Best of Sonny Side 2020!! UNSEEN Funny Moments!!

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Best Ever Food Review Show

2 månader sedan

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2020 has been a trainwreck of a year, but Sonny was still… Sonny! Join us while we take recap of this year’s ups, downs and funny moments!
#BestEver2020 #BestEverFoodReviewShow #BEFRS
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Hey, I’m Sonny! I’m from the US but currently call Vietnam home. I’ve been living in Asia for 10 years and started making food and travel videos to document my experiences. I travel to different parts of the world, hunting down and documenting the most unique food each country has to offer.
If you see any factual food errors in my videos, please feel free to politely let me know in the comments. I'm a huge fan of trying different, interesting foods in each country. My show is from a Western point of view, but more importantly, MY point of view. It is not meant to offend any person or culture.
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Best Ever Food Review Show
Best Ever Food Review Show 2 månader sedan
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Chengkeat Tan
Chengkeat Tan Månad sedan
Thanks for the 2020 review. It was totally spoiled by having stupid big subtitles in the middle of the videos. The c person who advocated this innovation should review them before we posting them to the public. These ar we shitty.
Bret O'Neill
Bret O'Neill 2 månader sedan
Start trying to break some world food records!
Rose Rocky
Rose Rocky 2 månader sedan
MacheteDontTweet 2 månader sedan
I love trying new food. But somethings I not gonna put in my mouth> A lot of them are in this video. Like whatever comes out of the "smoke douch" ( 14:35 - 15:08)
jrmelly s
jrmelly s 2 månader sedan
Think you can add any more adds to this junk video?! What a joke Sony come on
KpMMnR 5 dagar sedan
27:02. 😂😂🤣🤣... expression...
Pszy K.O.
Pszy K.O. 7 dagar sedan
is this mathantics' aftermath?
RD dsouza
RD dsouza 9 dagar sedan
NiceRage2009 10 dagar sedan
Omg, when he’s interrogating and drowning the roach....that was fkn hilarious! “tell me where she is!”🤣😂🤣😂
Aden and Zack
Aden and Zack 14 dagar sedan
22 ?? 😦
jesus viramontes
jesus viramontes 15 dagar sedan
you ever have brain lol yeah all the time wait you mean eat lol I'm dead bro
Christian Raphael
Christian Raphael 16 dagar sedan
How does sonny always have the most beautiful guides
Damaa Kura
Damaa Kura 17 dagar sedan
start from 18:55 i can't stop laughing....still
Anne Corey
Anne Corey 20 dagar sedan
Beautiful country very good friendly young people friendly young peoples thank you for sharing your beautiful family love your family thank you for sharing thank love to your country thanks
Jim Y
Jim Y 21 dag sedan
good title, but I presume all the funny moments are unseen?
unknown girl
unknown girl 21 dag sedan
I LOVE Sonny's personality!!! SO outgoing and what makes the show so entertaining, Love ya !!!!🥰💜
Lothlorein UwU
Lothlorein UwU 21 dag sedan
Harrison Jaquez
Harrison Jaquez 21 dag sedan
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha I can’t stop laughing 😂
행복하자 23 dagar sedan
Does anyone know what episode is 10:00 ? I can’t find it and I want to watch it so bad ):
Davey Oberlin
Davey Oberlin 24 dagar sedan
UFO at 5:02 in the sky?
JW Hubler
JW Hubler 27 dagar sedan
Sonny is beyond funny... this is the best food show on any network or platform. Hence the name I guess
Yanuar Eka pratama
Yanuar Eka pratama 29 dagar sedan
sony side Look like a jazza
flower_ stem
flower_ stem Månad sedan
Loved watching this 🤣❤
Emma Tudor
Emma Tudor Månad sedan
Someone tell me why people feel the need to comment what's been said in the video? I just dont understand, I've watched it I know what's been said.
Tommietam 11
Tommietam 11 Månad sedan
sonny gives me logan paul vibes
Easy Breezie
Easy Breezie Månad sedan
BovineJustice Månad sedan
RaizQT brought me here
Pete Smith
Pete Smith Månad sedan
What episode is 21:43 with the pizza?
Prince Michael
Prince Michael Månad sedan
The girl at 23:54 is so cute
Prince Michael
Prince Michael Månad sedan
Race at 4:43?
memo Garza
memo Garza Månad sedan
Then we go fishing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Asmedha Nisperos
Asmedha Nisperos Månad sedan
Justine Eve Navarro
Justine Eve Navarro Månad sedan
7:39 : Are you color blind? HAHAHAHAHAHA can't stop laughing
Justine Eve Navarro
Justine Eve Navarro Månad sedan
Really love watching BEFRS and totally love Sonny's sense of humor. Love all the way from Philippines. 🇵🇭💖
Ady Putra
Ady Putra Månad sedan
That first clip cracks me up soooooooo bad!
The Free Bard
The Free Bard Månad sedan
22!? *surprised pikachu face*
Hanif Sulistiyo
Hanif Sulistiyo Månad sedan
"Animal abuse" Says the guy who ate animal heads and a body part that shall remain unnamed.
Hanif Sulistiyo
Hanif Sulistiyo Månad sedan
This is why I subscribed.
D T Månad sedan
Awesome video dude!
Kaykie Månad sedan
So from what episode is the guy with dreadlocka on?
Olivia Kirkbride
Olivia Kirkbride Månad sedan
Does it have a name It’s a chicken
Nicole Månad sedan
9:26 lmaoooooooo drunk sonny
Light Månad sedan
So hilarious! 🤣 🤣👏👏
Carloz Nongz
Carloz Nongz Månad sedan
Bro i want u to come to MANIPUR
hmmm Månad sedan
21:00 , 23:00
Ryllein snow
Ryllein snow Månad sedan
Mr. Sonny in a monk robe. Look like the Cillian in the mummy return..
Muneeb Shah
Muneeb Shah Månad sedan
SONNYS 22 wtf 😂😂 btw love this show ❤️
Patrick Cruz
Patrick Cruz Månad sedan
Sonny, why don’t you shoot an episode where you cook a tradional American meal from your childhood and have your staff eat it.
Sneakerfreaker88 Månad sedan
I must know about sonny’s bms
Voreak Reach
Voreak Reach Månad sedan
4:04 the best once
Mimi A
Mimi A Månad sedan
I haven't watched this channel in a while time to binge
Mei Kiss
Mei Kiss Månad sedan
22 ? Wow you are very young! Come to mama baby 😬
Chanel Stein Ker
Chanel Stein Ker Månad sedan
Hilarious! Why isn’t this channel a Nat Geo show?!?!
J P Månad sedan
Gee, you look like Arnold Vosloo from the The Mummy😜😜😜
TheJazz080808 Månad sedan
26:56 that dude's face when Sonny said "Can we try to speed it up to 20 minutes?" 😂
MLB - Sweden the King House
MLB - Sweden the King House Månad sedan
Most butiful and Thinks so musch
sittie_city noor
sittie_city noor Månad sedan
The only channel where I never skipped ads. Loveyousomuch Sonny! 🙋
Carmela Desmarais
Carmela Desmarais Månad sedan
BD FooD Månad sedan
Chengkeat Tan
Chengkeat Tan Månad sedan
Thanks Sonny your try to present a wonderful show. Unfortunately you have to post them through U-Tube who have decided to spoil all your videos by v putting large subtitles in the middle of the screen without reviewing the effect before posting. Do u-tube have a monopoly on postings. Can communications lawevew c pr
Chengkeat Tan
Chengkeat Tan Månad sedan
Is it possible to post hour videos without the subtitles in the middlevof the screen. Try viewing it yourself especially the person who decided to introduce this stupidity. Sonn
Veteran Oxygen waster
Veteran Oxygen waster 2 månader sedan
I loved oro.
Shaz Rocks
Shaz Rocks 2 månader sedan
Vegetarians worst nightmare 😂 love this Chanel thanks for getting me through this year XX
Shawn Chang
Shawn Chang 2 månader sedan
It's been an amazing journey seeing Sunny going from a humble one man adventurer into established team of people who are passionate to showcase food culture around the world.
Lea Poli
Lea Poli 2 månader sedan
JUST WATCH 2 månader sedan
Omg they cut testicle when the bull is alive jesus cut their testicles when they are alive 25:27
•Kayla Gacha•
•Kayla Gacha• 2 månader sedan
People in the comments still misspelling "Sonny" when its in the title-
Plumeria 1990
Plumeria 1990 2 månader sedan
poor fish n porcupine. I eat animals but some its just sad man . I love your channel though its amazing .
Nugroho A.Y.N
Nugroho A.Y.N 2 månader sedan
18:31 her instagram please, for my research😂thanks
Victor Vidales
Victor Vidales 2 månader sedan
This is better than having a 2020 rewind.
DragonCpu 2 månader sedan
Fakhrul Arifin
Fakhrul Arifin 2 månader sedan
Exactly what we neeed!!!!! Thanks BEFR Team, we'll always here to support you guys!
KeeplookingUP777 2 månader sedan
This Sonny looks a bit spoiled....good looking, funny and travels the World eating a variety of awesome fun interesting cultural foods!
mike mike
mike mike 2 månader sedan
2020 felt just a bit better while watching Sonny's show!
ZDY 2 månader sedan
"does the rooster have a name?" Asian guy "dude..its a chicken" (loosely quoted from the video, not exact) i died hahaahaha. Hopefully a yummy chicken with those vocals!
Rowan Trout
Rowan Trout 2 månader sedan
What episode is 1:26?
Steamin Steven
Steamin Steven 2 månader sedan
This show always finds the best local fixers, esp the mustache'd guy, he needs to be in movies !
Bgs Ash
Bgs Ash 2 månader sedan
10:00 😐😐😐
art work.
art work. 2 månader sedan
Please come sri lanka
Renee Now
Renee Now 2 månader sedan
I’m rolling laughing.. hilarious
jazrol 2 månader sedan
hahahaa i love this.. wait.. that's sound so.... bromance... ok.. I like this episode so much. The best of all... should have this every year for the most funny moments. Keep it up y'all.
Alex Hong
Alex Hong 2 månader sedan
translator: does it have a name? him: its called a chicken
pyrotfd 2 månader sedan
2:34 - this scene already killed me 🤣
S1SKA YT 2 månader sedan
well done guys!
SpearChuckUngawa 2 månader sedan
Did the acupuncture relieve your back pain? Personally I stretch my hamstrings three times a day to relieve lower back pain.
24kOak 2 månader sedan
Love this channel im a food connoisseur
Ruiz Natasha
Ruiz Natasha 2 månader sedan
que tengan felices fiestas
Isishsshn Snsnnsn
Isishsshn Snsnnsn 2 månader sedan
Emares 2 månader sedan
10:36 they're trying to insinuate Mark Wein and Food Ranger are the one who's busting all kinds of horns lol
Bron 14
Bron 14 2 månader sedan
3:12 got me lmao
Katherine Barbosa
Katherine Barbosa 2 månader sedan
at 5:49 that guy said a prime minister will and it came true. Africa prime minister died
arya dwipayana
arya dwipayana 2 månader sedan
That woman face when sonny said rich and fresh, like me is absolutely make me 😂😂
AC - 05HR 813851 Forest Glen PS
AC - 05HR 813851 Forest Glen PS 2 månader sedan
Really sunny it's codvid19
Burek Mali
Burek Mali 2 månader sedan
How come I've never seen this show or him or anything of close quality from this till few months ago
Khanh Luu
Khanh Luu 2 månader sedan
Sonny and the teams, thank you for your videos. Keep up the good works.
Daniel V
Daniel V 2 månader sedan
"SEpost can't demonetize if it's cultural" LMAO
ragil akromuloh
ragil akromuloh 2 månader sedan
16:39 my favorite
Mel Torres
Mel Torres 2 månader sedan
Sonny thank you for the wild confessions i mean compilations. It was satisfying 😂😂😂
corn Tall
corn Tall 2 månader sedan
7:52 I hate my mind 😂 yoooo mistirbitiin 13.39 what a face...
Jack Benimble
Jack Benimble 2 månader sedan
Im not sure why he keeps disappearing on a cloud of jizz.
Snig Ja
Snig Ja 2 månader sedan
What a transition! 15:22 🤣🤣🤣
eyang7 2 månader sedan
23:50 😅😂
Rebecca Roxx
Rebecca Roxx 2 månader sedan
😂😂😂🤣🤣 man us central MN natives are HILARIOUS lmfao! Some day Sonny’s Gunna “come home” and marry me hahahaha 😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣
Umaru Chan
Umaru Chan 2 månader sedan
10:54 do you speak English No..
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