Asia's ALIEN MUSHROOM Species!!! From Farm to Fine Dining!!

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Best Ever Food Review Show

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ADDRESS: 35A Nguyen Dinh Chieu street, Dakao ward, District 1, HCMC
🍄 LẨU CANH BỔ DƯỠNG: Prepare a broth. Plate different kinds of mushroom and beef. Cook ingredients in broth at the dining table.

💸 PRICE: 913.000 VND / $40.00 USD
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ADDRESS: 122 Thuan Binh Hamlet, Truong Mit Ward, Duong Minh Chau District, Tay Ninh
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ADDRESS: Đốc Tín Ward, Mỹ Đức District, Hà Nội
SOCIAL: namkinokothanhcao/
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ADDRESS: 251 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 7, District 3, HCMC
🍗 CHICKEN REMOULADE: Prepare the filling by mixing: chicken mousse (blend the chicken fillet with milk and egg whites), chicken liver, chicken breast, pork fat, and black truffle cubes. Spread the chicken fillet out. Add the chicken mousse, French pigeon breast and foie gras. Wrap it well and sous vide for 3 hours at 63 Celsius. Serve with pickled shallot, onion, endive, paprika, chicken sauce, toasted baguette and chicken jelly. Slice Burgundy truffle before eating.
🐚HOKKAIDO SCALLOPS: Saute broccoli in olive oil, then steam spinach and blend it all with butter. Season the scallops with salt and ground pepper then sear. Plate scallops. spinach puree, comte cheese, spinach and truffle oil. Serve with broccoli ice cream with stir fried broccoli and deep fried bacon sprinkles on top. Slice Burgundy truffle before eating.
🍝 MACARONI RISOTTO: Prepare artichoke core and beans with rosemary. Cook the macaroni with dried tomatoes and butter, then season with salt and pepper. Plate the dish. Garnish with dried tomatoes, scallion, shredded parmesan, basil and truffle oil. Finish with white truffle slices.
💸PRICE: CHICKEN REMOULADE - 2.750.000 VND / $119 USD | HOKKAIDO SCALLOPS - 2.940.000 VND / $128 USD | 2.680.000 VND / $116 USD
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Hey, I’m Sonny! I’m from the US but currently call Vietnam home. I’ve been living in Asia for 10 years and started making food and travel videos to document my experiences. I travel to different parts of the world, hunting down and documenting the most unique food each country has to offer.
If you see any factual food errors in my videos, please feel free to politely let me know in the comments. I'm a huge fan of trying different, interesting foods in each country. My show is from a Western point of view, but more importantly, MY point of view. It is not meant to offend any person or culture.
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Best Ever Food Review Show
Best Ever Food Review Show 2 månader sedan
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Shanel Campbell Year 3
Shanel Campbell Year 3 12 dagar sedan
Ok will
Andrew Mac Donald
Andrew Mac Donald 18 dagar sedan
Hey Sonny what do u do with left over food....I would love to help with that pleasseeee
TheGodshatter Månad sedan
@Anything Random no. He has a gf/fiance. But like i said before, I'm sure he has thought about it before. Getting to meet all these wonderful, smart and very beautiful women all the time. Lol, tempting for sure!
Anything Random
Anything Random Månad sedan
Is she Sonny's girlfriend? 🥰
Mega2000 Månad sedan
The quality is Insane like Damn This is impressive
Mack Taylor
Mack Taylor 15 timmar sedan
Mr dung. That name cracked me up.
KimGelloLatonio Dag sedan
and im here watching while eating hotdog
Miss Blue
Miss Blue 2 dagar sedan
@15:23.. That’s funny looking ‘rosemary’.... 😳😏
RICHMOND DELA VEGA 3 dagar sedan
i always see that kind of thing in my backyard when i digging
red untalan
red untalan 3 dagar sedan
nguyen is the best co host hir😊♥️plz get her as your regular co host♥️
hadrian bautista
hadrian bautista 3 dagar sedan
I lost my interner for almost 5months and now I finally watched your video sonny! I miss you sonny mwuah 😘
Spankyblack69 4 dagar sedan
Great episode. Thuyen is a cutie.
Spankyblack69 4 dagar sedan
That chief is amazing.
Jemm 5 dagar sedan
Omg I want this kind of job
Mark S
Mark S 6 dagar sedan
Mushrooms are Magic!
mark verdida
mark verdida 7 dagar sedan
That's unreal the chief was too generous on that truffle
mark verdida
mark verdida 7 dagar sedan
That's unreal the chief was too generous on that truffle
mark verdida
mark verdida 7 dagar sedan
What does truffle taste like?
mark verdida
mark verdida 7 dagar sedan
What does truffle taste like?
Flpdragonslayer Smith
Flpdragonslayer Smith 8 dagar sedan
I've blew comments up but how many of these women do your every will after feeding them like royalty. I see you sir, lol. Feasting and mackin.
Flpdragonslayer Smith
Flpdragonslayer Smith 8 dagar sedan
I never knew how much work is put into a mushroom. Holy crap. Very cool video. You need to introduce a morale mushroom to them. It would be a major money maker because the grow 2 to 3 months a year around 3 kinds of trees. And they are delicious. Edit: welp I seen them at the end of the video.
Flpdragonslayer Smith
Flpdragonslayer Smith 8 dagar sedan
Ya got the best job in the world, go around with beautiful women and eat everything in sight. I'm kinda jelly but some things you eat is really, really bizarre.
peter antonius
peter antonius 8 dagar sedan
we need more phones call and teleports. Lol
Hestekraft 8 dagar sedan
8:43 White power sign? That's not okay!
Leijion 8 dagar sedan
only usa >-> hello.. where i live we have like 5-6 kinds.. have never found any new type, beside those we have..
Root' 8 dagar sedan
They just put a ton of truffle on everything
SwearztatiC TV
SwearztatiC TV 9 dagar sedan
lRydeRdiel 9 dagar sedan
Asian street meat 🤣
Victoria Robinson
Victoria Robinson 9 dagar sedan
Okau late to the party. But major magic school bus vibes. Very nice. 😊
Cameron Baker
Cameron Baker 9 dagar sedan
1,000 tonnes of Mushrooms every year? That’s about $60million in mushrooms
TLG TLG 10 dagar sedan
no such mushroom 💩😷
Nacheeket K
Nacheeket K 10 dagar sedan
Next level editing man even some of the Tv Shows won't match this level ❤❤❤ Love From India 💗
Alu Hasbar
Alu Hasbar 10 dagar sedan
"I feel butterfly in my stomach" My wallet feels the same
Drumm Gaming
Drumm Gaming 10 dagar sedan
Call it a mushroom again I dare you. -An italian
Lior Morgulis
Lior Morgulis 4 dagar sedan
it is a mushroom...
Alaa Hani
Alaa Hani 10 dagar sedan
I dont understand why this isn't a tv show
matt shortsle
matt shortsle 10 dagar sedan
If they don't make you fry balls there not worth eating to me.
Drew Zer
Drew Zer 10 dagar sedan
I’d show her my truffle shuffle.
Pitchfork Slug
Pitchfork Slug 10 dagar sedan
Imagine going to a restaurant and
ANSTER Bmgo 11 dagar sedan
5:12 him having a big fAce
Geo Ninja
Geo Ninja 11 dagar sedan
2:10 respect the effort
Ilissa Swanson
Ilissa Swanson 11 dagar sedan
I have not tried a mushroom that I liked. I'm sorry but mushrooms are not visually palatable and hate the idea of them being lumped into a food category. However I am intrigued by this video I thought all fungus was grown in poop! Aside from everything unpleasant about them I would be willing to try them all to prove my perverse distaste for the assault on my nose when they are cooked. To prove that there is no such thing as a good tasting mushroom. Also I don't know their science but I don't believe they can cure cancer, apricot seeds do.... The bloom mushroom was interesting and I did give this video a thumbs up. These places that cultivate mushrooms it is their livelihood and more power to them.
Rumi Guntur
Rumi Guntur 11 dagar sedan
Sonny... You and your team must try Indonesia mushroom... At malang jawa timur or you can find it in Bali... I tell you this very special mushroom 🍄 it's called tletong mushroom.... Note: hard to get...
Shithead 11 dagar sedan
Greg McB
Greg McB 12 dagar sedan
I looked up broccoli ice cream to see if its was actually a thing and see if anyone else actually makes that and there’s a freaking song
Greg McB
Greg McB 12 dagar sedan
Portobello mushrooms contain mycotoxins (neurotoxins from fungi) so make sure to always cook them fully
Boss tila Malakas
Boss tila Malakas 12 dagar sedan
I'm hungry🥴🤤mushrooms Awana try soon
About Devz
About Devz 12 dagar sedan
truffle mushroom taste like earth basicly dirt cost expensive than ever
Joni Setyawan
Joni Setyawan 12 dagar sedan
Duh.. Am I the only one waiting for some magic mushroom kick?
cherie duckett
cherie duckett 13 dagar sedan
I just started watching your show and I love it I will never travel to any of these places so this is purely fantasy for me and I love it
Nicholas Skeete
Nicholas Skeete 13 dagar sedan
This is one thing i like about sonny he wear a Suit when ever he's going to a big shot place
City Hunter
City Hunter 13 dagar sedan
The truffle chomp make me go crazy. Holly fungi.. lol
Marcel Nijeboer
Marcel Nijeboer 14 dagar sedan
That teleport thing Sunny wtf??
Dausye 14 dagar sedan
Thuyen is such a good partner
Ahmedsayid Hassannuur
Ahmedsayid Hassannuur 14 dagar sedan
Please kick someone my sister wants to play
Ahmedsayid Hassannuur
Ahmedsayid Hassannuur 14 dagar sedan
Deez nuts
Dharma raj
Dharma raj 14 dagar sedan
இது தான் மோடி மஸ்தான் சாப்பிட காளான் ஆஹ்
Redje 15 dagar sedan
You got me with the teleporting edits lol
Sandeep bhalami
Sandeep bhalami 15 dagar sedan
15:15 music name? anyone?
Joshua Combrink
Joshua Combrink 15 dagar sedan
I respect the impulse to pick up a random phone in front of you.
Spot23 Rolly
Spot23 Rolly 15 dagar sedan
The poor enoki specialist looked sad that he ate too much
Sith Lord
Sith Lord 15 dagar sedan
6:12 I've been growing mushrooms for a while now and I can confidently say, that jar is contaminated lol
Zypher james Montemayor
Zypher james Montemayor 15 dagar sedan
What's with the teleport
Rose Encomienda
Rose Encomienda 15 dagar sedan
thuyen is beautiful smiling face shes beautiful best couple ha ha
Chris k
Chris k 16 dagar sedan
Mushrooms are cleaner of this mortal world!
benicio belles
benicio belles 16 dagar sedan
I want to for to that truffel restaurang
Reid Thomas Chase
Reid Thomas Chase 16 dagar sedan
10:15 bruh 😂
Teresa Mazzocca
Teresa Mazzocca 16 dagar sedan
Il tartufo è un tubero non un fungo
Ronin 17 dagar sedan
04:09 Is nobody going to talk about the stund he pulled out
Coffee Cat
Coffee Cat 18 dagar sedan
*fancy boi*
DEEP DK 18 dagar sedan
Please come to Kolkata Indja
Joe Russell
Joe Russell 18 dagar sedan
So what your saying is truffles have next to no flavour and cost $6,000 per KG? I’ll never understand rich people. I can think of a hundred other things I’d spend 6K on than a bag of non magic mushrooms😂
ValePuerta3211 18 dagar sedan
Sonny once is safe to fly you have to come to south america, I will love to be your guide in colombia haahaha really really enjoy the videos
Mico Buckz_Tuzz_SOBER.
Mico Buckz_Tuzz_SOBER. 19 dagar sedan
I missed LoL Calvin....
Zenitsu Agatsuma
Zenitsu Agatsuma 19 dagar sedan
that just looks like an devil fruit
M4D_M0N3Y 20 dagar sedan
789 mushrooms disliked this video
Hadi 09
Hadi 09 20 dagar sedan
If he did the transition with out editing it seems like he is having a seizure
isaac trueman
isaac trueman 20 dagar sedan
this is the best SEpost channel i have ever found
PobrengInhinyero 20 dagar sedan
Brittany Chanel
Brittany Chanel 20 dagar sedan
That’s what Gods breath smells like Who says that 😂
Demon Gamer
Demon Gamer 21 dag sedan
10:15 If u know u know
Handsolo Noon slayer
Handsolo Noon slayer 21 dag sedan
Am A FaN Of MuSrooms 5:07
Dhruv Chandra
Dhruv Chandra 22 dagar sedan
"Super expensive" says the French chef....Even his voice sounds expensive!!
Raine Mueller
Raine Mueller 22 dagar sedan
The editor was on shrooms when he did this
Davidgaer13 22 dagar sedan
Thao Pham
Thao Pham 23 dagar sedan
when did sonny start teleporting
Summer Longhart
Summer Longhart 25 dagar sedan
Truffle isn’t a mushroom
T P 25 dagar sedan
timothy lowery
timothy lowery 25 dagar sedan
I watch this whole video looking for information about mushroom help to reduce cancer. 🤔😪
Kannada Suddhi.
Kannada Suddhi. 25 dagar sedan
Mushroom is more costlier than gold
michael cuellar
michael cuellar 25 dagar sedan
The good trowel regularly wave because anethesiologist intialy coil apropos a scandalous valley. well-off, kindhearted slash
Carol Anne
Carol Anne 26 dagar sedan
mushrooms are bae 😔
John van der Linden
John van der Linden 26 dagar sedan
15:23: That's not rosemary, that's thyme... All in all, I want to taste real truffle after viewing this...
Lior Morgulis
Lior Morgulis 26 dagar sedan
is it just me or did they have porcini lying around there and completely ignored it:(
Jonathan Doreck
Jonathan Doreck 27 dagar sedan
Is that his girlfriend?
The Real Talk
The Real Talk 27 dagar sedan
Ica Uswhas
Ica Uswhas 28 dagar sedan
i love fried oyster mushroom.
Nae Nae Man
Nae Nae Man 28 dagar sedan
they def smashed
Igor Sedunov
Igor Sedunov 29 dagar sedan
Хочу теперь попробовать этот гриб(
PandaZerg 29 dagar sedan
Man not hating you but dude you gotta chill out. I know it's for entertainment but picking up phones is rude AF.
Esytu A.R.M
Esytu A.R.M 29 dagar sedan
Joe Greetham
Joe Greetham 29 dagar sedan
I hate mushrooms. Still just sat and watched 2 people eat mushrooms for 25 minutes
Zinhle Magida
Zinhle Magida Månad sedan
Y'all legit went on a date😂😂❤️
Mimi Rai
Mimi Rai Månad sedan
Plz come to Nepal 🇳🇵we have lot more food to serve 🙏
Kebin Naoki
Kebin Naoki Månad sedan
When he said he likes all types of mushroom then the bckground bcomes trippy .. LOL
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