$10 Bird VS $100 Bird!! RARE Vietnamese Street Food!!

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Best Ever Food Review Show

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ADDRESS: 100 Nguyễn Văn Tuyết (Ngõ 298 Tây Sơn Cũ)
🐤 CHIM BỒ CÂU KHÔNG LỐI THOÁT (NO EXIT DOVE): Clean the bird and then boil it for 8 minutes. Place the sticky rice (seasoned with MSG, salt, sugar, ground pepper) on a plastic wrap. Take the boiled dove out, and cut the head 2 small bones near the drumsticks and place them in the body. Wrap the sticky rice around the dove. Place it in a hot pan and deep fry until the sticky rice turns golden yellow. Serve with a mixture of ground peanut, sesame seeds and pepper-salt-chiffonade lime leaves- and a squeeze of lime.
💸 PRICE: - 250.000 VND - $10.00 USD
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ADDRESS: 37A Trần Kim Xuyến, Cầu Giấy, Hà Nội
🇻🇳 TIET CANH (RAW BLOOD PUDDING): Prepare a bowl of fish sauce, water, pepper. Add in heron’s gizzard and fried shallots. Pour the blood in that bowl and wait for 2 minutes. Serve with fresh herbs (thorny cilantro, basil, etc), peanuts and ground pepper

🐤 VAC OM KHE (BRAISED HERON WITH STARFRUIT): Torch and clean the heron. Cut the bird in half and soak in rice wine and ginger. Cut in bite-sized portions and then saute with garlic, ginger and lemongrass. In a wok, add chicken powder, msg, star-fruit cuts and silky fermented rice. Add water and a little ginger wine. Add chillies, then simmer for 10 minutes. Serve while hot.
💸 PRICE: 600.000 VND - $24.00 USD for two dishes
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
ADDRESS: 42 Tăng Bạt Hổ
🇻🇳 TIET CANH (RAW BLOOD PUDDING): Prepare a bowl of fish sauce, water and pepper. Add Eurasian coot’s gizzard, minced pork, pork cartilage, thorny coriander and fried shallots. Pour the blood in that bowl and wait for 2 minutes. Serve with fresh herbs (thorny cilantro, basil, etc), peanuts and ground pepper

🐤 SAM CAM TIEM THUOC BAC (BRAISED EURASIAN COOT WITH TRADITIONAL MEDICINES): Clean the bird and then chop it into bite-sized portions. Put all ingredients including radishes, lotus root, ginger, scallion, mushroom, 8 different kinds of traditional medicine and the chopped up bird in a clay pot. Stew in a clay pot for 20 minutes. Blanch the mugwort leaves, then add it in the pot.

💸 PRICE: 700.000 VND - $80.00 USD for two dishes
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Hey, I’m Sonny! I’m from the US but currently call Vietnam home. I’ve been living in Asia for 10 years and started making food and travel videos to document my experiences. I travel to different parts of the world, hunting down and documenting the most unique food each country has to offer.
If you see any factual food errors in my videos, please feel free to politely let me know in the comments. I'm a huge fan of trying different, interesting foods in each country. My show is from a Western point of view, but more importantly, MY point of view. It is not meant to offend any person or culture.
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Best Ever Food Review Show
Best Ever Food Review Show 2 månader sedan
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Alex Bejarano
Alex Bejarano 2 månader sedan
@Melody Stuart Ok. that clear everything, I like him, no offence, ah peace!
Melody Stuart
Melody Stuart 2 månader sedan
@Alex Bejarano he lives there he doesn’t come back to the USA 🇺🇸 he cannot travel
Alex Bejarano
Alex Bejarano 2 månader sedan
Don't spread cheese , spread corona virus by going to Asia don't wearing a mask eat confined animals and comeback to the USA as an asymptomatic patient
Melody Stuart
Melody Stuart 2 månader sedan
I cannot eat a Blue Herron since I see them here all the time NO WAY!! I can only do chicken 🐔 cluck cluck cluck.......... lmao
LIL DUG 2 månader sedan
sepost.info/dev/video/2Iuv3Lihk6-mqNs.html my gosh!!
red untalan
red untalan 2 dagar sedan
ilove the smile of thuyen😊♥️
Yeetom Tan
Yeetom Tan 2 dagar sedan
No vietnamesewill chpose this girlas wife afterthis
CalifornianSims 5 dagar sedan
Poor bird :(
Ismael Hernández
Ismael Hernández 7 dagar sedan
She's so likeable ❤️❤️
Glut 12 dagar sedan
Aye im named Quan
Melisa cavallaro
Melisa cavallaro 12 dagar sedan
Yea pretty sure the cockatoo is illegal.. it’s a native Aussie bird .. but I guess most are from black markets
Lynette Morales
Lynette Morales 13 dagar sedan
I love when they make videos together they have a great chemistry
WitchHazel3 15 dagar sedan
We have the most beautiful Blue Herron in New Jersey 🥰
George Franklyn
George Franklyn 15 dagar sedan
I can just watch you eat all the time because some of those things I won’t eat but I love bird
Grady 2526
Grady 2526 16 dagar sedan
I want to travel & try different foods
slaneyside 16 dagar sedan
just a psa European teal is a duck...that is NOT a duck...in the UK we call them Coots, they are NOT EVEN related to ducks...on the other hand I've never considered eating a Coot before...now I am.
benicio belles
benicio belles 18 dagar sedan
THE raw blood so disgusting
Nina Hill
Nina Hill 18 dagar sedan
I am going to unsubscribe to this guy he'll eat damn near anything in this world if not having eaten everything in this world yet there are stipulations what we can eat and what we can eat biblical stipulations and people don't understand that I do respect the different cultures I do respect him being open-mindedness however is certain things I just cannot sit back and allow myself to be entertained and this is one of them so no disrespect but I'm out
Jack Chong
Jack Chong 20 dagar sedan
'hey, this is your culture' 😂😂😂
JP IS BOSS 21 dag sedan
That girl said because of covid when no one is even wearing a mask
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard 23 dagar sedan
The grubby gruesome play temporarily load because bowl fundamentally serve inside a tedious current. square, caring kite
subir goswami
subir goswami 24 dagar sedan
I love ur show too much 👌❤u r a vry good entertainer.
Joshuel David
Joshuel David 24 dagar sedan
Thuyen is 😍😍😍
iamShinjuko TV
iamShinjuko TV 24 dagar sedan
Chicken/birds always the best than pork meat, sending love and support. Always watching from Pangasinan, Philippines
Dion Tjang
Dion Tjang 24 dagar sedan
Omg they did not pull the feather bottom 14:37
Haily Rodwell
Haily Rodwell 25 dagar sedan
8 billion WHAT every god damn HUH
space man
space man 27 dagar sedan
Bird "sanctuary" that cooks up and serves birds LMAO
Juliette Yeboah
Juliette Yeboah 27 dagar sedan
This lady is so adorable and funny as well. I just like her for no reason actually
Zoë Badenhorst
Zoë Badenhorst 28 dagar sedan
The first one looked so good
Priyam rocks
Priyam rocks 28 dagar sedan
How can they eat such a beautiful bird?
Frr 28 dagar sedan
I love this sonny, this series
G S 28 dagar sedan
That pigeon legit looked delicious.
sara uribe
sara uribe 29 dagar sedan
And that's how we have corona virus out there 😐
Random Crafting Gamer
Random Crafting Gamer Månad sedan
06:44 camera shy worm/caterpillar scurrying away lol
Mollynim G
Mollynim G Månad sedan
Whoa cut the throat right at the table😧😍 my kind of dining 🤣
Lauty Bend
Lauty Bend Månad sedan
wow the speech at the end was great, loved it
Lauty Bend
Lauty Bend Månad sedan
wow that restaurant owner is gorgeous
Leroy Robinson
Leroy Robinson Månad sedan
Blessings Sunny thank u and your staff for giving us the best program on t.v.. I'm a Jamaican and since I introduced your show to my partner and now I am unable to watch anything on tv except ur show she has taken over the television. But being an above knee amputee gives me a piece of mind watching ur show plus ur really funny and straight forward. Continue doing the wonderful work ur doing. 1love Leroy Robinson
avinash mekala
avinash mekala Månad sedan
Dove is the symbol of peace and now it's in many pieces 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Bernard Flores
Bernard Flores Månad sedan
Thuyen is pretty good
F0rm perfection
F0rm perfection Månad sedan
Please dont eat a bat
Grabngo Concessions
Grabngo Concessions Månad sedan
Smart man you left the B. S. U. S
Jane the analyst
Jane the analyst Månad sedan
well at least from the looks the blood looks nice, but i never tries it tbh
Selest Puebla Gonzales
Selest Puebla Gonzales Månad sedan
Birds I grew up eating in Texas, Which is in the U.S Chicken Turkey Dove Quail Duck Ostrich Pheasant Goose We have a variety of birds here in the southern states
Anna Månad sedan
She's so cute, funny and she doesn't try to take over the show neither, so she is a perfect guest/co-host. I love her
AdamKent Månad sedan
dont be stupid bro
Digital Månad sedan
Are their restaurants open or is this recorded a while ago?
frasen choy
frasen choy Månad sedan
Which is the best .....? # 1 , hey me too ! Great job, people. With the company of My Sonny side and Miss Thuyen..." the best food and laughter " ever. Thank you guys. From NYC, USA.
frasen choy
frasen choy Månad sedan
Thuyen is not only super elegant, she is also very natural. A Gem of a human !
Robert B
Robert B Månad sedan
Pick the bones dry at every meal
I can skip the blood🥴
Mariya Dell
Mariya Dell Månad sedan
After this episode, my love for Vietnam is no longer... :(
Mariya Dell
Mariya Dell Månad sedan
This one was actually painful to watch...
iconico X
iconico X Månad sedan
I really love the Co-host Thuyen, shes so natural and very intertaining❤️✨
Grace Lawian
Grace Lawian Månad sedan
I love birds❤️❤️❤️i feel sad to them when they catch and cook them😢😢😢
Richie K
Richie K Månad sedan
you aren't white, you're pink!
Jamrock Live
Jamrock Live Månad sedan
He said american steroid chickens say be are not fly anywhere so we can get jacked
Ryan Morgan
Ryan Morgan Månad sedan
Omg !! Not to judge another culture but I have been in a slaughterhouse and I can still smell that iron and death smell!! To each his own !!I guess if I was starving anything goes 🤔🤔😔
The eaurasian teals are literally spawning like crazy in my local park . Time to make some money ... The black one with the white head is called a coot btw . I'm from London.
La Yeni
La Yeni Månad sedan
Its crazy how ... in the US ... its culture is the most broad meaning there is none🤣 Like we have chicken and Steak... and pork ,,, anything else is considered “ weird” or “exotic “ 🤣🤣 Us North Americans Are the most “uncultured” 😂😂😂
Sai's Dance
Sai's Dance Månad sedan
Shilo & Daga
Shilo & Daga Månad sedan
Vietnam is tha most disgusting country in the world
Abe Oinam
Abe Oinam Månad sedan
Hey dude u gain some weight, sonny
RevonowS Månad sedan
Heron are protected in my country...then they migrate to Vietnam and become food....no wonder less and less of them return every year :P
Stevo Vidovic
Stevo Vidovic Månad sedan
ome thing why do you allways eat the breast meet?
Cremepuff Månad sedan
Thuyen: "omg im gonna shoot u!" shes had it w sonny and this blood
Say Soun
Say Soun Månad sedan
Looks freaking gross and if it's anything like human blood, when we're bleeding, they can have it. I've eaten the cooked blood before though and they don't really taste like anything to me. Texture is kind of like Jello. Haven't had it in like 40 plus years so my recollection might be way off.
5.Akshaj Gupta
5.Akshaj Gupta Månad sedan
Poor birdies
Atul Verma
Atul Verma Månad sedan
I am wondering does Vietnam has any regarding slaughtering animals. So far I understand in Vietnam you can kill anything and eat.
proAlvin YT
proAlvin YT Månad sedan
Love the tandem!
Vũ Trần
Vũ Trần Månad sedan
wwelcom việt nam
Hunter outdoors
Hunter outdoors Månad sedan
Isn’t the Eurasian tea just a coot
Mitchell Månad sedan
catching wild animals for your restaurant idk man feels wrong
share it with iris
share it with iris Månad sedan
I die laughing when the man kill the bird and the song goes " im just a man who couldn't be trusted, onto the dark and into the fire" when he's chopping the bird, say onto the darkness and when he cooked says, and into the fire! I laugh out so loud...
mugensamurai Månad sedan
Location 1 is definitely Inception with that bird head inside a bird inside a rice egg shell.
Đoàn Quốc Vũ Official
Đoàn Quốc Vũ Official Månad sedan
Bạn phiên dịch việt nam cười hơi lố nhen 😊
mugensamurai Månad sedan
8:28 "some super dark breast meat" camera pans to Thuyen LOL.
Ziva Gonzalez
Ziva Gonzalez Månad sedan
Janet Munyiva
Janet Munyiva Månad sedan
Why a herring though!!
I just love thuyen vo with sonny side.great vlog content again .keep it coming sonny.im one of your loyal followet.
Frxn _
Frxn _ Månad sedan
Vegans watching this 👁💧👄💧👁
Arjay Cofreros
Arjay Cofreros Månad sedan
Hayden Kho is that you? 5:53
Hello There
Hello There Månad sedan
Anybody notice how cute those birds are? 🥰🥺
Xusel Månad sedan
Wait, that last duck is rare? We have a lotttt in the parks around
Coronavirus Epidemic
Coronavirus Epidemic Månad sedan
If I was near Thuyen’s age, I’d totally simp for her
Khurram Masud
Khurram Masud Månad sedan
I do agree with matrix We humans are the virus a disease. Sad to see
Ghamnam Månad sedan
then don't click and watch the video, take your righteous online justice somewhere else.
Aprild Mcintyre
Aprild Mcintyre Månad sedan
She should’ve won best co host.. I love y’all videos together😊😊
Joan Jiang
Joan Jiang Månad sedan
this is a very crazy and violent restaurant, should not be put on the show as promotion
sunday morning
sunday morning Månad sedan
14:50 fighting girls hahaha
shak650 Månad sedan
Best food related show i've watched in years. Keep up the great content.
grafter g-man
grafter g-man Månad sedan
That was a fun video...as always!
Katavius Franklin
Katavius Franklin 2 månader sedan
Man I'm not hating because I probably won't ever eat that lol but you do eat and drink alot of blood on ya channel is that even healthy to do lol I heard alot of people get sick from it I just won't ever the heart to do that
Eugene Boucher
Eugene Boucher 2 månader sedan
I'm a simple men. I see Thuyen and I click.
Hoshiko Plays
Hoshiko Plays 2 månader sedan
bird:uuuu I love lotus😂😂😂
John N
John N 2 månader sedan
People now are disgusted to know how gravy is made, kfc. Got me some ham, with a nice bone full marrow
gabriella 2 månader sedan
White, dry, and boring.
Sandeep Singh
Sandeep Singh 2 månader sedan
Give that girl with u a break as ur show is not enjoyable not any more funny not at all she laughing at anything and everything n she is speaking revised English sentences n gestures reach her or change ur side kicks every show she is trying to hard don't mind speak
Eugene Boucher
Eugene Boucher 2 månader sedan
Thuyen co-host 2020! Make food channel great again!
MOHAMMED EHTHISHAM 2 månader sedan
Simple of peace now many peaces..ha ha
vishwa patil
vishwa patil 2 månader sedan
12:29 .. Thank me later😂
YeaaBuddy 2 månader sedan
sonny had one too many beers in the last restaurant..
Cameron Thompson
Cameron Thompson 2 månader sedan
I live for this show. Best editing and direction I’ve seen in SEpost or anywhere else
rhey mark mijares
rhey mark mijares 2 månader sedan
Waiitttt. Is this worth it?
Kyle Thao
Kyle Thao 2 månader sedan
“Imagine making Buffalo wings like that” 😂😂😂
Sahara Love Tv
Sahara Love Tv 2 månader sedan
Wait are you stuck in Vietnam? Why?
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