$5 Healing Soup VS $300 Healing Soup!! Rare Traditional Foods of Asia!!

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Best Ever Food Review Show

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ADDRESS: 16 Cao Thắng Street, Ward 5, District 3
SOCIAL: gatiemvinhoa
STEAMED BLACK CHICKEN WITH CHINESE MEDICINE (GÀ TIỀM THUỐC BẮC): Steam all the medicinal ingredients for 1.5 hours then add the black chicken for another 1.5 hours. Leave them in the giant pot to keep the heat. Assemble ingredients in a clay pot and place the black chicken on top to steam for another 15 minutes before serving. Serve with green chilli sauce.
💸 PRICE: - 72.000 VND - $3.00 USD
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ADDRESS: Baoz Dimsum Restaurant, 88 Nguyễn Tri Phương Street, Ward 7, District 5
SOCIAL: BaozDimsum
BUDDHA JUMPS OVER THE WALL (PHẬT NHẢY TƯỜNG): Boil the chicken with the pork bone for 3 minutes. Put the boiled chicken in a big pot with dried tangerine skin, chicken feet and pork bone and simmer for 2 days. Chop up abalone, chicken meat, salted pork and cabbage core. Soak the deer tendon in water for 6 hours and fry. Soak the shitake mushroom in water overnight. Soak the sea cucumber in warm water for 2 days and clean with a brush. Soak the shark fin in water for 2 days and steam it with ginger and leeks for 45 more minutes. Assemble all the ingredients and then add the broth with a little bit of pepper tree flower wine and it's ready to serve.
💸 PRICE: 450.000 VND - $20.00 USD
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ADDRESS: 40/4C Phan Văn Hớn street, Xuân Thới Thượng, Hóc Môn, Hồ Chí Minh City
SOCIAL: ytamduong.vn
STEAMED DUCK WITH CATERPILLAR FUNGUS: Season the duck then soak it in rice wine for 15 minutes. Poach the duck in boiled water and ginger for 10 minutes and then cold water. Soak all medicinal ingredients (white fungus (nấm tuyết), lotus seed, goji berries (kỷ tử), dried tangerine skin (trần bì/vỏ quýt khô), ginseng, caterpillar fungus) in water for 30 minutes. Soak caterpillar fungus in a separate bowl of water. Place the duck in coconut water and salt in a pressure cooker for 20 mins. Add medicinal ingredients in a big pot and add duck and the broth for 45 more minutes.
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Hey, I’m Sonny! I’m from the US but currently call Vietnam home. I’ve been living in Asia for 10 years and started making food and travel videos to document my experiences. I travel to different parts of the world, hunting down and documenting the most unique food each country has to offer.
If you see any factual food errors in my videos, please feel free to politely let me know in the comments. I'm a huge fan of trying different, interesting foods in each country. My show is from a Western point of view, but more importantly, MY point of view. It is not meant to offend any person or culture.
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Best Ever Food Review Show
Best Ever Food Review Show 3 månader sedan
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crudball gameing
crudball gameing 2 dagar sedan
Lol for bug dick
Vlone Thug
Vlone Thug 2 månader sedan
@Akash Rajan p I’m
Akki Khandare
Akki Khandare 2 månader sedan
@Cooking Beast Ayaz best luck for your future 🔥
Mercedes Flores
Mercedes Flores 3 månader sedan
Please make more travel videos please 😁
Mercedes Flores
Mercedes Flores 3 månader sedan
Hello 👋🏻 sonny I love your vids I whatch your videos every single day 😁 plz make more videos plz 😃
Leigh Roe
Leigh Roe 7 dagar sedan
So sad u ate that shark fin
Koki Smokie
Koki Smokie 9 dagar sedan
\\\ StanY ///
\\\ StanY /// 14 dagar sedan
0:17 hahahahahahahha nice
WitchHazel3 15 dagar sedan
Idk why this cohosts voice is so soothing, but it is 😊
Nyunt Lwin
Nyunt Lwin 28 dagar sedan
Many of those Chinese medicinal herbs and components have no actual scientific research or data to back up their efficacy and thus are simply misguided beliefs especially those of animal parts like rhino horns, shark fins, tiger parts, and snake gall bladers, etc.
bigrick superthick
bigrick superthick Månad sedan
Eastern medicin recipe: Bioaccumulating toxins and metal in shark fin, ginger, some other herbs and most important antibiotic.
Melody -Mellybyte-
Melody -Mellybyte- Månad sedan
"THIS IS GOOD FOR YOUR (insert random body organ, especially male genitals.. or pregnant woman)" ultra cringy tbh... and they are the reason why poaching is a big problem in Chinese culture.
Joanne Gipson
Joanne Gipson Månad sedan
I think its so interesting to see how other cultures treat their illness. I have 2 nieces & a nephew who are Doctors. I am definitely going to suggest they watch this video. 😋
Thomas Cee
Thomas Cee Månad sedan
Who caught “🔥Tinder🔥” 😂😂
Honest T
Honest T Månad sedan
Yo, the chicken holding the key killed me
Jacob Mares
Jacob Mares Månad sedan
I’ll never support the killing of sharks just for their fins just because some people “THINK” it might be helpful.
Nicholas Amaro
Nicholas Amaro Månad sedan
Where can i get long lasting youth and life bottle?
nisuit Månad sedan
Peta should make him it's anti ambassador 😂😂
nisuit Månad sedan
Dr. Dickball😂😂
V F Månad sedan
"Is good for your tummy " 💕💕💕
K KK Månad sedan
why do these medical practitioners always don't look healthy at all lmao
뉴욕촌놈NYCGuk Månad sedan
black chicken expert is equivalent to americans making egg lol all asians mom know hot to do it expert LOL
Nguyễn Quang
Nguyễn Quang Månad sedan
I dont why there are some heartless dislikes! This team is just awesome!
Wondeno H
Wondeno H Månad sedan
I liked it for that ala pony.
kai weng
kai weng Månad sedan
0:32 my favourite part of the vid
Kijomo T.J
Kijomo T.J Månad sedan
Krystal Lynne
Krystal Lynne Månad sedan
Silkies are pets here
Thẩm Du Tiên Sinh
Thẩm Du Tiên Sinh 2 månader sedan
Bác chào cháu Sonny
Tony P
Tony P 2 månader sedan
da musco
GooseMon 2 månader sedan
The coke under his nose xD
Braf Up Top
Braf Up Top 2 månader sedan
I need that
Ćhěĺľý Béę
Ćhěĺľý Béę 2 månader sedan
Sonny you know that my Son is crazy watching your videos.... He always waiting for your new videos 😂😂😂we from the Pacific Island....We always joked about your Papua New Guinea's video 😂😂😂when u used that stick on your Pinocchios😂😂😂Wah....wah...wah😂😂😂
ADHAM HAMDI 2 månader sedan
It will boost your health more like your death
Rod Rolo
Rod Rolo 2 månader sedan
Great video.
Rolandroy Channel
Rolandroy Channel 2 månader sedan
food is a medicine a medicine is a food but not that kind of food animal the true medicine and true foods is from plants vegetables fruits and herbs. they deceive you. that is not good for your lungs is bad for your lungs and bad also for your wallet.
Rohan preet
Rohan preet 2 månader sedan
Well there are alot of scams going on which are named after eastern medicines But what can we do ?
D Rose
D Rose 2 månader sedan
Gotta clap for the editor 👏🏾👏🏾
ganchan nokbi
ganchan nokbi 2 månader sedan
I have seen every episode but this is defferent n disturbing. People belief in something which is carried out from ancient but at the end it just belief no scientific proof. People should see this,they are hunting inocent people mind #i didn't believe in this particular organic medition
Abdi Darmawan
Abdi Darmawan 2 månader sedan
shark fin ?, stupid food
P_PMK 2 månader sedan
Noting safe in China
Muhammad Anis Rifqil
Muhammad Anis Rifqil 2 månader sedan
Pitek cemani larang regane
Judy Hd
Judy Hd 2 månader sedan
Minute 9:48 🤣
Bhawana Magar
Bhawana Magar 2 månader sedan
Is that "yarshagumba" In 14:43?
ralph Cambalon
ralph Cambalon 2 månader sedan
We have black chickens in Bohol,philippines.And we called it PATANI. And it's a healing food..
• Queenie •
• Queenie • 2 månader sedan
5:27 Him:"Does anything hurt on u?" Me:........S...... xD I died
Houncho Bxndz
Houncho Bxndz 2 månader sedan
Sonny funny asf🤣😂😂😂
yerahm lee
yerahm lee 2 månader sedan
His accent is making me rofl I love him
Abhinav Sankuratri
Abhinav Sankuratri 2 månader sedan
I searched up how to say Nguyen just to watch this video without anxiety
The Bulletproof Mullet
The Bulletproof Mullet 2 månader sedan
The video unfortunately does become about everyone when these backward medicines are poaching every animal in your country and destroying the population. If we encourage these medicines and treat them as legitimate we destroy the animal populations around the world. The pangolin population and rhino population where I live has almost been wiped out all to feed the ignorant.
Lofiislife 2 månader sedan
Hahahah sonny be snorting too much powder!
Om 2 månader sedan
Sonny already ate black chicken in Maharashtra India 🤞🏻🇮🇳
Tung Felicia
Tung Felicia 2 månader sedan
Mr Chau is one of the better hosts on BEFRS! Always know there will be good chemistry when Mr Chau is co-hosting a video on BEFRS
Novian Kemal Ardiansyah
Novian Kemal Ardiansyah 2 månader sedan
laugh for english subtitle in 4:03 " dr. matt dickball"
jona vlrt
jona vlrt 2 månader sedan
Your tongue is clean but a little bit big 😂😂😂😂
dercncplaner 2 månader sedan
too funny to hear them talking about the "benefits" :D
Edward Teach
Edward Teach 2 månader sedan
4:12 hahaha I feel you
migz ayeza
migz ayeza 2 månader sedan
GMP, FMCG, FSCC has left the building
shadowmoon044 2 månader sedan
yummy 7:03
Tiffany Dawn
Tiffany Dawn 2 månader sedan
I can appreciate the health benefits if it's really got them but the ingredients are a little wild!! Lol
Xyu Bam
Xyu Bam 2 månader sedan
So the difference is one gives you quick noticeable results while the other is long term quackery!!!
Tead-up 2 månader sedan
0:16 😅😂😂😂😂lol
Ishwar Singh Rawat
Ishwar Singh Rawat 2 månader sedan
Chau mispronouncing words and I'm like talk more, I want to hear.
Charisse Aromin
Charisse Aromin 2 månader sedan
14:35 I almost died laughing 😍😁😁😁
Sarco Human
Sarco Human 2 månader sedan
Ooo I had silky they are actually quite popular in America too but for egg laying
gokul 2 månader sedan
What's the music name at 8:50.
EllenM 2 månader sedan
“The patient’s hard chiseled body” lmao. I see what you did there🧐
umesh rodha
umesh rodha 2 månader sedan
what is the song about 14:10 ????
Food Insider By Brooks
Food Insider By Brooks 2 månader sedan
Beef Parotta Specially Roasted In Banana Leaf Tastes Divine watch dis video sepost.info/dev/video/qWq4tL2MiqfVpb0.html
Soul mate Obikwe
Soul mate Obikwe 2 månader sedan
Please how can I get the big bottled mixed herbs, and how much dollars?
megan griffin
megan griffin 2 månader sedan
I am BARELY :33 into the video and I am NO GOOD!... "NIPPLES!?!?" lmao
Dick The Dorkwing
Dick The Dorkwing 2 månader sedan
Rare ingredients in Asian cuisine means ultra endangered species poached for one specific body part, or something that if not prepared perfectly could kill you.
Wayne G
Wayne G 2 månader sedan
I’m going to freak out if another white person criticizes eastern cuisines and their traditions .
Dat Person
Dat Person 2 månader sedan
I dont think this guy still learned anything from Corona
mk 2 månader sedan
pls never eat shark again
PaulSimon BehindtheYellowLine
PaulSimon BehindtheYellowLine 2 månader sedan
how did you get to Vietnam at this time...? i thought their borders are still closed?
PaulSimon BehindtheYellowLine
PaulSimon BehindtheYellowLine 2 månader sedan
@das 8. Kapitel ah i wish i lived there too, so i dont have to keep wondering when the borders will be open again
das 8. Kapitel
das 8. Kapitel 2 månader sedan
He lives there
The random TV
The random TV 2 månader sedan
So you still didn't learn from covid ?
A. Fleck
A. Fleck 2 månader sedan
That Karen thing hits the spot.
Edmund Boqueo
Edmund Boqueo 2 månader sedan
i love your videos. its full of information, and fun to watch.
Elisha Mwalili
Elisha Mwalili 2 månader sedan
thats the same stuff they put inside kim kardashian's ass....... hilarious!!!!!
Shy Williams
Shy Williams 2 månader sedan
shark fin has no medicinal value.
Crazy Tricks
Crazy Tricks 2 månader sedan
Miraculous Jackson
Miraculous Jackson 2 månader sedan
His bag cake funny is all Outdoors😭😭😭
Miraculous Jackson
Miraculous Jackson 2 månader sedan
My man 🤣🤣😭🤣😭💯👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Nowherenate 2 månader sedan
Alcohol is known to be used in extractions. You can soak some magic mushrooms in ethyl alcohol and it will extract the psilocybin too. also medicinal. Its also used in extracting DNA.
CET 2 månader sedan
Although eating shark fin is considered a norm in certain cultures, you shouldn't had featured it because deep inside you know that is it not ethical.
Kung Kea
Kung Kea 2 månader sedan
Haha this co-host is really awesome and funny 😆
G30MaN27 2 månader sedan
Dont they have any shark farms?
hari stark
hari stark 2 månader sedan
U should make more videos with this new guy... Amazing combination
hari stark
hari stark 2 månader sedan
U two are amazing
GunnEr 2 månader sedan
that Caterpillar is also found in nepal...please visit nepal too for yarsagumba alcohol...best for health.😇
T Bone
T Bone 2 månader sedan
@9:51...... “Look at this “ALIPONY” he says..... but it is ABALONE. Take your WIFE out to dine on THIS, you MIGHT owe her some ALIMONY after a DIVORCE.
Winding Panther
Winding Panther 2 månader sedan
3:20 drug deal is taking place in the background.
Danny Boi
Danny Boi 2 månader sedan
That mushroom fungus, known as cordyceps, really works for vitality. You can order a similar strain with same medicinal qualities off amazon, called cordyceps millitaris.
AiGekai 2 månader sedan
Go indonesian dude
John Rajek
John Rajek 2 månader sedan
After kanye hear what you said. Hey baby you have a cocumber ass
Stacy Newton
Stacy Newton 2 månader sedan
Best way to go.just eat healthy and drink and you will be good
Mikah Mikah
Mikah Mikah 2 månader sedan
1:48 Khbib Nurmagomedov
Rave_oli 2 månader sedan
He's the goofy asian stereotype
Marco Polo
Marco Polo 2 månader sedan
Nowaday many southeast asia countries have shark farm to breed shark.. so they will reduce to catch wild shark to get shark fin. What we can hope is the fisherman and fishmongers have their work ethic to save the wild shark.
frans mering
frans mering 2 månader sedan
u are very welcome to sarawak borneo sonny!! lots of new experiences waiting for u.. 🤗🤗
Shahid Raja
Shahid Raja 2 månader sedan
After hitting 2 Million subscribers,quality of your channel is getting low day by day
Lela Rentaka
Lela Rentaka 2 månader sedan
Can the food cure covid-19? Just wondering.
Thida Lynda
Thida Lynda 2 månader sedan
"Look at this ala pony." ... "Abalone?" "YESSSS"
Devin Alfarizi
Devin Alfarizi 2 månader sedan
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