EXTREME Aged Meat BBQ!! Have We Gone Too Far??

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Best Ever Food Review Show

2 månader sedan

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Hey, I’m Sonny! I’m from the US but currently call Vietnam home. I’ve been living in Asia for 10 years and started making food and travel videos to document my experiences. I travel to different parts of the world, hunting down and documenting the most unique food each country has to offer.
If you see any factual food errors in my videos, please feel free to politely let me know in the comments. I'm a huge fan of trying different, interesting foods in each country. My show is from a Western point of view, but more importantly, MY point of view. It is not meant to offend any person or culture.
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Best Ever Food Review Show
Best Ever Food Review Show 2 månader sedan
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Max Nc
Max Nc 2 månader sedan
@XAVIER THE PRO not like in fikifaki?
Atlantic Hunter
Atlantic Hunter 2 månader sedan
My favorite food review show !!! Wayyyuyyy better than bizzare foods 😂😂
Rhunda Laidlow
Rhunda Laidlow 2 månader sedan
Jevony Duzong
Jevony Duzong 2 månader sedan
Damian N
Damian N 2 månader sedan
Finally Australian Beef!!! The on of the best in the world!
Andy Vasquez
Andy Vasquez 2 dagar sedan
Man them ducks got me wanting ducks lol
reynard ralph manos
reynard ralph manos 3 dagar sedan
best ever food review indeed 👌🏼
Raghav Poudel
Raghav Poudel 3 dagar sedan
Fuck youtube one video 10adds I dnt want adds on ma video
Jason Joseph
Jason Joseph 4 dagar sedan
Ali Mahmoudi
Ali Mahmoudi 4 dagar sedan
After seeing this girl my Appetite is just gone, Could you bring some pretty girl at least
raj kumar
raj kumar 6 dagar sedan
Sonny : Do you eat Aged Meat Girl : I Eat Bugs Me: Both Can Eat anything 🙈
kadabgamer 6 dagar sedan
I like how 90% of the dry age vids are guga foods
Adripiom 7 dagar sedan
Enak dan lezat
Adripiom 7 dagar sedan
Matthew Gartell
Matthew Gartell 8 dagar sedan
I have a Thuyen deficiency
Lucky Eteeths
Lucky Eteeths 9 dagar sedan
defli nut koshe
Αλέξανδρος Καλίκας
Αλέξανδρος Καλίκας 10 dagar sedan
I was really excited about trying dry aged meat until i heard it reminds of blue cheese...
Glyph 10 dagar sedan
Top-notch programming. Just stumbled on you. Please keep up the good work!
Nyaz Mohd
Nyaz Mohd 11 dagar sedan
Why are all the ducks laughing?
common sense
common sense 11 dagar sedan
Been watching him for a very long time and I gotta say I still enjoy all his shows and its mostly his personality not all of his content. He has a good sense of humor that I enjoy
Mike Wilkins
Mike Wilkins 11 dagar sedan
Really want to know what was in the foil
Addie Boyer
Addie Boyer 11 dagar sedan
thats a goose not a duck 3:04, also dont eat ducks, i have pekin ducks (the ones in the vid) and they are so much better as pets :(
Roger Salazar
Roger Salazar 12 dagar sedan
Eating from the body of the dead cooked by the fire of the dead your body will become death itself
J F 12 dagar sedan
WTF were the cylinders wrapped in foil in his fridge? I've never seen a chef react like that to something he's preparing. Must be illegal stuff.
Seabreeze 13 dagar sedan
The funky ducks look like they are having fun spinning over the fire.
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 14 dagar sedan
Sonny just got one jacket for all the posh restaurants 😂😂
jack rees
jack rees 15 dagar sedan
Nguyen is a TIGHT TING
WE ARE MUHAMMADAN 18 dagar sedan
Good hair transplant sunny 👌
Terry Guerra
Terry Guerra 22 dagar sedan
Gorgeous cuts. I have to try this once in my life. Maybe twice.
Alan Kwok
Alan Kwok 23 dagar sedan
The spooky undershirt epidemiologically request because tom-tom ontogenetically touch opposite a tight decrease. pastoral, callous sugar
Luke Morris
Luke Morris 23 dagar sedan
Is this Johnny Lawrence in disguise?
D Platnum
D Platnum 24 dagar sedan
Bryan Gallagher
Bryan Gallagher 25 dagar sedan
The glamorous hell commercially hang because kettledrum phytogeographically irritate times a telling story. rainy, descriptive author
Gwyn 25 dagar sedan
the ducks are so cute
Unshpe Sus
Unshpe Sus 25 dagar sedan
3:05 that's a goose
samsom Son of isac
samsom Son of isac 27 dagar sedan
Been binge watching this whole week, omg we are Murderers!!
Jerome Z Segunto
Jerome Z Segunto 28 dagar sedan
its very comedic and straight forward,i love this show👌
ruben estrada
ruben estrada Månad sedan
You should find you a women that laughs at your corny jokes like she laughs
Aubrey Crowder
Aubrey Crowder Månad sedan
I have never watched a bad video from you guys. God I love this channel. Thank you so much.
Lx Mob
Lx Mob Månad sedan
looks god damn delicious
Ashutosh Routray
Ashutosh Routray Månad sedan
A funky duck?! This is funking exciting
DOTA 2 SEA Månad sedan
But have youbever tried a hundred year aged wooly mammoth??
Bernard Flores
Bernard Flores Månad sedan
Please make her as your regular co host/interpreter ❤️
Slumber INC
Slumber INC Månad sedan
Pause @ 00:05. :-D
Gani GF
Gani GF Månad sedan
Kitchen nightmare want to know your location sir..
Ryan Fountain
Ryan Fountain Månad sedan
Is it even "safe" to eat a medium rare duck? 😂 especially one that's 3 weeks old
Fundamental Fanatic
Fundamental Fanatic Månad sedan
duck isnt like chicken USDA recommends cooking duck to a safe minimum internal temperature of 165° F (74° C) to avoid the potential risk of salmonella poisoning, restaurants often serve duck medium-rare. Since duck has dark meat and tight muscle fibers, these muscles are often cooked much like beef for tender results.
Pa-sang Lama
Pa-sang Lama Månad sedan
Aged meat best Nepali traditional meat
Khriez Zzz
Khriez Zzz Månad sedan
We call that raw ..
Khriez Zzz
Khriez Zzz Månad sedan
We call that raw ..
Mr. Lach Thea
Mr. Lach Thea Månad sedan
How do you you feel of duck meat when you eat?
Racheal Kenney
Racheal Kenney Månad sedan
Thuyen is so sweet & funny I love her personality. I'm so happy shes been in the past months videos back to back. You guys work well together making content.
K O Månad sedan
6:13 “Demonic dark skin” really ??
Chetan K
Chetan K Månad sedan
Sonny man you are the best !!!
Alpaka The Great
Alpaka The Great Månad sedan
Both of u are so sweet like the sugary vinager pumpkin haloween itself so cute 😂😂😂😂
glazerho mirabal
glazerho mirabal Månad sedan
The racial space coincidentally double because zephyr neurobiologically manage along a disturbed education. solid, distinct chimpanzee
Febrian Widi Purnama
Febrian Widi Purnama Månad sedan
Dry aged? Souns like Guga's thing
Seth Meechan
Seth Meechan Månad sedan
What do you think that is at 8:30
Fundamental Fanatic
Fundamental Fanatic Månad sedan
probably experimenting with something like duck sausages lol i have no idea
Ray Mond Tolentino
Ray Mond Tolentino Månad sedan
3:00 sad duck
Status: Månad sedan
I think for all of the fans of the "Best Ever Food Review Show ;" what would make our year is to be on one of the episodes. Eat all the food that will show up in that episode. Yup, on my bucket list fo sho!
Mandy Shultz
Mandy Shultz Månad sedan
You ate a beef mummy
Vishva Månad sedan
What's with that Yee yee az haircut?
Vishva Månad sedan
Whats with that Yee yee ass haircut?
Alex Mamedy
Alex Mamedy Månad sedan
11:40 Her: « Smell that » Him: « hohohohohoho, yes!? »
Cipri Popescu
Cipri Popescu Månad sedan
That’s a goose at 03:06
Michael Santos
Michael Santos 7 dagar sedan
Genesis YT
Genesis YT 15 dagar sedan
In Canada those things are called devils
xAlpaca Zeu
xAlpaca Zeu Månad sedan
I’d rather be a cow in India rural
Junior Moreang
Junior Moreang Månad sedan
We all know what they did after this video 🙃😉
J.S.Partha Saikia
J.S.Partha Saikia Månad sedan
Kindly let me know the breed of duck
wendy augustin
wendy augustin Månad sedan
Little qwackers 😭
Martin Littleford
Martin Littleford Månad sedan
No one notice how dirty his finger nails where
Filippao Ronto
Filippao Ronto Månad sedan
11:55 🔊 thank me later 🤣
GENgamerX Månad sedan
She said the ducks are cute, 5 mins later chewing the roasted fuck out of them. Aww...Humans, son of a bitches!
Nicole Payne
Nicole Payne Månad sedan
Woo Aussie! Great vid as always Sonny ♡♡
justin balagtas
justin balagtas Månad sedan
DeY sAy iTs CuTe BuT dEy EaT iT Doe
Pranit Chand
Pranit Chand Månad sedan
I was here when this channel just had a 100k subscribers and to see this guy get to 6 million is amazing. Amazing content.
walter jo
walter jo Månad sedan
Pls Stop make jokes
WISPA Månad sedan
for some reason this guy reminds me of Johnny Lawrence from cobra kai
Bonus Fry - Baking and Cooking
Bonus Fry - Baking and Cooking Månad sedan
Hello and こんにちは. Cool vid!!! This channel excited me to start my own video's!! Appreciate the inspiration...😄🤣
Yoa Gonzalez
Yoa Gonzalez Månad sedan
We need gordon ramsay to try out the food and see if they’re really good or not haha
Filip Månad sedan
1:53 GUGA!!!1!
Ivy Mago
Ivy Mago Månad sedan
4:07 They are laughing at me! These ducks 😑
Tasha Ezaki
Tasha Ezaki Månad sedan
Super high quality footage guys u give Andrew zimmer a run for his money! Love this show and wow aged meat sounds intense!!
Victoria Waithe
Victoria Waithe Månad sedan
I love when people are honest and I respect her for saying she didn't really like the 3 week duck and Sonny for saying it might not be for everyone. Thanks for your honesty
RΞD_ARROW Månad sedan
Younger Young
Younger Young Månad sedan
Thuyen and shizuka....please hire both of them..😂🤣
Johnny Dao
Johnny Dao Månad sedan
THANK YOU GUYS FOR PUTTING THESE OUT!!! Whatever equipment you guys are using phenomenal reproduction quality. Sonny and Thuyen thank you for making this visual dinning experience educational, humorous, and salivating. Especially during the "vid" stay safe and thank you once again!
Samwel Nyamwaya
Samwel Nyamwaya Månad sedan
Bruh that steak is raw don’t wanna hear it 🤮
Black Gavran
Black Gavran Månad sedan
Marrie her
suiken 酔拳
suiken 酔拳 Månad sedan
I love how Sunny never remove his bandana even with the suit.
Zuc'ary Månad sedan
Soooo whats with the bandana?
Justine Go
Justine Go Månad sedan
woaaaah sanaol
Soheb Khan
Soheb Khan Månad sedan
Plzz one video in Nepal?💝
Brandon Rosales
Brandon Rosales Månad sedan
That’s raw
lysol hand
lysol hand 2 månader sedan
What's the second song they played called ? 🤔 Kinda like it
Raul Santana
Raul Santana 2 månader sedan
Need to find out sonny's secret.... He's got the asian co-host swooning!!!
Abdifatah 5000
Abdifatah 5000 2 månader sedan
7:08 Oh the Suspense . Bro out here sweating 😓
Abdifatah 5000
Abdifatah 5000 2 månader sedan
Has any else realized the videos are so much better with her around
Najeeb Sheikh
Najeeb Sheikh 2 månader sedan
Nah bro you can safely dry age at home... watch this playlist, or if you don't have a vacuum sealer, click on the 2nd link: Guga Foods: sepost.info/vision/PL1vkBF5RrFBArY80s7HMzGCYuB2NdYMaX 2 Guys & A Cooler: sepost.info/dev/video/yZXNpt6CmZioub0.html
Julian Garcia
Julian Garcia 2 månader sedan
This dude is totally clapping this girls cheeks lol
Lust King
Lust King 2 månader sedan
let me try one more bite 5x more
GinaM OfPeekaboo
GinaM OfPeekaboo 2 månader sedan
I often eat 45-day dry-aged beef!
Mario Queppet
Mario Queppet 2 månader sedan
I like the way he vlogs unlike the other food vloggers especially the guy that's over acting every time he see the food.... sonny is really nice ..
Jaa Bronii
Jaa Bronii 2 månader sedan
Damn atleast pluck all the feather off the duck lol
T Mar
T Mar 2 månader sedan
Love this DUCKING episode! Loved the suspense, like you were airing out a glass of wine! Great episode as always.
Its Midas XIII
Its Midas XIII 2 månader sedan
The Question is, did you ask her out already? I mean Thuyen, Sunny go Nike JUST DO IT!
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