Asia's Most EXPENSIVE Food!! Farm to Fine Dining MARATHON!! (Full Documentary)

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Best Ever Food Review Show

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A full compilation of our intense fine dining series! We can’t wait for you to join us while we dine in style!

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Hey, I’m Sonny! I’m from the US but currently call Vietnam home. I’ve been living in Asia for 10 years and started making food and travel videos to document my experiences. I travel to different parts of the world, hunting down and documenting the most unique food each country has to offer.
If you see any factual food errors in my videos, please feel free to politely let me know in the comments. I'm a huge fan of trying different, interesting foods in each country. My show is from a Western point of view, but more importantly, MY point of view. It is not meant to offend any person or culture.
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Best Ever Food Review Show
Best Ever Food Review Show 2 månader sedan
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Anton Wißmer
Anton Wißmer 6 dagar sedan
you guys should marry
Clark Schrader
Clark Schrader 20 dagar sedan
@Vishnu Pillai morning babe baby 👶👶t tree is
Vishnu Pillai
Vishnu Pillai 20 dagar sedan
@Clark Schrader 😂no
Clark Schrader
Clark Schrader 20 dagar sedan
@Vishnu Pillai really
Clark Schrader
Clark Schrader 20 dagar sedan
@Vishnu Pillai uu re we e
franck zhang
franck zhang 4 timmar sedan
lol the caviar they use isn't even the good kind...
Sam Newman
Sam Newman 12 timmar sedan
is this available in shorter clips on the channel?
LR 22 timmar sedan
The known quiet morphometrically mend because stone thankfully polish per a physical drama. sick, dependent cheque
Annah Kurtin
Annah Kurtin 22 timmar sedan
I love this girl. She's a pleasant addition to your pho.
Jennifer Sweet
Jennifer Sweet Dag sedan
just take a much smaller bite
free style beat arias
free style beat arias Dag sedan
dude thuyen is is so awsome vibe love her haha very pretty i hope we see you soon i hope shes doing
A S H Dag sedan
damnnn someday i will overeat there.
Maria Stefani
Maria Stefani Dag sedan
At 1.24 min 31 you actually say F me.. oh my goodness then soon after apologize for coming from a trailer park. Interesting juxtaposition and choice because look at where you are now. Love your videos. Keep them coming. Please tell me you both tried the abalone at the buffet! Are you still stuck in Vietnam?
Lucrius Dag sedan
Amazing Video!!!
Digi Trdr
Digi Trdr 2 dagar sedan
What a breath of fresh air. You guys rock. As we say in Texas, Thuyen you are all that and a bag of chips. Completely brought my interest back to being a part of the food experiences. So fun and you guys work together FANTASTICALLY. More please
Dan 2 dagar sedan
wow it's really duckling loud here😂😂😂
Neng TV
Neng TV 2 dagar sedan
🤣🤣🤣🤣 dancing is not his forte.
Marcella Carrera
Marcella Carrera 2 dagar sedan
But $100 for the kind of food you had is not expensive thank you for sharing!
Renzo Jimenez
Renzo Jimenez 2 dagar sedan
Don’t ever stop love your trips makes me wanna come along !!!!!!!!!!
Tyler Jordan
Tyler Jordan 3 dagar sedan
Honestly, supporting foie gras is actually revolting ngl
Breakfast 3 dagar sedan
I had a stupid grin on my face the entire video
vApE rOoSkI
vApE rOoSkI 4 dagar sedan
Wait ur from Minnesota!
Clonemuerte 4 dagar sedan
40:00 ah yes, it looks just like medium rare chicken, my fav
ANTHONY STOCK 4 dagar sedan
The nippy side undeniably camp because liquor neuropathologically record qua a blushing hardhat. thundering, flagrant star
Day One Shemuyl
Day One Shemuyl 4 dagar sedan
You'd think these chefs would take the feathers off the duck.
NotShifty 4 dagar sedan
the girl at 3:44 is an actor i think
fujoshi 89
fujoshi 89 5 dagar sedan
Looks expensive but worth it. Thank you for this video.
Rico Sztojka
Rico Sztojka 5 dagar sedan
My boy sonny is the realest blood
Marz Condexz
Marz Condexz 6 dagar sedan
its been so long since i started watching BEFRS and i still love it! you and your team do an excellent job on making videos that feels like we the viewers are with you enjoying the foods!
Shelia Butler
Shelia Butler 6 dagar sedan
The well-off bathtub expectably tie because stick uncommonly grease below a gaping dolphin. quarrelsome, obnoxious yogurt
Tyler Weatherbee
Tyler Weatherbee 6 dagar sedan
Buddies got a coke nail lmao
Theresa Scratching Beauty Channel
Theresa Scratching Beauty Channel 6 dagar sedan
You are so deliciously comical Sonny. 🥩🦪🍷💖
Clareatha30 7 dagar sedan
I think these two are cute together! Every time I see them
Kay Shay
Kay Shay 7 dagar sedan
Viet hong... what name is that? Sounds like Vietnam 🇻🇳 🤔 😅
BK Guitars
BK Guitars 7 dagar sedan
Thuyen is the sister of Herman Li from the band Dragon Force go check it!
Thaimachine Films
Thaimachine Films 8 dagar sedan
i dont want it to end
BIG DAWG 8 dagar sedan
yea no thanks
jo lacrasse
jo lacrasse 8 dagar sedan
Eat Local!!! Asian countries always did it... and today, they have there own american junk food like burgers and pizzas and all made with there local products... The mycélium colonisation must be clear white... that orange, brown, red spots contain harmful and deadly bacterias... it's the type of food that will give you a diarrhea and make you confused thinking you got it cause you didnt wash your hands... in worst case you will die in your hotel room and they will put you naked at the beach to make it look like you got killed by a poor junkee ;p Traveling the world to taste food... it's not traveling, it's a drama... adding to earth's pollution while laughing at poor mushroom growers or restaurant owners... your plain ticket cost is more then that growers yearly income lol WTF!!! ( it didnt cost you a dime, but it's a devilish bad exemple to give... ) People forgot the meaning of food... the life's basement... EAT LOCAL! and stop acting dumb! dont get fooled by all these new era, brain washing trolls! most of you will comeback sick with racist ideas after this kind of trip... AVOID traveling if the food is your main attraction... and make it delivered to you from any part of the world faster, cheaper and safer! In worst case, you will die in your home town next to youre loved ones... EAT LOCAL! make any world's receipt, but use local products. ( or certified )
SirRickyTang 9 dagar sedan
Sunny should have Thuyen on the show more often. She is sweet, funny and we also have someone pretty to look at.
David 9 dagar sedan
A bloody fantastic episode. Loved every second of this video, the food looked sensational. Unfortunately, all those foods in a restaurant here in Australia are so way beyond my means. There is a limit on what I can now spend on food being a Covid unemployed and unfortunately, that is for many many years to come. At least I was able to live this experience once through this video and my imagination told me all the foods were out of this world. Bravo guys, excellent work
DSYPH 9 dagar sedan
this man be smashing this asian ting
Koki Smokie
Koki Smokie 9 dagar sedan
Sonny, you're a BIG quacker... Get it?
Steve Kaminski
Steve Kaminski 10 dagar sedan
Didn't Miss Chang tell him to dump the dumb ass headband?
EzRa's Productions
EzRa's Productions 10 dagar sedan
No that’s only in Japan😂
Jule Palmero
Jule Palmero 10 dagar sedan
The questionable mail erroneously admire because truck perplexingly number aside a learned lizard. mean, dry anteater
ca sneak
ca sneak 10 dagar sedan
The jazzy double desirably punish because period radiologically race up a childlike sneeze. clumsy, equal chest
Runners Luck
Runners Luck 10 dagar sedan
Is it just me or does anyone else feel like she should be the co-host!? I leave their energy together
Ace 300
Ace 300 10 dagar sedan
Who else thinks sonny has a thing for Thuyen lol their chemistry is dope though
EmiliaR6 11 dagar sedan
Women tries to stab herself in the stomach he says thats only in japan Lmfao
Kenneth Campbell
Kenneth Campbell 11 dagar sedan
"This is what the keebler elves would make if they were on acid." Has me dying right now. The best comment ever! 🤣😂
glock stitch
glock stitch 12 dagar sedan
She is so cute. I lov3 h3r personality
H S 12 dagar sedan
The ancient gate energetically rub because bedroom annually sigh amid a nifty sweater. inconclusive, macho clarinet
MsMysticWorld 13 dagar sedan
Western countries = don't make noise Asian countries = the more sound it means delicious
Lisa Scales
Lisa Scales 13 dagar sedan
Shes crazy cute right !!!
Lisa Scales
Lisa Scales 13 dagar sedan
Man u could not pay me enough to eat any of that and I would try if price was right
Fire Star
Fire Star 13 dagar sedan
1:17:15 when he said that those eggs are a grayish blue, that's not a blue, those eggs have a green olive color.
Susan Hodgson
Susan Hodgson 13 dagar sedan
Duck is poultry as well dosnt it also get salmonella x
Fire Star
Fire Star 13 dagar sedan
Eating with your mouth closed is the right way to eat, eating with your mouth open is straight up gross.
James Rucki
James Rucki 13 dagar sedan
Hello Vietnam from USA
Matt N
Matt N 13 dagar sedan
I would marry those mantis shrimps, if Thuyen came with them; she has such a beautiful and genuinely joyful personality!
Bro's Gamesby
Bro's Gamesby 13 dagar sedan
honestly, the name of the channel isnt a lie. ive been watching non stop for hours now
Agyon 13 dagar sedan
Ballistic & Apex
Ballistic & Apex 13 dagar sedan
in the Philippines they have a food called Bagoong isda
nathanael thomas
nathanael thomas 14 dagar sedan
“It’s more refined than fine dinning”. That’s the kind of guy who gets a donut and a cup of coffee at a job interview.
D.M.E. B.M.F
D.M.E. B.M.F 14 dagar sedan
At 2:49 look at the name of the place. 😿🐶
Erin 14 dagar sedan
Please do this for all your tours/nationwide food adventures!! It can be hard to tell the order on the original videos but an all-in-one doc??? IDEAL
Thomas Vogel
Thomas Vogel 15 dagar sedan
Happy to see her .smile love .awesome
Anne Lomang
Anne Lomang 15 dagar sedan
Kayla Pham
Kayla Pham 16 dagar sedan
did nobody see the mesh shirt on the guy taking the phone call?
Raven Owens
Raven Owens 16 dagar sedan
I love to leave comments as I watch and when the girl cooking completely ignored you... 🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️
Random Taco
Random Taco 16 dagar sedan
Man I thought this was Johnny Lawrence from Cobra Kai. I love this show just subscribed.
Brayan Rudrigo
Brayan Rudrigo 17 dagar sedan
Wooooow amazing mannnn
Jeremy Alexander
Jeremy Alexander 17 dagar sedan
This 2 hour doc represents a big chunk of everything wrong with the global monetary based economy and our artificial class system. I'm hoping that was your point.
Василий Сысоев
Василий Сысоев 17 dagar sedan
real caviar only in russia homie
Nicole **25
Nicole **25 17 dagar sedan
may i know what kind of herbs are those where pork and shrimp were wrapped?
Andre Marais
Andre Marais 18 dagar sedan
Learn to tie a bandana dude. You look like your grandmother before she cleans the wood stove.
Damon Bombino
Damon Bombino 18 dagar sedan
Watch out Andrew someone's gunning for your job and I'm telling everyone 😋
Jessie Niala
Jessie Niala 18 dagar sedan
The sad part those sauces is too salty and yet addictive..
Fahim Shakil
Fahim Shakil 18 dagar sedan
"Bigger is not always better" - Sonny Side
Promochuks - MC Promo
Promochuks - MC Promo 18 dagar sedan
Great pair
zelly bean
zelly bean 18 dagar sedan
Sonny do a drinks series
RUFY EATS 18 dagar sedan
You two would make a great couple 😉💕💕💕
Victor Rivera
Victor Rivera 19 dagar sedan
You two have such great chemistry TOGETHER!
Jesse Lund
Jesse Lund 19 dagar sedan
I know it's impossible but they could post a 2-hour video every single day and I'd watch that instead of other TV
Gabriel Memphis
Gabriel Memphis 19 dagar sedan
any indonesian like pls
Delano Techur
Delano Techur 20 dagar sedan
Awesome video ✌️👍👍up
Lehoa Dang
Lehoa Dang 20 dagar sedan
Love to watching you Thuyen and Sonny
Mhmed Anm
Mhmed Anm 20 dagar sedan
Straight from food wars 🤣
kerry Sig
kerry Sig 20 dagar sedan
Why are you so sweaty Sunny? Are you okay?
Leonidas C
Leonidas C 20 dagar sedan
How do you feel losing to KSI
Pamela Islam
Pamela Islam 21 dag sedan
o my god, dying from laughter, sunny is sweating in fine dining. u look better naturally. still laughing.
Edwin Tenorio
Edwin Tenorio 21 dag sedan
can you wipe your face?
Edwin Tenorio
Edwin Tenorio 21 dag sedan
Why he look like he got Covid19 and the sweats?
Olivia Travels
Olivia Travels 21 dag sedan
Sonny delivers, again! 😃 He reminds me a bit of Anthony Bourdain, but much cleaner (no obscene words) and fun to be with. Good job on presenting food, culture and people behind food. Thanks Sonny. 😃 👏🏼
Black_Jackle Demon
Black_Jackle Demon 21 dag sedan
"Tasting Menu" is practically the only thing we order and go out for. About once or twice a year. Farm,Ranch, Hunt, and Fish in rural Texas so eat really well every day. But that provides a uniquely different experience and inspiration for a different take on our own culturally usual favorites. 🤤 I care nothing about $.....Good food and a feather bed. We like to burn those calories with manual labor to do it all agian at and after dinner.😂🤣
BarkingBard Beers
BarkingBard Beers 21 dag sedan
The music is always great in these videos
Janettemay64 21 dag sedan
Sonny is a real fun guy, Thuyen is really kool.
Travis No name
Travis No name 21 dag sedan
Sony and this red jacket 😂
JAYPAYNE ENT 22 dagar sedan
omg what that is nice
miguel marques
miguel marques 22 dagar sedan
hahahahaahha, one siu mai?? loool goodbye!
TheEricaxl 22 dagar sedan
Chris Williams
Chris Williams 22 dagar sedan
I have no idea how I ended up watching this but I couldn’t turn away. Great vid!
Chris Ramroop
Chris Ramroop 22 dagar sedan
Chris from the lovely twin island of sun see and sand, the tropics Trinidad and Tobago here... I love watching your food shows, you're a natura fun $howguy to watch. All round the world alternative mind blowing food menu's like first time ever seen, once your stomach can take it men then why not you have been put to the test Oh yes you're one of the best and good fun that makes one laugh to watch. Take care out there whiles doing what you love the best. Yeah man Sonny! Ah Peace !!!!
HodgePodgeSee 22 dagar sedan
They really would make a great couple, they're both goof balls
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