Kourosh Te
Kourosh Te 6 timmar sedan
Some guy with a musket.
Some guy with a musket. 6 timmar sedan
Let see: $1 USD is about 20.000 VN Dong or beyond. $1 USD can't buy anyone a meals in America. 20K Dong can buy you 1 or 2 means, (depend on area.) it can be either 1 box of broken rice near student apartment, OR 6 bakes breads, or 2 factory soft breads and some sausages (apply to most normal place). Conclusion: $1 USD = 20.000K = 1 or 2 meals in Vietnam. Now simple minded and those who hate Vietnam will say that VN is cheap and poor, but 1 dollar can afford a meals in VN mean that VN-ese economic are more thought out than people think.
Dr. Nagesh Reddy K
Dr. Nagesh Reddy K 6 timmar sedan
Every day Tirumala Tirupathi Devastanam feeds more than 1lakh people Everyday for Free...without any one caring to making videos
Some guy with a musket.
Some guy with a musket. 6 timmar sedan
Man, i feels like an outdated Vietnamese, when did we get this advance???
Kuro Neko
Kuro Neko 6 timmar sedan
To put your meat in his mouth
Some guy with a musket.
Some guy with a musket. 6 timmar sedan
People who hate Vietnam be like: Vietnam are poor, illiterate and their food are gross and dirty.
Lu Hyun
Lu Hyun 6 timmar sedan
Im really curious... did they shoot this pre pandemic or like this year also?
Tito 213
Tito 213 6 timmar sedan
Was it worth it?
Kusina ni Aling Sylvia
Kusina ni Aling Sylvia 6 timmar sedan
BattleBandit 6 timmar sedan
Wil sunny ever eat whale?!
Reyzen Acuba
Reyzen Acuba 6 timmar sedan
Woah. That type of meat was so delicious 😋!! Ilove Rabbitcheon..
Hi Mr
Hi Mr 6 timmar sedan
Yang Fan
Yang Fan 6 timmar sedan
Pirate 6 timmar sedan
This episode was so romantic, I thought u two will get married but watched it all no marry. Kind of sad
wplayz tgh
wplayz tgh 6 timmar sedan
When he teleports he have a seizure
Vogielad2k12 6 timmar sedan
Im not even going to ask how you pay for all these expensive foods but they do look amazing
Arash snai
Arash snai 6 timmar sedan
is it me or that cow is so cute?
Abheek Soni
Abheek Soni 7 timmar sedan
9:29, when you snort cocaine for the first time
Abheek Soni
Abheek Soni 7 timmar sedan
That's a lot
vian vengeance
vian vengeance 7 timmar sedan
what is Nobita doing in Vietnam ?
ivan andreas
ivan andreas 7 timmar sedan
This part had me dying “oh I mean I wouldn’t trust my mom to pick my outfit 😂”
Mr. Chaudhary
Mr. Chaudhary 7 timmar sedan
Can i get that lady's id.. I also wanna have the food tour with her 💛💛
ReD yeet
ReD yeet 7 timmar sedan
8:44 the fuck ._.
Friendly Neighborhood Slime
Friendly Neighborhood Slime 7 timmar sedan
Im Vietnamese and kinda disappointed not hearing a lot of vietnamese from these people to flex to myself that I understand the language D:
Rickkye Gan
Rickkye Gan 7 timmar sedan
But why??
ivan andreas
ivan andreas 7 timmar sedan
Spreading cheese Sonny ✌️
HACHI 7 timmar sedan
99,9999568% food in Makassar is halal
Paul Jahova
Paul Jahova 7 timmar sedan
God - "Gentlemen I present to you.. THE ASIAN! Compact, Hairless, and fiercely Intelligent! The penises while tiny, are EXTREMELY efficient. We're projecting 10 billion within 5 years !" (investors) "Do they eat like... just regular food?" (God) "Hah! No no no... The exact opposite."
Seng Seng
Seng Seng 7 timmar sedan
Whyy he doesnt rest the meat😭
Paul Jahova
Paul Jahova 7 timmar sedan
고양이 7 timmar sedan
Want to ask for the blessing of your lover's parents ?? Give them martabak then they will bless your relationship👀 *Only for Indonesian parents✋
Viler Games
Viler Games 7 timmar sedan
Who is ur producers insta and what's urs
Raj giri
Raj giri 7 timmar sedan
I think the are mad😂
Awais Dawar
Awais Dawar 7 timmar sedan
Corona foods 🤪😂
Princess Ugly
Princess Ugly 8 timmar sedan
Dont hate the cow small intestines part.....dats the best part of the d food😍🤤.. Am from northeast india ..we eat it here tooo❤️💚🥰
Deepak kumar
Deepak kumar 8 timmar sedan
Guys please get married to each other 🙏🏼
Jiro eroo
Jiro eroo 8 timmar sedan
Woww..this is the most beautiful co host of you. No 2 is sizuka and no 3 is........................your mom.
LITE MUSIC 8 timmar sedan
Miguel Del Prado
Miguel Del Prado 8 timmar sedan
Calvin is cringe. Also a little bit obnoxious.
Viler Games
Viler Games 8 timmar sedan
I dare you to do the Carolina reaper
Ralgore 8 timmar sedan
Need merch where you swap out "UH'PEACE" with "UH'CHEESE".
Ophrah Grah
Ophrah Grah 8 timmar sedan
I prefer number 1 and 2 but number 3 doesn’t look well cooked to my taste lol but it seems good so I wouldn’t mind trying it 😋🤩
Jiro eroo
Jiro eroo 8 timmar sedan
You co host is just so weak...tell her to take protein and go to gym sometimes. Beautiful nice girl btw
abdelraheem mobark
abdelraheem mobark 8 timmar sedan
Dont swear or cruse during ur show
jeremy rhesa
jeremy rhesa 8 timmar sedan
Im a Balinese but I have no idea that porcupine is sacred Last month I caught one and eat em Taste good tho
Ralgore 8 timmar sedan
"Dang cow" That's a good name for a restaurant/eatery which serves only beef etc. can even give it an Asian spin....Dan'g Kau ^^
Aneh Junior
Aneh Junior 8 timmar sedan
All paste no treble..
Ichaan 0908
Ichaan 0908 8 timmar sedan
i'm Indonesian but never eat one of this 🙈... but i can't blame them...that was just like a different culture in every island in Indonesia.
Sysrq AQforums
Sysrq AQforums 8 timmar sedan
Fuckin spoon 🤣🤣🤣
chris brunette
chris brunette 8 timmar sedan
Gross that tomahawk steak was so red🤮🤮🤮
Ayaz Khan
Ayaz Khan 9 timmar sedan
Ralgore 9 timmar sedan
13:25 Ancient Chinese Seasoning ^^
Materi Utbk
Materi Utbk 9 timmar sedan
Im sorry sonny
keep learning
keep learning 9 timmar sedan
This is one of the best review ever...god bless you sonny❤️
unknown YouTube
unknown YouTube 9 timmar sedan
Watching this while eating a delicious block of cement
Jane 9 timmar sedan
Yum. Im craving
Junerey Mariscal
Junerey Mariscal 9 timmar sedan
A bunch of local who have no idea what I'm talking about😂😂😂😂
Angela Martin
Angela Martin 9 timmar sedan
I wish people would look up what it says about certain meats were not supposed to eat in the Bible because their considered unclean and can make us sick and spread diseases. There’s no reason to eat everything that moves just gross and just a bunch of parasites 🦠
Materi Utbk
Materi Utbk 9 timmar sedan
Believe me, im indonesian and i really against this market, this market really hard to be stop cuz this market is really big in the city and the ppl might really mad if the government try to stop this market, they are not just usual ppl that's why this market really hard to be stop. Im an animal lovers and my heart really hurt while watching this. Hope this market will be stop soon
imageofidk 9 timmar sedan
Literally buzzfeed worth it in a nutshell
Justarandom Girl
Justarandom Girl 9 timmar sedan
India- The land where cows and humans live in havoc and harmony.
Raymark Soleta
Raymark Soleta 9 timmar sedan
philippines he eating food in philippines whaaaat 😱😱😱
Raymark Soleta
Raymark Soleta 9 timmar sedan
what in the philippines im philippines to your eating in philippines 😱😱😱😱
Lysha Silva
Lysha Silva 9 timmar sedan
Sarap sa ears nong "turon"
Harikrishnan P N
Harikrishnan P N 9 timmar sedan
That place is beautiful
Kelvin Gurung
Kelvin Gurung 9 timmar sedan
Thats a lot 🤣🤣🤣
Paul Andoh
Paul Andoh 9 timmar sedan
Oh, my God! Mr. International eater, you're damn so funny😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mr.monster 9 timmar sedan
I'm Iranian and I'm so proud of it We had the first empire and largest The first schools First payment system First largest army And.. .
rayana akbarm
rayana akbarm 9 timmar sedan
1:07 Is Mecca a gathering place for instantaneous things?
Khan Fariess Al-Haqiem F1053
Khan Fariess Al-Haqiem F1053 9 timmar sedan
Khan Fariess Al-Haqiem
always cool verma in hindi
always cool verma in hindi 9 timmar sedan
Sale kmine log
always cool verma in hindi
always cool verma in hindi 9 timmar sedan
Sala mullu
always cool verma in hindi
always cool verma in hindi 9 timmar sedan
Ek masoom janvro ko marte ho
Ray 832
Ray 832 10 timmar sedan
100% of Comment: Calvin should be permanently on the show They’re right though
Hunge 10 timmar sedan
"i cant wait to taste your penus" come out very wrong if you was only hearing the sound
Mary 10 timmar sedan
11:50 Sonny's food has been uneaten lol
Russell Anne Mendoza
Russell Anne Mendoza 10 timmar sedan
Tokeneng ene
Leveron Laviña
Leveron Laviña 10 timmar sedan
That guy is a scam!!!
Jesse Speetjens
Jesse Speetjens 10 timmar sedan
Love your channel Sunny, keep it coming brother