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Wow that amazing video cooking
John Meredith
John Meredith 13 timmar sedan
9:37 im weak "is she crying cuz the lack of free time"
Rahul 14 timmar sedan
Imagine someone kidnaps your pregnant wife/daughter and does same? Stop this nonsense shit show
The Friendly Beast
The Friendly Beast 14 timmar sedan
That marilyn tho 🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Mills 14 timmar sedan
🤦‍♂️ gentrification is NOT good it runs the residents out of their neighborhoods. Please be careful about what you say. I’ve been a long time fan don’t fuck it up.. ik youre white but you need to know better... you travel the world please don’t be so ignorant next time.
O. P GAMING 14 timmar sedan
ANZAL KA 14 timmar sedan
What is the name that guy presenting the video
kasani deepika
kasani deepika 14 timmar sedan
she is osm
Jilan 1990
Jilan 1990 14 timmar sedan
Avoid development and state infrastructure on debt! Moreover, owes it to China. Are you proud if the development and infrastructure in our country are developed ?? Remember that the people who benefit from the construction of infrastructure and toll roads are business people. It is easy for them to distribute the products of their company to the villages ... What benefits do we get from the construction of toll roads and infrastructure in our country? Will the life of us people be prosperous? No no, in fact our lives remain monotonous and even more difficult. Very clever, the xin jeep, the start is good when I first give a loan, The longer it takes, the longer they will choke the necks of people who owe a debt to China. It is like a word, when you give a loan, you are like an angel ... But after being entangled for a long time, making China raise loan interest rates ... What for? So that countries that owe to China can't pay their debts .. Until in the end, inevitably, infrastructure development and toll road construction are used using owed money, They will take over, The term is because infrastructure development and toll roads use borrowed money from China, So the Chinese also forcibly took the toll roads and infrastructure buildings that had been finished and said they belonged to us Chinese ... Smart isn't it ??? Just like you have a business, your life is comfortable, your life is calm, comfortable, safe and peaceful ... Suddenly someone in the bank offers you credit money ... And you also agree to owe the bank ... But the money you get from debt, you use it to build toilets and beautify the toilet area with a swimming pool ... While your business or your income is like that there is no increase. And finally the money from your trades or your income every day that was used to provide for your children and wife, In fact, it is used to pay debts ... What is there, you end up adding more debt for your daily meals ... until finally you are trapped in a black hole of debt .. If you are trapped in debt bondage, your life will not be peaceful, it will not be peaceful .... Because your souls are locked in a bond called debt ... So if you want to go into debt, ask your people, if I am in debt to China, do you all agree? If your people agree, then do it! But if the people don't agree with it, Leave ....! That is the figure of a leader who shares the same heart with his people ……! So be like that, world leaders!
Deepak Deval
Deepak Deval 14 timmar sedan
I love the attitude of this guy, he's so desi in his approach. And Natasha looked like a great company. Overall a nice video.
Olivia Pitney
Olivia Pitney 14 timmar sedan
I love this guy so much 😂 “I think he said if they were a big as me we would feed 4-5 people”😭😂😂😂
Reza Falevi
Reza Falevi 14 timmar sedan
sony you should colab with pong kyubi, she's live in vietnam that would be fun for us to see
Pubg Lover
Pubg Lover 14 timmar sedan
He like Gordon Ramsay but more kind 😄
Ranger Markus
Ranger Markus 14 timmar sedan
Y’all should’ve took an IQ test before and after
alex tuck
alex tuck 14 timmar sedan
I keep saying it but; Food culture transcends the issues that divide all races! It's the Governments that are responsible for the cultural divides! NOT THE WE THE PEOPLE! liquid Gold lol Luv this Channel!
Michael Kalume
Michael Kalume 14 timmar sedan
I'm from Kenya, the part that really got me is when they were surprised that the Maasai eat raw goat kidney and the guy goes on to say "respect the boundaries". From what I've seen who should really respect boundaries here.
Zeemas 14 timmar sedan
You know, I wonder if bat sales decreased in this market since the pandemic.
Kageyama Tobio
Kageyama Tobio 14 timmar sedan
We used to buy some chicharon evertime we go to cebu
Kim Tan
Kim Tan 14 timmar sedan
This lady and Calvin are my favorite co-host for Sonny!
The lucky one
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Those munks acting all religuse, they do very horrible things to the Muslims and other religuse minorities... I really hate them and wish to expose them to the world so they know what they really are about
The Traveler
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I would like to taste koba one day. It looks delicious....
Martha Mwarama
Martha Mwarama 15 timmar sedan
6:49 , I died for real, hehehe.
Ilaz Manandhar
Ilaz Manandhar 15 timmar sedan
1st food's name is "Gyalmari" in nepal
Chelle Chelle
Chelle Chelle 15 timmar sedan
Now that’s Gumbo! I’m from Neworleans everybody can’t make it! But she rolled it baby!
angelica egot
angelica egot 15 timmar sedan
Satisfied Skull Servant
Satisfied Skull Servant 15 timmar sedan
Sonny: Has female co-host Everyone: *The TENSION*
inglourious idiots
inglourious idiots 15 timmar sedan
I mean bruh 2 dollars is 140 bucks in india . For one roti a md small piece of fish that's very pricy 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
sachibehera83 15 timmar sedan
16:05 Jessie : what kind of musroom.. 😉😉😉
Hap py
Hap py 15 timmar sedan
I went to a fancy return to once. And ate like a pig. If I’m paying 100s imma eat comfortable 😩
Dilip Suresh Kumar S
Dilip Suresh Kumar S 15 timmar sedan
Are we all just gonna ignore the scar on his forehead ?
bk bk
bk bk 15 timmar sedan
a lobster is not a fish -.-
Joe Joe
Joe Joe 15 timmar sedan
calvin is so great man, i love your chemistry together, more calvin pls
Duncan monda
Duncan monda 15 timmar sedan
Those women were flirty ...they are beautiful tho
adrian blade
adrian blade 15 timmar sedan
But the drifting plank wood could hold both of us 😂
Kamila L
Kamila L 15 timmar sedan
love this episode sunny you always make me laugh!!
Eng Teck Soh
Eng Teck Soh 15 timmar sedan
Great episode!
Kritika Prasad
Kritika Prasad 15 timmar sedan
i was in nigeria for three years and i used to love the koose/akara with its seasoning in yobe state
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Global Production Channel 15 timmar sedan
Very good vidio
Joe Hmingsanga
Joe Hmingsanga 15 timmar sedan
someone is gaining weight
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36:07 Landi li
The lucky one
The lucky one 15 timmar sedan
For a guy who almost tried everything why don't you try cucumber 😕😕😕
Tasty Lens
Tasty Lens 15 timmar sedan
I love this video.
bursingh zyiemlieh
bursingh zyiemlieh 15 timmar sedan
Waw so amazing 👏😍💕hope to reach here one day....serving mankind is a service to God...is right here
Satisfied Skull Servant
Satisfied Skull Servant 15 timmar sedan
I swear to god, if I'm not in Japan next year I'm going to cry. This channel has me salivating
Hussain Alzadjali
Hussain Alzadjali 15 timmar sedan
It's hard to look at the food when she's around
Madelyn Keppler
Madelyn Keppler 15 timmar sedan
I love this sonny and calvin vibe ... they should think of this long term ...!!
Smit Paudel
Smit Paudel 15 timmar sedan
HappyBoyNumber1 16 timmar sedan
People been eating bushmeat for thousands of years. Wtf you means you get sick LOL
aakasam 16 timmar sedan
Did just say "Puurito!!" for comic relief??! And say that's the proper pronunciation.... ? Get prepared before the show maan!
Deepsingh Rajpurohit
Deepsingh Rajpurohit 16 timmar sedan
This is insane. Any animals are not dangerous as much as we human are... Today we are paying for a decease came from bat COVID. Tomorrow there will be many... Specially these morons in Nigeria will be dying first. Then they will make entire world to pay for it.
Ayush Ayu
Ayush Ayu 16 timmar sedan
I am a indian it's so emotional for me
John Smith
John Smith 16 timmar sedan
I bet lot of guys would have tried their luck with her.
Tech Sick
Tech Sick 16 timmar sedan
I'm tired man seen this chinese people and food.please go europe county
KeKe 16 timmar sedan
450 for the chicken? wtf nothing special
Adamu Magpire
Adamu Magpire 16 timmar sedan
you hurt calvin...and now we have to hurt you...right in the feels man...*sad walk away*
Captain_Vicky On Cruzaaaa
Captain_Vicky On Cruzaaaa 16 timmar sedan
thats a hair in the food at 5:26..but its ok common problem
Sufi Yan
Sufi Yan 16 timmar sedan
that dude heart i adore him
Anas S K
Anas S K 16 timmar sedan
Awesome man that's some really good 🌮 taco's
Joseph O'yek
Joseph O'yek 16 timmar sedan
Parts of an agg: -the egg yolk -the egg black
Joshua Cruz
Joshua Cruz 16 timmar sedan
Jelly fish have no brain, heart, bone or eyes.🧐
April Gaming Youtube
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Binance Exchange academy
Binance Exchange academy 16 timmar sedan
Because of this, i am still interested to go in india despite of covid-19 pandemic 😁
Ayu Nur Fajrina
Ayu Nur Fajrina 16 timmar sedan
Omgosshhh I love her!!!!
Suraj Sahu
Suraj Sahu 16 timmar sedan
There should be a beef ban in India!
Sasha Ghiasi
Sasha Ghiasi 17 timmar sedan
Toppppp you show my country 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻😉😉😉
Cooldude1991c 17 timmar sedan
2:31 belagavi my home town 🙏
eduntainment with obaidfarooqui
eduntainment with obaidfarooqui 17 timmar sedan
Sudipta Bera
Sudipta Bera 17 timmar sedan
Simple but very important food for those who need, proud of you guys.
Abhijit Roy
Abhijit Roy 17 timmar sedan
Sonny and Calvin is like Heart with beats.. One of the best Super Duo ever.. Loved to watch them together.. Best food show .. Lots of Love from India.. Calvin wish to see you in India soon for exploring Indian Foods along with Local tour guide our Sonny.. God Bless you both.
Mucina Kigoro
Mucina Kigoro 17 timmar sedan
the yummiest kind of cancer
KeKe Key
KeKe Key 17 timmar sedan
The fact that Im grieving the loss of my beloved cat/child and these people are eating them, freaking DISGUST the entire F#$K out of me. I dont even know why or how this channel came up.
John Lloyd Fuertez
John Lloyd Fuertez 17 timmar sedan
Calvin and Sonny are the best dou ever
Prashanth Shetty
Prashanth Shetty 17 timmar sedan
More like your brain, blown
Vincent Siqueiros
Vincent Siqueiros 17 timmar sedan
Can you please take your ring off? I’m not ready to see that my dreams are crushed every time I watch your shows lol
Konstantin 17 timmar sedan
I realy love ur Show! Keep doing it, Mr. Sunny!
Darren The Law DD whiskey
Darren The Law DD whiskey 17 timmar sedan
Fuck..he actually eat shit every show..
Delainey Macphearson
Delainey Macphearson 17 timmar sedan
OMG that’s horrifying.
Hash Dough
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