor with spicy paste. Put the head in and simmer for 15 minutes. Take the head out and cook the vegetables (eggplants & okra) in the curry paste. Add coconut cream. Simmer for 5 minutes. Add corn starch. Garnish with fresh tomato cuts. Put the pot on fire for 5 minutes. Serve with Indian paratha.

💸PRICE: 538.000 VND / $28.6 USD
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ADDRESS: 608 Phạm Văn Đồng, Hiệp Bình Chánh Ward, Thủ Đức District, HCMC
SOCIAL: lioncitysingapore
🐖PORK EAR SALAD: Add carrots, mango, julienned cucumber, peanut, salt, sugar, minced garlic, chillies, vinegar, fish sauce & ground pepper. Add pig ear and mix. Garnish with fresh chillies.
🐖GRILLED PORK CHEEK: Marinate the cheeks with garlic, lemongrass and chillies. Put it on the grill for 15 minutes.

💸PRICE: Pork Ear - 100.000 VND / 4.34 USD | Pork Cheek - 60.000 VND / $2.6 USD

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Hey, I’m Sonny! I’m from the US but currently call Vietnam home. I’ve been living in Asia for 10 years and started making food and travel videos to document my experiences. I travel to different parts of the world, hunting down and documenting the most unique food each country has to offer.
If you see any factual food errors in my videos, please feel free to politely let me know in the comments. I'm a huge fan of trying different, interesting foods in each country. My show is from a Western point of view, but more importantly, MY point of view. It is not meant to offend any person or culture.
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Best Ever Food Review Show
Best Ever Food Review Show Månad sedan
Eating Animal HEADS for 24 Hours: sepost.info/dev/video/lKq12rmDoprZxdM.html Eating Animal TAILS for 24 Hours: sepost.info/dev/video/22Orksd_e53GpdM.html Eating Animal STOMACHS for 24 Hours: sepost.info/dev/video/tH3f3synaZfJzMs.html Eating Animal BRAINS for 24 Hours: sepost.info/dev/video/mJjW0qxsiaGc19M.html Eating Animal HEARTS for 24 Hours: sepost.info/dev/video/wWmd1N2KhJ2w09M.html Eating Animal BONES for 24 Hours: sepost.info/dev/video/pWO4u8h5lYqtrbk.html Go say hi to Calvin on Instagram » @fkndeliciousness Get Early Access to Videos and be the first to comment » bit.ly/BestEverPatreon Follow on Instagram for more fun food videos! @BestEverFoodReviewShow
Melz&Chris 24 dagar sedan
Y’all are awesome and brave to eat all that
TH T 28 dagar sedan
Following Calvin. Dynamic duo.
DJ Smith Movies Official HD
DJ Smith Movies Official HD Månad sedan
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710215 w
710215 w Månad sedan
Animals don't brush their teeth, so they have tartar, I don't eat animals' heads.
James Michael Abao
James Michael Abao Månad sedan
Sonny. Im from the Philippines. Ive never met Calvin.. But man. He nailed it. I watched the video 5 times.. . Best tandem ever.. Plz make more like this.
Lord player
Lord player 4 timmar sedan
The fish head is almost nice as the meat from the body but better
FangSnuzzles 5 timmar sedan
Calvin is a fantastic host. He and Sonny bounce off each other so well! And the editors... Best team ever. So funny.
Khaw Ju An
Khaw Ju An 9 timmar sedan
Curry fish head is very Malaysian/Singaporean thing, and it is damn good
J 14 timmar sedan
"I've had head a couple of times", We know you're not that popular with women Sunny
Ritam Rakshit
Ritam Rakshit 2 dagar sedan
We eat fish head every day 😂😂😂🤣🤣
Debbie Martinez
Debbie Martinez 2 dagar sedan
Trí Trần
Trí Trần 2 dagar sedan
7:13 aight imma show my duck this scene and give him PTSD
Kritartha Bhuyan VI-A-14
Kritartha Bhuyan VI-A-14 2 dagar sedan
We eat fish heads on regular basis
Dileep Thakur
Dileep Thakur 2 dagar sedan
Those spices are from Asia or you can say India there is no flavour from middle East
Samon Chhenghuor
Samon Chhenghuor 4 dagar sedan
Shout out to Crazy Rich Asians on Netflix
stefan stefanov
stefan stefanov 4 dagar sedan
Why dont try eyes in Bulgaria we eat them!
kae 01
kae 01 5 dagar sedan
oof 14:55 sick burn. 😂😂😂
LivinWellWhit 5 dagar sedan
“What kind of dog is this?” LMAOOOO I love Sonny so much 😹😩😩
Milyn Antenor
Milyn Antenor 5 dagar sedan
If you eat the eye you will have better eyesight Calvin: but you have eyeglasses 🤓
min yoongi is a cat
min yoongi is a cat 6 dagar sedan
Damn never in my life would i thought that rass niffa was considered extreme 🚶‍♀️
Kostas Kladis
Kostas Kladis 7 dagar sedan
The name of the track at 2:13 please?
Master Jet
Master Jet 7 dagar sedan
Sonny gives getting head in Vietnam a different meaning 😂
Sumit Roy
Sumit Roy 8 dagar sedan
Just one thing pop into my head: COVID 19...sadly.
ghizlansar R
ghizlansar R 8 dagar sedan
Rindaman 9 dagar sedan
9:05 the fuck bro 🤣🤣
mohammed dhani
mohammed dhani 9 dagar sedan
It's copied from Kerela India the food you had from that resturant is thala curry (fish head curry) and Kerala porota (the bread)👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈
Nick Alan Vlog’s
Nick Alan Vlog’s 9 dagar sedan
Third chef was cool af too lol
Nick Alan Vlog’s
Nick Alan Vlog’s 9 dagar sedan
Calvin in the best dude. And that first chef was funny as hell! Great sense of humor !!!
EmptyWalletMultimedia 11 dagar sedan
teh problem with eating spinal column and brains is the potential for prion disease
fricking weeb
fricking weeb 11 dagar sedan
btw here in the middle east pita bread is just pita
J F 11 dagar sedan
"Fish head was invented by the Indians." "...and before that, fish did not have heads." 9:10 ROFL 🤣
F. Rick Herr
F. Rick Herr 12 dagar sedan
8:01 Chef refers to wife. Sonny refers to Asian Foods. Calvin refers to Sonny. Seems legit.
F. Rick Herr
F. Rick Herr 12 dagar sedan
Oh man I love getting Head!!! *Sees full goat head* , alright, ill try anything once.
Jorge Patrício
Jorge Patrício 13 dagar sedan
Never attracted me but pig ear salad is normal in Portugal too
Ramos Yonari
Ramos Yonari 13 dagar sedan
Best duo ever
Ronin 13 dagar sedan
Yeah he is right.. fish head curry is famous in southern side of the india.. most people don't know how to eat it the right way. The soft bones near the gills are full of fat jucies. You'll have to chew it and then spit it out after getting the jucies..
EXEREC RECEXEシ 13 dagar sedan
Host: Me eating fowl head food Bacterial: am I joke to you?
Fornax studio
Fornax studio 14 dagar sedan
Man you need add calvin to your team
Fornax studio
Fornax studio 14 dagar sedan
14:50 🤣🤣🤣🤣
reynell dayot
reynell dayot 14 dagar sedan
Should use term "Dinosaur" instead of Animals
Alexander Johannesson
Alexander Johannesson 15 dagar sedan
Nextime go to iceland 😏
Tyler Shanks
Tyler Shanks 16 dagar sedan
Really your "head eating game" you could have worded that better.
Just Random
Just Random 16 dagar sedan
I love tongue so much
H1Z1 GAMING 16 dagar sedan
If they come to india its gonna be lit
Life with Lauryn an Zamiya
Life with Lauryn an Zamiya 16 dagar sedan
this duo funny asf
World Opinion
World Opinion 17 dagar sedan
3:22 Not here, Hahahaha
Pedro Hernandez
Pedro Hernandez 17 dagar sedan
There's a type of taco made with head meat called barbacoa its freaking amazing i love it 🌮
XeniceGraal 18 dagar sedan
11:19 "yeah you gotta, gotta-" *music stops*
mingimalist 18 dagar sedan
LaVonda Like
LaVonda Like 18 dagar sedan
Beware watching this while eating or smoking. I am not talking cigarettes. Cigarettes are bad.😎🤢🤮😢🤣🤣 It's a roller coaster of emotions that last a half hour but really 45 seconds.🤣🤣🤣😎
Jai Boss
Jai Boss 18 dagar sedan
Ok ok this one was hard to stomach i almost quit
Zuthunglo Kithan
Zuthunglo Kithan 18 dagar sedan
Perfect duo😊
Isaiah Clowney
Isaiah Clowney 18 dagar sedan
He said some say if I eat a fish eye your eye sight get better Calvin said but don’t you wear glasses 😂😂
Isaiah Clowney
Isaiah Clowney 18 dagar sedan
That goat head 😷
Dexter Marshall
Dexter Marshall 18 dagar sedan
Love this particular show but love the 🐖 head
H S 19 dagar sedan
The unhealthy map intrahepatically suppose because maraca immunologically trap underneath a ablaze singer. evanescent, panicky sleet
MrBeatboxmasta 19 dagar sedan
"There is nothing wrong with having" I thought the rest of that sentence would be "a bit of head".
Aaryan Nawaz
Aaryan Nawaz 19 dagar sedan
Bread is roti in urdu
Andie T
Andie T 19 dagar sedan
Damn this show always makes me hungry even if I'm eating while watching this show, the breads and meats and sauces ahh yummy
Nalin Kulshrestha
Nalin Kulshrestha 20 dagar sedan
Calvin is in love with sunny you can see it in his eyes
menyahel minwuyelet
menyahel minwuyelet 20 dagar sedan
i hope u come to ethiopia and try to eat our food....i love your show keep on
Norman Cagascas
Norman Cagascas 20 dagar sedan
We've got the best cohost here
Muhammad Zayn Hanjaya
Muhammad Zayn Hanjaya 20 dagar sedan
You should make more video with calvin hahahahaha perfect dynamic duo
Nick Faizy
Nick Faizy 21 dag sedan
Kari ike sdp boss🤭
mAaZiN 21 dag sedan
At 10:30 malayali could understand that they are eating meen curry and poratta
Anton Puno
Anton Puno 21 dag sedan
Sonny and Calvin is the ultimate duo!!!
The NIGHT TIME NAIL TECH 21 dag sedan
Shout out to sonny editor and team you guys are the SHIT 😍🤗🙏🏼
The NIGHT TIME NAIL TECH 21 dag sedan
Who ever thought of doing the Micky mouse sign when Calvin was talking about the fish . Is a freaking genius! That was so funny 😂 and cute love you guys together
Weiß Schwarz
Weiß Schwarz 22 dagar sedan
Tongue is the best .
james grieve
james grieve 22 dagar sedan
Love this show. Local, fresh and true to culture.
Kethan 23 dagar sedan
Your eating the tongue of a animal head u suddenly realise it is an indirect kiss What do you do?
sk Sanjana
sk Sanjana 23 dagar sedan
11:19 😂😂
Dean Jelbert Austria
Dean Jelbert Austria 23 dagar sedan
1:13 LOL
Ambar Saru
Ambar Saru 24 dagar sedan
Harry : If you eat fish you can see better Calvin:But you are wearing glasses And I'm thinking sunny ate a lot of animal's pinus and ball and his those thing's will get bigger😂😂😂😂
badfoody 24 dagar sedan
Not a fan of brain and tongue But the cheeks... Love it Holllyyyyy shit That is a braised sheep tho
Brain FM - Music for Relaxation and Stress Relief
Brain FM - Music for Relaxation and Stress Relief 24 dagar sedan
Hi, how are you? Nice video, thanks for sharing. Have an awesome week!
lucky lucky
lucky lucky 24 dagar sedan
2:03 beautiful girl ❤❤😳👍🏻
Ambar Saru
Ambar Saru 24 dagar sedan
Oh yeah 😍😍
james kinyua
james kinyua 25 dagar sedan
African dish also
ke ke
ke ke 25 dagar sedan
Oh sunny..if u haven't try pig ears u are missing heaven
A. Og.
A. Og. 25 dagar sedan
Just head for 24 hrs. .......nice! 😉
Kevin25192 25 dagar sedan
Calvin should be your permanent partner on this show !!!
THE LIFE 26 dagar sedan
What are that dirty foods🤮🤮🤢🤢
Sugam Spawn Shakya
Sugam Spawn Shakya 26 dagar sedan
Calvin in the guy taking this show to a next level.
Aman Solanki
Aman Solanki 27 dagar sedan
This is whole new level of yuck !!! Btw Im not fully vegetarian
imtiaz Khan
imtiaz Khan 27 dagar sedan
haikal thenyeld
haikal thenyeld 27 dagar sedan
I luv calvin vibe
Commander of what’s Right Preventer of what’s Evil
Commander of what’s Right Preventer of what’s Evil 27 dagar sedan
Can someone become insane by eating this type of food?
lobotires lobo
lobotires lobo 27 dagar sedan
sheep head is cooked on 3-4 stages boiled and then fresh water and spices boiled again and again if its not cleaned and cooked for 4 total hours its not authentic .. there is the most tender meat around the cheeks and hidden corners its best part of the sheep indeed.
Tyler Woody
Tyler Woody 28 dagar sedan
Idk of its true, but I consider someone who learns a second language by association to be very intelligent .
regnerek medneyt
regnerek medneyt 28 dagar sedan
Sony : like the guy in highschool who's nice but no one would date. Calvin : like you? Sony : wtfudge xD
Di Dixon
Di Dixon 28 dagar sedan
Sonny, you’re beautiful. Lots of love, Di
Richard Tipton
Richard Tipton 28 dagar sedan
1:05 That look When the kids acting up and you cooking.
malphas phenex
malphas phenex 28 dagar sedan
this pair is great lol
SomeIdiotOnline 28 dagar sedan
I have only refused to eat one middle eastern dish and that is brain, I can't stand it, I get nauseated thinking about it. No way
Alin Dinu
Alin Dinu 28 dagar sedan
I can bearly eat the meat off the bones from KFC what about meat on skulls🤢🤮
Nishanth Naik
Nishanth Naik 29 dagar sedan
ArcticHound(TV) 29 dagar sedan
I paused the video and when I came back it was on 1:06 "Ive had head a few times, in the philippines, iran , ect" and im fucking dieing
syed pervez
syed pervez 29 dagar sedan
Gul ☝️ Bismillah ☺ Halal Food 👍○○○ 👎Haram 🔥🚫 Pig 🐖Pig 🚫
Jason Kaine
Jason Kaine 29 dagar sedan
Calvin is awesome paired with Sonny.. The dynamic between both of you is hella fun! Hope to see A LOT more of him on the show.
Jufaze HD
Jufaze HD 29 dagar sedan
My Brain started itching
Michael Manese
Michael Manese 29 dagar sedan
Now I'm Loving Calvin‼️😂✌️
Elijah Relucio
Elijah Relucio 29 dagar sedan
Bro it’s like I’m watching brothers from another mother the synergy between them is great.
Lean And Design
Lean And Design Månad sedan
Best co host ever! Lol
humacao01 Månad sedan
That fish head curry looked aaamazing..
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